“Let me know if you have any inconveniences, Milady.
I’ll help you.”

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“Wa, what’s uncomfortable is……”

It is absurd that this situation itself is uncomfortable.
She knew this was a dangerous man, but she did expect him to do such a shameless act in such a crowded theatre.

Ezet could not even resist properly because the situation she was experiencing was so unrealistic.

Edmond, who saw her not speaking properly and biting only her lips, kissed her gently around her eyes and stroked her body.
Whenever he rubbed her white and smooth body, a red rope stuck at the tip of his hand, and every time he felt Ezet’s body twitching around.

When he spread her legs with a cushion under her waist, bent smoothly, her eyes, which were initially round, became as big as a lamp with anger.

“Eh, Ed, wait……”

“Don’t make a noise.”

Edmond gently kissed Ezet and hung his finger on the rope under her navel to pull it.
Every pull and release, the rope moved up and down and pressed her cl*tors.

Her smooth thighs became stiff with tension, and her hips were lifted and down to make the gap between squeezing her body and pulling the rope short.

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“Eung! eh!”

Edmond didn’t stop his hand even though the groans on her nose increased and tears gathered around her eyes.
At first, Edmond’s shoulders were pushed down, her hands tinged, and she soon punched him and began hitting his chest.
Ezet’s fist, which did not exercise a muscle, was no blow to Edmond.

“Milady, velvet sheets can’t be filled with holes.
You’re scratching the sofa at the end of the heel.”

The Duke of Jaxen could’ve replaced the couch sheets with as much as he wanted, but she was frugal.

Ezet, who grew up as a crab, stopped resisting for a moment and raised her legs so that the tip of the heel wouldn’t scratch the sofa.

Edmond put a rope between the index finger and the middle and put the two fingertips into her red genitalia without missing the moment.


The high nasal sound was caught, Ezet’s body was shaking.
When he bent his fingers as if he were playing in the water, her back bent round and her legs spread from side to side.


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“Thank you for your patience, Milady.
If you kill the sound a little longer, I wouldn’t be able to hear it.”

Edmond talked without conscience, patting Ezet’s head, who felt a short climax and moaned.

The plea for not doing this if they don’t want to be spotted didn’t work.

Edmond grabbed Ezet’s ankle and dragged her down to the floor, wrapped his arm around her lower abdomen, hugged her, and put her upper body on the sofa.
Ezet lay on the couch with her arms crossed and her butt towards Edmond.

As the peak still lingered, the coffee-colored stockings wrapped around the shaky legs sparkled with shallow colors under the stage’s lighting.

“Do you hear it, Milady? Aria’s coming to an end.”

“Oh, yeah, yeah…”

From the moment Edmond came into her skirt, she didn’t hear a single song.
Edmond’s eyes glanced toward the stage as he stroked Ezet’s hip, breathing heavily.

After the play, the curtain went down, and the applause of the audience came.
And, taak.

A loud and sharp frictional sound poured on the elastic hips, which was incomparable to the palms of the hands.

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“Ah, ah!”

“The curtain is down, Milady.
Shouldn’t we give a round of applause for the singers who sang beautiful songs?”

“Huh! This isn’t a round of applause, huh!”

After being hit on the hip again, Ezet buried her face on the sofa.
The hips are burning, and the thighs are shaking, and between her legs is damp and wet, soaking a liquid that shines whenever Edmond hits her butt.

“Ah! Edmond, stop…!”

“Why do you shake your hips like this when you say stop?”

On the left hip, then on the right, from top to bottom, from bottom to top, sometimes squeezing tightly.

Ezet’s white hips have been swollen red for a long time and have large handprints here and there.
Edmond smiled satisfactorily at the sight of the stark naked body and swiped his fingers between her legs.

“Oh, Edmond…”

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“Milady, put your legs together.”

“Anh, don’t touch it like that, clothes!”

“What if people knew that the Duchess of Jaxen, who should be modest, is so obscene?”

As his long fingers violently poked through the entrance, which was flowing out of the slippery sound, Ezet huffed and shook her back again.

Pulling the rope to rub was also a fresh stimulus, but it was not comparable to the pleasure delivered by Edmond’s fingers.
Ezet stamped her foot with her hips raised.
Her toes were curled up, and she couldn’t stay calm because she felt a prickly tension all over her body.

Ezet gasped, rubbing her face against the sofa’s sheet.
The mask she was wearing on her face was gone.

“Ah! Edmond! Huuh!

“It’s loud, Milady.
Who taught you to make such a loud noise that you couldn’t be quiet?”

“Ah, ah, ah!”

Eventually, Ezet had been slapped on the hips without mercy until the curtain went down entirely and the audience’s applause was over.

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