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When the buzzer rang again in the old lady’s seat, Ezet frowned.

‘What? Are you trying to raise it more?’

She has already called 1.6 million.
There is room for up to 2 million, which is 1.8 million, for an old lady to call 1.7 million, but if it exceeds 2 million, it will be unaffordable with Ezet’s ability.

Then Ezet had to give up the ‘Ruby of Heaven.’

‘How far are you trying to raise it? No matter how beautiful Ruby is, 1.6 million is enough.’

Of course, the ‘Heaven Ruby’ gloss is excellent, but a much bigger, lighter-colored, opaque ruby is also affordable for half the price.

If it was slightly scratched, it could be bought for one-tenth and, depending on the blemish, less than one-hundredth of the price.

The ruby necklace that Ezet’s grandmother was wearing was also covered with gold decorations on the scratch.

Ezet bid as high as she could to win the auction for Edmond as a gift.
Honestly, she still had a heart attack for 1.6 million won.

“Yes, the noble lady with a buzzer…”

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“I’d like to ask a question to the lady who’s bidding with me.”


Instead of asking for a higher price, the old lady asked Ezet.
They didn’t face each other because Ezet and Edmond were two rows ahead of her.

“I thought if I sang 1.1 million Lund, it would be 1.2 million, or 1.5 million Lund.
But you called for 1.6 million pounds.
Is that your entire fortune, by any chance?”

The old lady’s words were stiff and solemn.
Recognizing that she had no sarcastic intentions, Ezet answered honestly.

“There’s still a little more room for money.”

“So you skipped raising a small sum because you’re afraid I’ll raise the bid.”


Ezet flatly denied the worried old lady’s words.

“My husband’s birthday is July 16th.
So, I want to match the Ruby, the birthstone for July, and the price to 1.6 million Lund, which means his birthday.”

“Oh, my God.”

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The old lady’s voice smeared with laughter.
Even in the audience, there was a small mummer.

“Then I’ll give up the bidding competition.
I don’t want to mess with certain numbers with a competitive sentiment.”


“Congratulations, Madam.”

The old lady applauded first, correcting her title from “Lady” to “Madam.” Then, the applause was heard from all over the audience.
There were no more bidders for the Ruby of Heaven, as it was a gem only contested by Ezet and the old lady.

“‘Ruby of Heaven,’ won at a beautiful price of 1.6 million Lund!”

It is not just important to win a bid at a high price, but it is also essential to set the winning bid price.
Special numbers such as 888, 9999 also remain on the record, but numbers with meaning like this one are highly regarded.

The good story of the wife, who gave her husband’s birthstone at a price tailored to his birthday, will be talked about for a long time after the auction.
Aldebaran Merchants Association could not resist a positive auction episode to help boost its image.

In the sound of applause, Ezet was handed a golden case with the ruby of heaven.


With a sigh of relief, Ezet wiped the sweat off her temple.
She was glad the auction was successful, but her heart skipped a beat because she spent a considerable amount of 1.6 million Lund on a single ruby.

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‘Can I spend this much money on jewelry?’

To be honest, she felt a little guilty.
This money can buy warm bread, milk, blankets, and shoes for hundreds of poor people.

But Edmond said he was already doing welfare work in the name of the Jaxen’s, and the people of the Duchy decided to be extravagant, as he assured her that no one was hungry for cold and hunger, at least not due to lack of money.

‘It’s horrifying to see such a large amount of money slipping out at once…’

Her hands were shaking when she first heard the budget details.
Since it is a large amount of money, the certificate does not come and go in kind.

The number on a sheet of thin paper and the seal on it.
There was no sense of reality anywhere.

In this way, do nobles slowly lose their sense of money and fall into luxury and entertainment?

‘I was going to give it to Edmond as a gift, so I overspent, especially this time.
I’ll save it next month.’

Ezet has yet to recall that it is a budget that can’t be saved up.

She stroked the golden box containing the ‘Ruby of Heaven.’ She felt proud for no reason.

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“Edmond, do you like it? It’s a little overspending…”

“What do you mean by overspending? It’s a number that Milady gave us.”

Edmond slightly wrapped his hands around Ezet’s.

“I like it very much.”


Compared to his usual sensual low-pitched voice, it was instead a monotonous voice, but there was tenderness and warmth in it.
Familiar with Edmond’s ever-cold way of speaking, Ezet knew that he could talk so warmly for the first time.

‘This guy, he’s laughing like this…….’

So far, Edmond’s smile has been ominous for Ezet.
It was safe when he was expressionless, but when he grinned, disaster fell on her body.

But now he’s smiling, and it’s not scary.
It was rather heartwarming—something tickled in her heart.

‘It’s weird.
Why is my heart beating so fast?’

Fearing Edmond’s seeing her red face, Ezet lowered her head and covered her face with hair.

Even though she couldn’t hide her red ears.

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