If they look this way from the stage, she will be seen with a broad back of the man who dug under her skirt.
The woman who grabbed the skirt that went up to her thighs, and the man who knelt before her and dug into the skirt.
It was too obvious what this would look like to others.

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‘Oh, my God.
What the hell am I doing…’

They may be seen by singers and performers who sing on stage.
No, she’s sure they have seen it.
As she imagined many people’s eyes on the two, her heart was pounding and shaking.
Edmond had not even touched the place yet, but she flinched, and the liquid started spilling.

“Milady, What are you spilling out of silence?”

“Oh, no, I’m… I’m not………”

“When people see this, they will point their finger at you, saying she is an obscene woman.
I can’t get Milady’s to face the shame, so I’ll have to clean it up.”

Edmond, who pushed his hand inside her trembling thigh, lifted Ezet’s left leg and placed it on his shoulder.
Her thighs were exposed as the dress went up and down with a stocking with a hole in it.

“kkya! Edmond! Hah!

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A thick, moist tongue was rubbed over a rope that crossed the vagi*a.
The bottom tickled, and the waist was lifted up and down, forcing Ezet to tighten her thighs.
His big hand grabbed it as her thighs clamped tightly.

“Oh, oh! Edmond, don’t squeeze so hard…”

“Do you want me to rub it gently? Like this?

With his big hands moving up and down and rubbing his hips, Ezet shook her head, shaking.
But that didn’t mean to quit.
It was a warning sign to himself who felt a steady pleasure in this kind of work.

Edmond breathed deeply, feeling the temperature of her body, as she was so cute that she desperately suppressed what he was trying to do to feel better.

He had a cool feeling that the bottom was swelling fast.
As he exhaled his hot breath, her entrance fumbled in his breath.

‘Oh, what can I do…’

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Every time Edmond bit into her push and breathed in, Ezet held her breath.
Even though her tense legs trembled, her toes shriveled, and her waist became tense, Edmond relatedly gloated at the tip of his tongue and occasionally kissed her entrance, but did not give her the intense stimulation she wanted.

‘No, I don’t want to.
A little more… A little harder…’

She couldn’t speak, so she bit her lower lip hard, but she couldn’t help it.

Her muscles seemed to tighten under the tension and pressure that someone might see her.
It wasn’t just loud down there, but her whole body tickled.
Maybe it’s because of the rope that binds the body.
No matter how soft the silk rope is, it has been in close contact with the body for several hours, so there is no reason that the friction will be fine.

Ezet twisted his waist from side to side and sang Edmond in a mournful voice.

“Edmond, Ed…”

“Shall we stop?”


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Edmond, who lowered her trembling legs from his shoulder, shook his head and escaped from the skirt, asked with a shallow smile.
His eyes were strange.

“This is the Grand Theatre, and you can see this box seat face to face on stage.
I’m sure it’s against manners to do this in a place like this.”

He’s taken her clothes off, slapped her, and tormented her, and now he knows what she’s talking about.
Ezet stared at Edmond with her eyes wide open.
The surprise in her amber eyes soon disappeared, and a sense of betrayal began to rise.

“…don’t tell me, do you want me to continue?”

“Oh, no, who’s that…”

“That’s a relief.
Milady isn’t a lewd person who wants to do immoral things with her husband in this open place.”

She felt like she had been defeated.
Edmond, who stood up after wiping his mouth, swept his messy bangs and began to tidy up his clothes.

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Ezet shuddered.
It was also because of her anger at her devilish husband, who heats her body up and quits when it just started to get good, and because of the desperate sign, her body sent to her head to do whatever she wanted to do.

“Well, let’s watch the opera.
Sitting gracefully.”

“Uh… Eh, Ed…”

“What’s wrong with you? Milady.”

He looked like a devil looking down at a man drowning in an impossible swamp.
As expected, the man’s beauty and wickedness must be directly proportional.

“My un, my under… Underwear…”

“Oh, of course, I’ll give it back.
Do you want me to dress you up now?”

“If I wear it now, it’ll get dirty…”

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