Erit was born on April 12, and Ezet was born on April 9, just two years apart.
As a child, Ezet enjoyed three days after her birthday on the 9th and until Erit’s birthday approached, which was only one year apart from her sister.

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Even though she and her sister knew that the gap did not decrease as they grew older together, she was glad that the three days seemed to have been magical and made her an adult.

Did you say it was a secret?”

Edmond blinked slowly and stroked the back of Ezet’s hand with his fingertips.

“Let me guess Milady’s birthday.”


Ezet was surprised.
Is he trying to find the document by ordering it with a terminal?

“Are you going to order the butler to look for my birthday?”

“I won’t do anything that’s not cool.
The secret is the ego…”

His fingertips swept up her arms past the back of her hand and reached her shoulder.
Ezet cringed her neck with goosebumps.

“He who has secrets must speak for himself.”

“Edmond? I’m not going to tell you.”

“Since you’ve given me some interesting common sense, I’ll tell you a little game.”

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Edmond insinuated in Ezet’s ear.

“Add Milady’s birthday, plus five.”

“Huh? Well…”

Nine plus nine plus five equals 23.

‘Why are you suddenly asking me to do calculations?’

A number prank came to her mind when she was calculating.
Whatever you think in your head, a problem that makes you get the same answer, or a calculation game in which you multiply the number you believe by something and divide it again to tell the other person’s response.

“Edmond, if you’re going to add the same number and multiply it to tell me the answer…”

“Try multiplying it by five again.
Then what’s the answer?”

“Huh? Well…”

Multiplying 23 by 5 equals 115.
Ezet tilted her head.

“What is it? It’s weird.”

115 had nothing to do with her birthday, 9.
It was neither 9 nor 90 or 99 nor a multiple of 9.

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What can he know from this?

“Did you finish calculating?”


“Milady’s birthday is on the 9th.”


Ezet’s shoulders wince.
How can he get a 115 to 9? Edmond grinned as he looked at Ezet’s wide amber eyes.

“It’s a simple equation.
If you add the number you think twice, add five, multiply it by five again, subtract 25 and divide it by 10; you get the number you think about.”


She didn’t know there was more calculation in the back.
Caught in Edmond’s tricks, Ezet turned red.

“It’s April 9th.
Good day.”

“Well, is that so?”

His reaction made it clear that he didn’t know Erit’s birthday.
She was a little nervous because she even said her birthday, but she can’t undo what she said.
Ezet took reasonable notice and moved on.
It was because the host of the auction came up to the stage.

* * *

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As she imagined, no one raised the price by pressing the buzzer recklessly because it was an auction involving aristocrats.

The bidder quietly said the amount when the bidder pressed the buzzer attached to the seat and pointed it out in the order it was pressed.
If no more bidders come out of the highest price, ten counts, and the winning bidder is determined.
It was customary to applaud and celebrate the winning bid when the winning bidder came out.

“The next item is the Ruby of Heaven.
The size of 300 carats is amazing but look.
This elegant red light!”

The crimson ruby in the golden case was very transparent and quite heavy.
Is that a noble thing?

‘All right, I’m gonna buy that for Edmond.’

It’s a little too big to make a cufflink.
Then would it be better to make a brooch and decorate the jacket? It’s a bit decorative for a man to do, but it’ll go well with Edmond’s gorgeous and beautiful appearance.
Above all, she liked Rubies, which resembled the color of his eyes.

“We have 800 thousand Lund.
Any more?”

Ezet pressed the buzzer attached to the seat.
She was surprised to hear a loud beep sound because she pressed it a little hard.
The host slightly raised his eyebrows and asked Ezet with a bright smile.

“A beautiful lady wanted to bid.
Go ahead.”

“A million Lund.”

She was going to say 900,000, but she said a million loudly.
A million Luunds per ruby makes her hands tremble, but half of her budget was enough.

“Milady, are you going to buy Ruby?”

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“Then I’ll…”

“I’m going to buy it with my own money.
I haven’t used this month’s budget yet.”

Ezet’s heart throbbed at the thought of a million Lund, but she didn’t lose her smile.
Edmond’s gaze went slightly up to the right and soon returned to its place.
Then he sat leaning deeply against the back of the chair.

“We have a million Lunds.”

“Lund 1.1 million.”

An old lady sitting about two rows ahead of Ezet beat the buzzer and raised the bid.

Oh no.
Ezet kicked her tongue inside.

“1.6 million rounds!”

Even before she hit the buzzer, she was enthusiastic about the price.
Ezet’s face turned red, but the host naturally turned to the old lady, raising the bid.


“We’ve got 1.6 million pounds.”

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