Her face flushed red with shame, and Ezet couldn’t make eye contact with Edmond, bowed her head, and held his hand.
As she wrapped her little hand around his big hand, a hot sigh was worn from Ezet’s lips.
She couldn’t stand the attitude that had just teased her body with its hands, and now he was pretending to be as trustworthy as if she could rely on it.

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“Cl, clean, please…”

“What did you say?”

“Now, here, the mess…Because….”

The sourness between the legs became stronger.
Her heart thumped as fast as it could.
Ezet clenched his fist in her hand and managed to raise his head to face him.

“You clean it up, please…”



“Maybe someone can see it?”

Her heart is beating so loudly, but why isn’t her voice coming out properly? Ezet was furious.
She didn’t know what made her angry.
She was just upset about this situation.
The husband engages in obscene acts in such an open place, herself who feels pleasure with his actions, and the body that burns so hot that she wants to solve even if she has to say such shameful words.

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“You’re, you’re going to cover it up, right?

“…that’s right.”

His neat lips twisted.
Rather than a smile, it resembles the action of a predator again just before it hits the prey.

* * *

“Ah, ah! Edmond!”

Her white breasts fluttered gently as she grabbed her slender waist and struck her from underneath.
Even when the red rope wrapped around her body was removed, red traces remained on her body.

Edmond squeezed her breasts greedily with his large hands, as if trying to erase her marks, and squeezed her skinny flesh with his fingertips, then shook it with a smack.
Every time her breasts with his big handprints swayed, the pink buds that had stood upright danced.

The light blue dress fell to the floor, crumpled without reason, and now, naked, Ezet was riding on top of Edmond, waving her waist.
Her smooth brown hair spread out in graceful curves, then gently wrapped around her shoulders and back.

“Madam, don’t tighten too much.
Let go of the strength…”

“Yeah, ah, it’s too big…!”

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Every time, Ezet, with her arms stretched back and her legs wide apart, moved back and forth, the man’s raw pen*s poked her vagi*a.
Edmond reached out his hand, scoured her liquid-soaked pubic hair, and touched her clit, which had been swollen, in a circle.

“Hah ah…!”

Now, having raised her waist with a groaning, she squeezed her belly and tightened her flesh.
Edmond became dizzy for a moment, released a groan briefly, then grabbed her waist and lifted her to release.

“Ha, Ed, not yet……….”

“Let’s change the position.”

Edmond raised her body, leaned her deeply on the sofa, and now turned Ezet’s body around and covered her.
Her back touched his chest.

The stage must be seen in front of Ezet, who Edmond holds back, but the show is dark.
It seems like she can see something thick.
Did the opera come to an end, and the curtain came to an end? Now, she felt her heart beating like crazy, a little calming down.

“Ah, Edmond…”

“There is nothing to see now, so I can rest assured.”

As he said so, Edmond shook his waist.
Whenever he lifted her from underneath, his thick pen*s rubbed her inner walls, exhaling her breath and shaking her head.

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“Oh, no one else…….”

There is no one.”

It was a voice that pretended to be calm but had a lot of heat.
Edmond rang deeply in his throat, hugged Ezet’s waist tightly, opened her labia with the other hand, and held the exposed clitor*s between his forefinger and middle finger.

“Did your interest cool down because there are no spectators?”

“Huh! Ah no…”

“You were excited by a man in front of others, right? I know.”

“No, that’s not…..!”

As he rubbed her clitor*s between her slippery cl*toris with his fingers, she shook her head, gasping as he stroked and swept her most sensitive erogenous zones.

She felt very good, but something was lacking.

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“You are a really lewd woman.”

A sweet whisper flowed into her ear.


At the same time as Edmond signaled with his fingers, the thick curtains that were now blocking Ezet’s view were lifted to the sides, revealing a stage with bright lights.

The performance is not over yet.
Edmond lowered the box seat curtain to cover her.

“You’re excited when people see it, right? It’s wetter underneath.”

“Kyck! Ed, ah-ang!”

Suddenly, her vision became brighter, and she saw the appearance of the stage, and Ezet became confused and tried to cover her body.
Then Edmond squeezed her wrist and poked his firmly erect pen*s to the deepest.


She couldn’t even scream.
As if she burst a balloon full of water, Ezet let go of her mind as she squ*rted her liquids.

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