What if Edmond comes back and tries to do something dirty to her again? Can she reject it? She didn’t want to refuse.
No, she had a subtle expectation that he would force her to push her even if she refused.

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‘I think I’m really crazy.’

It would be better if her common sense had been paralyzed in the course of the week after entering the Duchy and living without seeing anyone.

Ezet was afraid of herself being changed by Edmond.
She was afraid, but she didn’t hate it.
Angry at Edmond’s violent dictatorship of forcing and wielding her unruly, on the other hand, he wants to push herself even more.
He wishes she would forcibly remove her reason and common sense and shake her spiritless.

There is a contradictory desire within herself.

‘Oh, what can I do……….’

Ezet got up from her seat in a confused mood.
She had to get up in a sloppy position because she didn’t close the back of the dress, but she felt like she had to drink something for now.

She was trying to walk to the cupboard carefully so that the dress wouldn’t come off, but suddenly the wall curtain fell back, and a strange man came in.


“Oh, excuse me!”

Ezet, who hid behind the cupboard, stuck out her head with such a clear and crisp voice for a suspicious person.

He was a gentle-looking young man with bright blond hair and jade eyes.
The young man, who appeared to be around Ezet’s age, bowed to her and greeted her politely.

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“It’s my first time here to see a performance, so I mistook the location.
I apologize for the rudeness.”

Perhaps it was a reservation for another box seat.

“Oh, no.
It’s alright.”


He mistook his seat, and she thought he would leave soon, but somehow the young man did not go out and came in with a tilt of his head.

What, what?

In order not to show her back to the man, Ezet could not move because she had her back on the wall.

“Why, what’s wrong…”

“Are you uncomfortable? Do you want me to call an employee?”

Perhaps the young man thought it was because Ezet was uncomfortable with her standing on the wall and avoiding his eyes.

‘What do I do? My mask is off the couch, so I can’t pick it up……’

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If the dress was fine, it would be all right to run and pick it up, but now, the back of the jacket was exposed entirely because she couldn’t close the dress.
Edmond’s red rope was clearly revealed, and a strange man could not see this.

Ezet shook her head, covering her face with both hands.

“Okay, it’s okay, it’s okay….

As soon as she shook her head, the rope passed between the crotch tightened.
The hook on the back of the dress seemed to have been pulled while it was hanging on the rope because it did not open the back of the dress.

“Are you all right?”

“Aa, stay away!”

The man grabbed Ezet’s wrist, who was frightened and trying to move away.
The man’s expression became firmer because her face was blue, swallowing her breath with remorse.

“I can’t.
Get on my back.”

The man turned his back around and reached out to Ezet as if to bend his back and give her a piggyback ride.

“Oh, no! It’s alright!”

“There’s nothing to be pressured about.
I’ll take you to the infirmary.”

“You’ll have to go to the infirmary alone.”

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The young man’s body rolled sideways before Ezet could raise her head in the heavy low tone from above.
She could see long legs in the place where he was kneeling.
Did someone try to kick him?

Ezet’s body, which was about to turn its head, rose at the sensation of a stroke.
It was Edmond’s hug.

“Eh, Edmond!”

“Sorry for the delay, Maria.”

Edmond hugged her body, calling out the pseudonym of Ezet, which is used in the Great Theatre.
Ezet belatedly realized that he should be called ‘Howard,’ but she couldn’t get his name back.

‘I hope he doesn’t know the Duke of Jaxen’s name……’

Looking back anxiously, the man who was looking at the two stood up and stood upright.
Ezet thought that the man’s status might be unexpectedly high from not shaking the hem of his clothes.

Apparently, the aristocrats looking for the box seats of the great theatre said they wear masks to hide their identity, but the young man’s face was revealed because nothing was hanging on his face.
Blonde hair and jade eyes.
A young man about the same age as Ezet.

Who is it? If it was the first time to come to the Grand Theatre, it might be an emerging aristocrat or Young Master, who just debuted in society.

“You had a party.”

“Of course.”

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When Edmond frowned unpleasantly, the young man looked a little nervous and soon opened his face and greeted him.

“It was rude.”

“If you know you are rude, I’d like you to go back.”

Despite Edmond’s explicit remarks, the young man gently bent over with his hands on his chest with a sweet smile.

“My name is Daniel Spencer.
I’d like to give you an address for today’s illustration, so please contact our family.”

“No, I don’t need it.”

Edmond flatly refused, but the young man, who referred to himself as Daniel, cast a veiled glance at Ezet.
As pure as a daffodil in water, Ezet nodded unknowingly.

“… Maria.”

“Oh my gosh.”

Edmond’s uncomfortable voice came from above her head, and Ezet shook her head again, but it was already late.

“See you next time.”

Daniel, as if satisfied, bowed politely once again and left the Jaxen box seat.
The light outside was briefly visible, and the heavy curtains came down and darkened again.
And the heavy atmosphere that sank to the fullest weighed on Ezet’s shoulders.

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