Chapter 42 – Sleepy Translations

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A Miracle Woman No One Can See

“I’ll be away for a week from tomorrow.”

After the violent affair, Edmond said, kissing the exhausted Ezet on the back.

“A week… where are you going?”

“I have to go to the Imperial Palace.
A message has been sent to visit the Crown Prince’s bookkeeping ceremony as well.
I refused last year and the year before last, so I have to go once.”


Even the greatest aristocrat of the Empire, Edmond, was the Duke who got his title from the Emperor.
If the Emperor calls him, he has to go.
She forgot because he was such a ruthless dictator.

‘It’s a week…’

She met Edmond only ten days after her arrival at the Duchy.
Compared to that, it was shorter by three days.
It could be considered a week-long vacation, but Ezet became saddened by the fact that he was away for a week.
It was even more so because he hadn’t been away since they first consummated the marriage.

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In fact, Edmond has rarely been out of this Palace since their first night together.
The butlers and servants were ordered through the terminal, and his terminal seemed to be able to fill out quite complicated documents, so they could handle the work without him having to go to the office.

However, there may be things that cannot be handled unless he leaves this mansion—for example, going to the Imperial Palace to see the emperor like this time.

“You’re quiet.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s been a long time since we spent time apart.
I thought you’d say something like it’s cool or something like that.”

She’s upset.
She doesn’t want to be separated from Edmond, but what can she do when the Emperor calls him? She didn’t want to put Edmond in trouble by saying something upsetting.

No, Edmond isn’t the kind of man to be troubled by Ezet’s upsetting remarks.

“Edmond, look, are you always on your own in public?”

For now, she is a contract wife.
To be exact, her sister, Erit, is his wife, but her sister’s substitute, Ezet, is next to him now.

No matter how much it was to prevent the Duchess from disturbing the Duke’s work, it was unnatural for a married man to leave his wife alone in an official appearance.

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It was easy for couples to be enthusiastic about gossip in the Imperial Palace, but their estranged relationship was also criticized.
It was common to be accompanied in public, even if it was somewhat business-like.

But why didn’t Edmond do that?

“…I’m not going.”


“I’m not going out.
I’ve barely shown my face in three years.”

Edmond was originally a commoner, although he was crowned Duke of Jaxen.
She could not help but feel sorry for the commoner, whom the aristocrats had underestimated, who made achievements overnight and received the title of a great aristocrat much higher than them.

The nobles were annoyed with Edmond, and Edmond was not interested in social affairs.

The Jaxen Duke’s power was so strong that the entire social aristocracy could hate it.
The estates were large and fertile and had more possessions than the Imperial Family.
It would be a big deal if trade was blocked against Duke Jaxen, who monopolizes railways across the continent, so they could not be uncomfortable and openly hostile to Edmond.

That’s why Edmond didn’t bother to show up to society and didn’t send gifts to essential events.

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Well, he wasn’t interested.

“This is the first time since I was given the title to see His Majesty.
The letter to come to the Imperial Palace arrives every month, but I keep rejecting it.”

“Can you do that? It’s the order of the Emperor!”

“It’s possible for me.”

Edmond smiled confidently but only seemed unlucky because of the content of the words.

What kind of a man is this?

The position of the Duke of Jaxen in the Empire was quite remarkable.

The Jaxen family, which had the most expansive territory in the empire, had autonomy, allowing it to become independent if desired.

However, it was not because generations of Jaxen’s Duke’s had close ties with the Imperial Family.
If they were in the fence of the empire, they could put off all the troubles to the imperial family and concentrate on managing the territory.

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On the emperor’s side, if the Duke of Jaxen became independent and established the Principality, the empire’s prestige declined at once.
Therefore, the Duke of Jaxen was used as a vassal as a condition of guaranteeing a powerful position and privileges so that he would not have any other mind.

There was also a reason why Edmond was wary of influencing the Duke when he became adopted by his predecessor, Duke of Jaxen.

“He asked me to visit with my wife.”

“Oh, really?”

“I’m going to go by myself.”

At the sight of Edmond’s face smiling significantly, Ezet was a little offended.

What’s the point of keeping your wife hidden like this? If the Emperor orders you, you can pretend that you can’t win.

If he had taken Erit to public appearances properly, Erit might not have fled with mental illness.
Of course, thanks to it, she is here with him.

“‘Don’t meet other people.’ That’s the deal.”

“That’s true…”

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