If the sound can be colored, the silence can be called black ink.

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The auction house was so quiet that there wasn’t even the sound of breathing.
Even Ezet sitting next to him, couldn’t figure out what she heard.

“Don’t you count?”


The host, who came to his senses at Edmond’s point, began to stumble and count.

“Ka, let’s count.
Ttt-ten, n-nine, eight…”

Until the pale-faced host bit his tongue several times and counted the last number, no mosquito sound was heard in the hall.

A diamond costs 4.9 million Lund, an impossible price.
The money could buy several large islands in the Blue sea, the most beautiful of all, and set up units that selected tens of thousands of elite knights.

“The last auction item, ‘Miracle Woman,’ was sold to a noble gentleman for four, four, four, four billion Lunds…”

No one clapped their hands.
This is because they were so lost that they couldn’t even remember that it was auction house manners.

4.9 Billion Lunds of diamond.

The man’s act of paying for a jewel equivalent to the amount of a country’s annual budget was neither a bluff nor pretentious.
Feeling as if they had met something different from them, the aristocrats in the audience all shrugged and avoided eye contact.

“It’s transparent and beautiful.
It will go well with your purple dress.”

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A platinum box containing the successful diamond “Miracle Woman” lay somewhere between the two.

“Uh, clothes, oh, well…”

“Don’t you like it, Milady?”

“Well, that’s not it; how the hell is that money…”

“It’s your birthstone.
I wanted to give it a meaningful number.”

4.9 billion lbs of birthstone for a woman born on the 9th day of the 4th month.

“Edmond, it’s just, it’s just a gem.
No matter how it is, how can you…”

“There is a principle in the consumption of noble people.”

It’s sewage to buy more than the value of the product—a fool.
The real deal is to buy things cheaper than they are worth.
A cunning man.
A master, a reasonable man, who pays for items as much as they’re worth.

“It is God who determines values for himself.

Edmond swept the edge of Ezet’s neck with an arrogant smile.

“It’s not a diamond.
The Duke of Jaxen paid 4.9 billion pounds for ‘Duchess of Jaxen’s’ Jewelry.”

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Not because it’s a precious jewel, but because it’s something Ezet will own.
She wanted to determine the value herself.

From now on, this brilliant diamond will not be called “Miracle Woman” but “Duchess Jaxen’s Necklace.”

And the 4.9 billion Lund will also be recorded as “a number that means 9th day of the fourth month, the Duchess of Jaxen’s birthday, not as a successful diamond bidder.”

Also, this record will never be broken.

Buy jewelry at a price that can never be put on it.

That meant that the value of 4.9 billion was not a jewel but a ‘sign of the heart.’

‘It will absolutely make it impossible for anyone to overlook it.’

The record of 85 million ‘Fire hearts’ was almost broken in two years by a bidder who raised 100 million won.
Then the record of 100 million will be broken in years and decades.

Edmond did not dwell on unbreakable records but wanted to capture one message: “Diamond at a price no one can surpass.”

‘To make Ezet ‘a woman no one can overlook.’

“Edmond, my God…”

“You don’t like it? Should I have called for 49 billion?”


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This guy would stay like that.
He grinned and kissed her lightly on the forehead as Ezet screamed blue.

“It’s a belated birthday present, Milady.”


Elastic lips that came down the back cover her lips, and a hot tongue penetrated.

It was still inside the auction house, and many people were watching in the audience.
And yet, Ezet couldn’t push Edmond away.

In the aristocratic society, you should not touch your spouse or lover in front of others.
The act of affection must be done in secret, and falling in love by ignoring the gaze of others was considered frivolous and neglected.

But no one in the auction house could turn a blind eye to the two.
Who dares to denigrate them as vulgar, who have proved their feelings for each other in ways that no one will ever see?

“That’s great…”

Someone in the audience said so.

“She’s a miracle to own 4.9 billion Lund Diamonds.”

“It’s not a price to put on jewelry.
It’s love.”


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There was admiration, sigh, and envy from all over the place.
It also entered Ezet’s ear.

‘Edmond, and I…?’

A man who hasn’t looked for his wife in three years and asks him to meet her because she has something important to say suddenly comes to surprise her, ties her hands, slaps her ass, that man loves her?

It was a strange thing.
She didn’t understand.

But if it wasn’t, she couldn’t explain it either.

Edmond was a self-indulgent, arrogant, control freak who enjoyed dominating others but was not a fool, and it was not bravado.

No matter how precious the jewels are, he is not unaware of the unreasonable price.
He didn’t do it because he wanted to win the final bid at the auction.

Then how should she accept today’s act?

“Edmond, the others are watching…”

“Tell them to keep watching.
I’ll show them how much I love you.”


At the words, Ezet’s heart beat like crazy.
Her heart was about to burst.
She was closing her eyes and clinging to him.
Applause poured out for the two couples who kissed enthusiastically.

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