“Eh, Edmond, release me, please.”

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“You broke the terms of the contract, Milady.
I can’t believe you’re seeing another man.”

“No! He came here first!”

Ezet’s plea was reasonable, but Edmond’s face was still grim.
He lowered the jacket to the floor but did not remove the hand on her shoulder.

“Hey, let go of this.”

“I don’t want to let go.”

In a stern voice, Ezet glanced up at him.

“Edmond, you’re angry.”

“You know that.”

It was unfair.
First, Daniel came to the box seat.
Now the atmosphere is.

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It’s like she was found by her husband while cheating on him.

“My, what did I do wrong? It’s your fault that you were away in the first place!”

“I just did what you asked me to do.”

“Cha, it’s because you gave me a hard time! Give me my underwear if you’ve washed it!”

Edmond’s grim look slightly loosened when Ezet reached out his hand, pretending to be brazen.
An absurdity occurred to the red eyes, and soon the elegant tail of the eyes was bent thinly.

“Is that so?”

Edmond held up a silk panty with a red string and folded it into his jacket pocket.

“Edmond? Why…”

“I’ve washed it as clean as I can, so I can’t get it dirty again.”

Sensing a dangerous energy, Ezet’s shoulders shrugged and shuddered.

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“Come on, hold on, hold on!”

“Tell me, Milady.”

“The curtain has risen.
I’m going to watch an opera…!”

Since the box seat was a structure where you could look down on the stage from any location, you could see the singers on the stage even if you were leaning against the wall.
However, Edmond, who has a head higher than the Ezet, is holding out in front of her.

Ezet turned her head around his arms.
It’s honestly exciting to do dirty things with Edmond in these places, but it was also true that she wanted to see the opera.
When else would she see singers singing on a vast stage, colorful lighting, and beautiful voices?

“If you want to see it, you can do it.”

“You’re covering the stage, and what do you want me to do?”

The problem was that I was blocking your view.”

Edmond grinned and sat on one knee on the floor.
Although the view was wide open, she could not take her eyes off Edmond, who was kneeling in front of her, not on stage.


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“We shouldn’t interrupt your appreciation.”

Smiling, he put his hands on the floor.
No, he didn’t touch the base; he was holding onto the end of the dress.

“I’ll hide so that I don’t block your sight.”

“Hide, what… It’s unh!

The front of the skirt went up sharply, and Edmond’s upper body came inside.

The dress that Ezet wore today was full of puffiness at the back of the skirt, so when Edmond dug in from behind, the hem of the dress was swollen more than initially, but he was not seen.
However, the front, which had relatively little room for cloth, was caught on Edmond’s shoulder and reached above her knee.

“Oh, Ed! Wait a minute!”

“Oh no, don’t struggle like that.
They might see from the outside.”

The man’s big hand swept her thigh over the stockings, and Ezet scraped her legs.
Edmond slowly descended his lips on her thighs without forcing her legs apart.

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His long tongue tickled her skin, moving over her stockings.
As if to fall back, Ezet leaned her back against the wall.
She grabbed the skirt and tried to pull it down as much as possible, but the man’s shoulders were as hard as a rock, so he was not pushed back at all.

The sound of the thread tearing apart surprised her, and she looked down.
Because of the crumpled dress, she couldn’t see the bottom, but she felt the sharp touch of teeth that touched her thighs and elastic stockings pulling and loosening.

“Wait! No stockings!”

“That’s all right.
You won’t be able to see it when you pull down your skirt.”

“It’s not that kind of problem… hhhhhh!”

Edmond, who chewed stockings with his teeth as if he was taking off gift wrapping, bit her white thigh and sucked it in.
Perhaps because she peaked a while ago, her thighs smelled faintly fresh and sweet.

‘Tomato… no, is this peach scent………’

When he intentionally bit and sucked it in as if he had left a tooth mark on her thin thigh, Ezet’s legs began to tremble and get closer little by little.

“No, no, no… Ahhh!

Edmond explained that he approached from behind when she was leaning against the railing for the first time and that she would not be seen because she was covered by the railing when she lay on the sofa.
When she fell on the sofa and was slapped on the butt, she could try to persuade herself that she would not be seen because the curtain was going down.

But now they are standing against the wall of the box seat.
The curtain is up, and there is nothing for Ezet to hide behind.

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