“Oh, I’m ashamed…”

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At the auction house, she kissed Edmond impulsively in front of people, but when she came to her senses, she couldn’t lift her face.
Belatedly realizing how clueless her actions were, Ezet sat on the sofa in the lounge and fanned.

The jewelry purchased at auction was sent to the mansion in a magical toolbox with the owner’s imprint to prevent its loss.
Still, The Ruby of heaven, purchased by Ezet, was to be Edmond’s brooch, and the Miracle Woman bought by Edmonds was due to be made into a necklace for Ezet, so he decided to send it straight into the process.

Aldebaran’s jewelry processing technology was cutting-edge, as a commercial city where precious metals were traded for a living.
It’s not like a craftsman spent days and days making it; it’s in the catalog.

If you choose a design you like, you can create a form by magic condensation with the rest of the materials.

“This is the result of the introduction of new Jaxen technologies.
The production takes about 30 minutes, so your wife is taking a short break in the lounge.”

The head of the merchant association asked Edmond to say hello, so he sent Ezet to the women’s lounge.
It was because of a promise not to make eye contact with another man.

‘Edmond’s a bit of a monopolist, too.’

It was not a subtle level.

“Duchess Jaxen.”

Someone called Ezet.
She looked up and saw an old lady in an elegant black dress standing in front of her.
It’s the first time she’s seen her face, but her voice and attitude make her look like an old lady competing for ‘Ruby of Heaven.’ bid.

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“Oh, hello.
Thank you earlier!”

“No, my greeting is late.
Margaret Spencer.”


Is it related to that young man, Daniel, whom she met at the Grand Theatre before? As Ezet tilted her head, the old lady sat gracefully on the sofa opposite her.

As she was old, Ezet was deeply moved by her graceful and disciplined movements that were undisturbed.
Would it look like that if we were to create grace in human form?

The old Mrs.
Spencer spread out the fan she was holding and covered her face with Ezet’s fascinated gaze.

‘Oh, my God, excuse me without realizing it!’

Ezet greeted with a quick look down.

“I’m Ez… No, it’s Erit Jaxen.”

She decided to be her stand-in, but it was awkward to say someone else’s name, not her own.

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All the more so because Edmond always called her ‘Milady’ or ‘you.’

“Duchess Erit Jaxen.
Excuse me, your maiden name?”

“It’s Herit.”

“Herit, are you the one in the west? Then you’re Marianne’s…”

“Do you know my grandmother?”

The old lady from Marquis Spencer was a friend of Ezet’s grandmother.
The old lady married a Marquis in the north, and Ezet’s grandmother married a Viscount in the west and eventually lost contact.

“Since my parents passed away, my grandmother has had a hard time returning control of the estate to the state… and she hasn’t been able to write to her friends at all.”

“That’s what happened.
Marianne is so.
My granddaughter is married and stable, so I’ll go see her if I call her now.”

“She… my grandmother passed away last month.”

“Oh, my God.”

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Marquis Spencer dropped the fan in surprise.
Instead of her embarrassment, the old lady thanked her and opened the debt again.

“As we get older, the time comes when death no longer belongs to others.
Marianne is gone too.”

The old lady’s blue-grey eyes were filled with loneliness.

“Until then, I’d come across through the other nobles in the west, but three years ago, my youngest daughter gave birth to quintuplets, and I haven’t heard from her (TN-Marianne Herit) since.
But I don’t think I ever get an obituary….”

Three years ago was the year Erit married Edmond.
Then did Marquis Spencer not hear false rumors that her grandmother had sold her sister?

“I couldn’t contact you because she burned all of her friends’ contacts.
I’m sorry.”

After losing her grandmother, Ezet had to hold a funeral alone without Erit.
She lost her only family and was buried in a state of no circumstances, so he could only reach relatives.

But even if she was lucid, she wouldn’t have been able to contact Marquis Spencer.
Because her grandmother, whose pride was solid and arduous, did not like to show her weakness.

She probably didn’t want to show her friend the stigma that she had sold his granddaughter to a Duke.
Even at the moment of being buried in the grave.

“You’ve been through a lot, but I’ve been so indifferent.
Marianne told me she had two granddaughters.”

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“Oh, yes.
I have a younger sister who is two years younger than me.”

It was a little embarrassing to tell his story as if it were someone else.

“It’s perfect to be two years younger.”


“Is the Duchess of Jaxen’s sister at Viscount Herit’s now? I’d like to meet her.
I want to apologize for not attending the funeral, so I’ll visit her sometime…”

“Oh, no!”

When she said she would come to see her, Ezet threw out her hand in chills.

“She, I, uh, she’s… She went on a trip! She’s going around the world and probably won’t be back for a few years.”

“Really? That’s too bad.
I wanted to meet her once.”

The old lady’s voice contained regret, although her face was covered with a fan.
Ezet was stabbed in the face with a guilty conscience.

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