“Wow, that’s perfect.
Ezet, you’re about the same height as me now, right? You could wear my clothes, too.

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“Erit, why are you doing this?” 

“Ezet, you go instead.
Be the famous Duchess of Jaxen.
You used to hate people, didn’t you? If you go there, you can eat a lot of delicious food, and you can wrap your dress as you want or the jewelry.
Just you have no one to show it to!” 

“Sister, calm down.
You don’t feel sorry for your brother-in-law?” 

“Sorry? It’s way worse for me!” 

Erit took off her gloves, coat, and shoes from her seat and opened her handbag to take out the golden pendant. 

“Ezet, this is Duchess Jaxen’s seal.
If you take this, you will pass all the Warp gates under the Duke of Jaxen.
Horses, carriages, people, and anything else.
I give it to you.” 

“Erit, I didn’t come here to do this.
Didn’t you come here to attend grandmother’s funeral? What’s wrong with you?” 

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“Grandmother! Yes, she saved me.
If grandmother hadn’t died, I wouldn’t have been able to get out of that disgusting mansion.
Oh, grandmother.
Thank you!” 

Erit got off the sofa, knelt on the carpet she had just stepped on, closed her eyes, and prayed.
The prayer sounded like a song of a choir holding a holy sacrament, so Ezet stopped talking. 

After praying, Erit rose to her feet. 

“Anyway, I’m going? Ezet, if the Jaxen family looks for me, then say I died from the shock of my grandmother’s death.
You can say that I was cremated upon my will.
Sprinkle my bone powder on my grandmother’s grave.” 

“Erit, sister!” 

“Or you go to the duke instead.
You don’t have a grandmother now.
Either way you like it.
I’ll do as I please.
I will meet people as much as I want and make friends.
Meet a wonderful man, date him, and have sex as much as I want.
I’m free now! Grandmother, I love you!” 

Erit ran barefoot out of the parlor.
With a look of freedom, really liberated from something.

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Ezet stared at the door where her sister disappeared because she was lost.
She couldn’t understand her.
But she couldn’t stop it. 

She picked up a golden pendant thrown randomly on the floor.
When she opened the pendant with the Duke’s family pattern, there was black hair inside it along with the Duke’s portrait.
Maybe it’s the hair they exchanged on their wedding vows. 

The Duke of Jaxen, who was rumored to be handsome, had a unique halo in his portrait.
She couldn’t believe Erit abandoned her handsome husband.

You can live on his face for three years.
Ah, it’s exactly three years now.
Then let’s correct it to 30 years. 

‘How could you run away without consulting your married husband? It’s so irresponsible.’ 

It turned out that the people of the duchy praised her for having no ideas.  

Ezet was quite disappointed with Erit, who left their grandmother to marry him and left him irresponsibly in the end. 

Maybe she didn’t tell Ezet, but the Jaxen family abused Erit.
But this was not the case.

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‘I’ll explain the situation instead of you.
If I say it correctly, the Duke of Jaxen will understand.’

Ezet wore the golden pendant around her neck.


I Don’t Think There’s a Place to Run 

Speaking of the Duke of Jaxen, this estate’s size is the first of its kind in the Empire, and it belonged to the oldest known noble family in its history.
High walls surround the outer castle where the Duke of Jaxen resides, and it is wide enough not to let someone pass through a vast garden before the Duchess stays.

No, I’ll correct it. 

It was not a place where such bright, wholesome, and gentle words could match, like a garden, where colorful flowers would bloom next to the warm sunny and cleanly trimmed grass. 

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It was a jungle. 


Beyond the barbed wire, an anaconda, the size of a house, fluttered its tongue and stared at the carriage with a hiss. 

‘I made eye contact! I made eye contact!’ 

Ezet stuck to the door of the carriage on the other side and breathed in. 



This time, a lion roared at the leaning door.
Ezet fell on the floor and covered her ears.
The cries of beasts, the wobbling of leaves, the breaking of trees, and the sound of little beasts “kiek!”.

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