Erit ran away, saying she didn’t know what happens behind her back, so she forgot to pick it up.
The fact that if Ezet plays the role of Duchess Jaxen, the real Ezet will disappear.

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“As soon as my grandmother died, she became a cold-hearted granddaughter who traveled abroad…”

Ezet was upset.
While playing Erit’s role, she created the image of a well-to-do couple and a beloved Duchess who many noblewomen envied.
Of course, Erit doesn’t need such an image, but it was unfair to be unjust.


She looked up to Edmond’s voice and found him standing by the door.
Ezet asked Marchioness Spencer for her understanding and got up first and approached him.

“Edmond, you’re early, aren’t you? You were talking to the president of the association.
I thought it would take longer.”

“He was trying to tell a story that was not so important, so I just solved it at once.”

“At once?”

Edmond wrapped his arms around Ezet’s waist and led her out of the lounge.
As a man who can’t enter the women’s lounge, Ezet greeted Marchioness Spencer and came out alone.

“He’ll give you what you want out of all the jewelry they didn’t put up for auction in return for setting a new record.
He said yes.
I didn’t have time to look at them one by one, so I said I’d just buy them all.”

“What? Why would you buy it if you said you’d give it to me for free!”

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“It’s impossible not to pay for the jewels you’ll wear.”

“What if I don’t like that jewel?”

“But it’s yours.
Grind it and use it as a Christmas tree decoration.”

“Are you crazy?”

“I’m always crazy about you.”

What the hell is he talking about? What else did you buy that after buying diamonds at a ridiculous price of 4.9 billion pounds? Besides, from what she heard, it seems that he paid the price without even looking at it.

“At least you should have seen it right!”

“I couldn’t wait to see you.”

A large hand pulled her shoulder into his arms.
He often touched her like this when she was at the Duchy, but now this is still Aldebaran’s auction house, and many people were in the hall.
Passers-by glanced at the two and quickly turned their eyes away.

“Everyone is looking, Edmond! Don’t do this here!”

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“If you don’t like it here, shall we go somewhere else?”

“Oh, my!”

Edmond strode out of the auction house with Ezet in his arms.
The huge auction house was located in the middle of the city, and many people were crowded outside.

“We still have about 15 minutes until the jewelry is finished.
What should we do?”

“15 minutes? So..
Let’s take a look around the city.”

This is Ezet’s first visit to Aldebaran.
In addition, when she came here, she went from the mansion through the warp hole to the auction house at once, so she couldn’t even see what the street looked like.

“Looking around the city.
Milady, would you like to see the city?”

“What? Yes.
I’ve never been here before.”

“I see.
It’ll be hard to walk around because there are a lot of people, so let’s take a carriage.”

Edmond walked to the carriage with her in arms, his arms without dropping off the Ezet.

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As Aldebaran is a commercial city, many outsiders came and went, and there were many tourists.
Therefore, there were also many kinds of tourist wagons to show tourists around the city, from ordinary four-wheeled wagons that are not noticeable to drive horses on three sides to princess-style pumpkin wagons that can be found in fairy tales.

Edmond’s choice was a basic carriage with a spacious interior and comfortable seats.

“We have a 30-minute course, an hour course, and a 2-hour course.
What would you like?”

“We have to pick it up in 15 minutes, so the shortest…”

“A two-hour course, please.”

When Ezet, with shaking pupils, was seated and paid the carriage for the two, the coachman greeted politely and climbed onto the perch.

It wasn’t until only two people were in the carriage that Edmond loosened his arms holding Ezet.

“Edmond, what’s wrong with you?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You’re a little weird today.
You kissed me in front of the auction house earlier, and as you left the hall, you kept me in your arms…”

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“So it’s just the two of us now.”

Edmond swept her cheek, cutting out Ezet’s words and smiling leisurely.

“I’ve been wanting to hug you for a while.”

“What do you mean, since when…”

“From the moment you sang 1.6 million Lund to the Ruby of Heaven.”

Facing his serious red eyes, Ezet suddenly turned her head with excitement.
She couldn’t look Edmond in the eye.

“I haven’t spent my budget for this month, so I have to.
So I’m going to buy something expensive…”

“You gave it to me as a gift.”

“I’ve been getting it from Edmond.
It’s your money anyway.”

“No, it’s your money.”

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