“Would you like to see the Emperor?”

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Not long after announcing his application for the title, Edmond married Erit.
Since the wedding was held behind closed doors, the emperor, nobles, or officials weren’t present; the emperor would not even know Erit’s face.

The emperor often wrote to the Duchess of Jaxen to stop by the Imperial City because he was curious about her face, but Edmond refused so firmly that he could not meet her.

Edmond may bring up his wife’s story if he shows his face actively, but meeting the Duchess was far more distant because even the Duke didn’t show his face.

“I’ve never seen His Majesty before, so I’m afraid to meet him but… I want to see the Imperial Palace.”


The ‘Duchess Erit’s’ face exposed to the outside was only at the wedding, and even the number of people who attended the wedding was minimal.

Even if she runs into someone who’s been at the wedding again, no one will notice that Ezet is fake.
As sisters, they look alike, but most of all, Ezet was lovely.

Edmond was convinced that even relatives of the Jaxen family who attended the wedding would think of Ezet the Duchess of Jaxen by forging the signature on the contract between Erit and Ezet.

‘In fact, the reason I gave you the condition not to meet other people was another reason.’

Initially, it was to prevent Erit from revealing the Duke’s internal circumstances to the outside while at the same time blocking the elements of anxiety (in Edmond’s view, Erit was insane) of the outside world from her.

But the reason Edmond didn’t want to let Ezet go was because of something else.
He didn’t want another man to see her.
If he could pull out the eyes of every man in the world and cut off his tongue, hands, and feet, he would.

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“Looking around the Palace…… if you really want to go, there’s a way.”


Ezet’s face was full of life.
What a lovely woman she is.
Edmond couldn’t hide the smile on his lips and poured kisses on her neck and shoulder.

“If you do what I ask, I’ll take you.”

“What? What…?

Does she have to wear a strange magical tool like last time? She didn’t know how many hours a week, so she was not confident at all.

Edmond tilted his head and licked her petal-like lips as Ezet looked with anxious eyes.

“Don’t talk to any man other than me.
You can’t even make eye contact.”

“What? What if they say hello?”

“Don’t answer and ignore it.”

“How can I do that!”

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“You can do that.
You are my wife.”

No one can be angry in the face of the Duchess of Jaxen’s because she did not greet them.
The nobles could not do so because of their lower status.
The Emperor or Crown Prince would wait for Edmond to come and mediate for the sake of the relationship between the Imperial Family and the Duke of Jaxen.

“You know if I’m being arrogant, there could be bad rumors about the Jaxens.”

“It’s already going around a lot, so don’t worry.
No one can say a word in front of you.
You don’t need to dwell on the rumors behind the scenes.”

“I don’t want your reputation to be ruined.”

Edmond looked surprised at the unexpected answer and soon smiled.

“I’m a person who doesn’t budge even when I hear bad words to my face, but there’s one thing I can’t stand.”

“What? What’s that?”

Her face-to-face conversation with another man, smiling or friendly.

It’s a real eye-opener just imagining it.

“Edmond… your eyes are scary.”

“Oh, was that so?”

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He guessed that he was so angry just imagining it.
Edmond smiled tenderly again.

“Anyway, what would you do? If you agree, let’s go to the Imperial Palace.”


Ezet was a little worried.
She doesn’t have the guts to ignore other people’s greetings, but it might be possible if she doesn’t stand out as much as possible.
Edmond will be next to her when she greets the emperor, so he will answer it appropriately, and Edmond has blocked only conversations with men, so she can talk to women.
Wouldn’t that be enough?


“Then you agreed.”

Edmond grinned and turned Ezet’s body upside down.


“I can’t do it in this bed for a while when we leave.
Let’s do it one more time to celebrate.”

“What a celebration…… oh, yeah!”

A large hand spread her legs, and a hard pen*s rubbed against the center.
Ezet’s flesh, which was still wet due to the previous intense affair, grabbed the man’s lengt* without foreplay and began to pour out all the juices.

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“Yes, Edmond, slow down…”

“You prefer to do it faster than slower.”

“That’s… ahhhh…!”

In an instant, a thick pen*s penetrated the inside of the wet vagi*a.
Ezet shuddered like a harpooned fish and roared high.

“Oh, good! Edmond…! More…”

“You’re really greedy.”

“Hoo, ah-huh!”


To the point where her mind is blown away.

Ezet reached the climax with a sighing groan as he relentlessly stabbed the inside and rubbed the erogenous zone.

* * *

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