I Didn’t Know There Was Such a Thing

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It was not until the applause of the audience stopped completely that the torture-like teaching time ended.
Ezet fell on the sofa and shed tears.

“Ugh, hehe…”

“Milady, we still have a little time before the curtain rises, but do you need anything?”

She was going to say there was nothing, but suddenly she woke up with a lot of sorrow.
Ezet fell on the floor with her eyes wide open.
There was a piece of red silk with a fine string between the railing and the single sofa.
It’s her underwear.

Ezet picked it up and threw it at Edmond.

“Wash it.”


“Wash my underwear.
I can’t wear it as it is.”

Edmond made an absurd look and slowly frowned.

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“You didn’t just tell me to wash your underwear, did you?”

“Why? Don’t you like it? Or, I mean, does it all sound like a joke?”

“…I’ll buy you a new one.
Relieve your anger.”

“I don’t need it! I’m going to wear it, so wash it now!”

Edmond was inwardly embarrassed when Ezet trembled and lost her anger.

He was as sensitive to changes in his opponent’s mood as he liked to dominate and control.
If one doesn’t see through the other person’s psychology closely, one can’t take the initiative in the relationship or bend the other person’s will.

Even when Edmond went into her skirt and caressed between her legs, when he forcibly removed her dress and bullied her with a tied rope, and when he hit her butt, Ezet was not angry.
She was confused by his unexpected behavior, but she felt a sense of pleasure.

If there had been signs of sincere rejection, Edmond would have quit right away.
He is not the only one who has enjoyed the act just now.
Edmond thought his judgment was not wrong.

‘But why are you angry?’

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Edmond overlooked one fact.
It is that Ezet can hate herself, who feels delighted with his unscrupulous behavior.

Evidently, Ezet was delighted with her husband’s obscene acts that she shouldn’t have done in public, but at the same time hated herself for being delighted by such immoral acts.

She’s not angry about Edmond taking off her clothes and hitting her butt.
She grudges Edmond for making her discover an unconscious self that she is unhappy about.

“Why? Can’t you do it? Didn’t you want me to tell you if I needed anything?”

“Milady, I did.”

“You don’t want to do anything for me, even though it doesn’t cost you anything, do you?”


Edmond sighed and swept up his black hair.
His red eyes seemed to be wandering with nowhere to go.

Do I just have to wash it?”

“If you don’t like it, call the staff here.
You’re good at that.”

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“…what husband in the world lets another man wash his wife’s underwear.”

There was no problem in the mansion because the laundry system was automated, and the maid did the collection and organization.
Still, most of the employees who ran errands for customers in this grand theatre were men.
Even a female employee could not have washed her underwear in a place like this.

Edmond was a man who didn’t care about his reputation, but he couldn’t stand other people’s harsh opinions about his wife or look at her with strange eyes.

“Okay, I’ll be right back, so Milady should rest.”

She thought he’d say no out of pride, but unexpectedly Edmond agreed.

“Is it okay for the Duke to wash my underwear?”

“I was a mercenary before when I was young.”

Although she had forgotten because of his beautiful appearance and powerful movements, Edmond was not an aristocrat from birth but a commoner soldier who was awarded a title as a reward for his achievement.
Before becoming a nobleman, he would have done all the dirty work himself, such as cleaning and laundry.

Viscount Herit was not well off, but she was still a noble from birth.
She may live a frugal life, but she has never worked at home.

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Ezet discovered the unexpected aspect of her husband, who thought he was a noble being beyond description, sat down on the sofa a little relieved.

The light sky blue dress worn today is a way to pull the strap from the back and fix it, so it cannot be appropriately worn alone, but the front was covered in moderation when the sleeves were sewn and the neck was covered.
It was enough not to feel strange even if anyone saw it on the stage.

‘What if they saw us doing this……’

Ezet got upset and wrapped her hands around her cheeks.
Her cheeks were still burning, and her heart was beating.

She was angry with Edmond, but she was happy, to be honest.

It’s not a bedroom, and it’s not a mansion; it was a room that was not even confined in all directions, doing dirty things with her husband naked in a box seat in a large theatre like this.
If someone saw the two, they would use their fingers and curse, and she would not be able to carry her face because she was shy.

Nevertheless, she enjoyed it.
It felt good.

The chilling pleasure dominated the whole body and felt as if it were liberated from something.

‘I’m such a senseless person!’

She felt so ashamed that she wanted to hide somewhere.

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