It was around the time she was immersed in Aria’s voice singing a soprano in the gentle accompaniment of flowing water.
She felt a slight pull on the back of the skirt, and suddenly something warm touched her thighs.

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Be quiet, Milady.”

Ezet turned her head with his hand on the railing.
The dress she wore today was designed only to inflate the back of the skirt, but it still looked too puffy.
Every time the back of the skirt was lifted up and down, the man’s hand touching the thigh rubbed up and down.

“Now, wait, Edmond, what…”

“Milady is so absorbed in the song that she seems to be forgetting me.”

“Oh, no, you’re here to see the opera.
So… haah!

As the hand that climbed up the thigh untied the panty strap across the waist, the cloth wrapped around the pelvis flowed down without resistance.
The shape of the red rope passing through the labia was sensational.
The man’s hands grabbed her plump hips and spread them from side to side, and a hot thing swept between them.

“… Don’t…!”

Ezet rattled with the railing; she couldn’t figure out what was happening to her right now.
Today, she definitely came out to the grand theatre to watch the opera together, and the man who brought her to the theatre crawled into the skirt and licked her hips without even looking at the stage.

“Hey, don’t do that…”

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Milady, you’ll be seen on the stage.
They might find it strange.”

‘Then don’t do this……!’

Just in case the left and right box seats or the audience could hear it, Ezet protested by killing the sound.
But Edmond slipped his tongue between her legs without stopping.

Ezet quickly closed her mouth with her left hand in case she would make noise without realizing it.
The right hand on the railing to prevent her from falling was shaking with tension.

‘No, Edmond, here’s…’

It’s the climax of the opera.
Don’t miss it.
Whenever Edmond whispered, the shallow, moist sigh tickled the labia.

Her legs were shaking from side to side as his hands touched the inside of her thighs and licked them with his tongue.
Edmond’s tongue dug into the entrance as the rope passed through the lab*a was pulled.
Ezet groaned with her nose and trembled.

‘Oh, no…!’

Edmond pushed aside a rope that crossed between the legs and thrust his tongue into her vagi*a.
Moist and hot inner flesh quivered and tightened his tongue.
By the time of the fresh juice, Ezet’s thighs had become stiff with tension.

“Edmond, Edmond, stop…”

“Milady, please be as focused on singing as you have been.
Never mind what I do.”

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That sounds unreasonable.
He came in the skirt of her dress, took off her panties, and teased her, but he said not to pay attention to it.
How could there be a woman who can stay still?

Ezet chewed her lower lip tightly and reached back with his covered head, knocking down the flapping hem.
She meant to get out.

Edmond, however, did not care about her hand gestures, hugged her thighs with both arms, spread her legs, and began licking them with his tongue out.

When the smooth and moist thing tickled between the legs, past the converse and even the back hole, she shook with her open fist tightly clenched.
She was going crazy.

“Edmond, please stop……….
We’ll get caught doing this……!”

“Oh, no, that’s not good.”

Edmond answered in a voice that was not difficult at all, and Edmond looked up.

Her skirt was up and down, and his bangs were disheveled.
Ezet, who was ashamed to guess why his hair was messy, hurriedly turned her eyes and tried to lower her skirt.

However, her hands, which had clasped the skirt, could not move on the spot because Edmond grabbed her wrist.

“Edmond? What are you going to do…”

“Didn’t you say it’s not right to get caught?”

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If we go inside, we won’t be seen due to the railing cover.

… Saying this, Edmond dragged Ezet to the side of a large sofa; Ezet, whose dress rolled up to her thighs, could not even sit on the sofa and fell sideways.


Even before Ezet came to her senses, she was turned over again.
Edmond, who made her lie face down on the sofa, touched the back strap.


“You didn’t bring the extra dress, so I can’t tear it off here, right? Stay calm.”

“Wait, what are you… Unhh!”

When he pulled on the strap of her back, the tightened hem of the clothes fell loose, and soon the cold air came into contact with her back.
Edmond opened her sleeves and pulled them out of her arms, hugged Ezet and even everything off her upper body.

“Well, what are you doing?”

“Isn’t this a long-awaited new dress? Can it be wrinkled like this?”

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Are you trying to do something that will make my dress crumpled?

This isn’t her bedroom.
It’s a box seat at the Grand Theatre.
Even if the left and right sides were blocked, the door was made of thick curtains, so anyone could come in if they wanted to.
Besides, the front is open, so you can see inside from outside.

“Edmond, don’t do this…”

They’ll hear it if you make a loud noise.”

Edmond pulled out her waistband and tangled dress and stripped it completely.
The red rope wrapped around the body of the Ezet, who is only wearing stockings, was revealed.

“Oh, no.

“That’s all right.
I’ll cover it for you.”

“No, it’s not… ahh!

When Edmond grabbed his chest and shook it lightly, the rope around her chest moved, and the bottom tightened.

“Ah, ah!”

The rope made of silk ribbons was very soft, but it felt shallow as it added a subtle touch to the skin.
Ezet’s waist flinched.
The rope crossing between the legs had a round knot in the middle, which moved up and down, stimulating the cl*tors.

Ezet reached out to avoid irritation but was restrained by Edmond.

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