“Milady, if you grimace, you’ll wrinkle your fair face.”

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Does he know that he is the one who makes her grimace? Of course, he knows.
Ezet glanced at the brazen, arrogant man and quickly closed her eyes.

“Well, what kind of clothes should you wear… …is there a dress you want, Milady.”

“By covering my neck…”

She cannot wear an off-shoulder dress or an open-chested dress because of the red rope hanging around her neck.
Not really, but a dress that wraps around the whole body would be safer because even one cord might loose and flow down in the bay.

Edmond’s choice was light, plain summer dress with sky silk that creases and waves down.

Even though it was a summer dress, it was made of light cloth, so it inflated the back of the skirt richly without a crinoline, and a small frill is wrapped in a seashell and conch shape to distract attention.
{TN- Crinoline is a stiff or structured petticoat designed to hold out a woman’s skirt.
It’s used to puff up the dress.}

The mesh on the chest was also added with white silk to prevent the insides from being reflected, creating a cool yet bright feeling by adding platinum and silver beads.

The dress, which adds white and silver based on blue and gives a refreshing yet elegant look, was Edmond’s favorite dress among Madame LaPromet’s dresses that he saw yesterday.

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Ezet hadn’t tried it on, so he bought all the dresses on display.

‘As expected, my eyes are not wrong.’

Because of her soft brown hair and amber eyes, Ezet used to wear a light brown or cream dress with a little bit of decoration, but she also looked surprisingly good in this cool color.

Too dark navy and wine colors make the white skin look paler, but these bright colors revitalized her impression of pure and thin, creating a clean and healthy atmosphere like the summer sky.

Edmond does not prefer militant women who were violent and brazen like Erit, but neither was a preference for women who were too calm, quiet, and submissive.

A woman like a moderately healthy, bright, lovely, and yet sometimes calm and soft like a flower asleep in the moonlight was his taste.

“How do you like your dress? Any inconvenience?”


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“Then let’s go, Milady.”

* * *

She found out not yesterday but today that the High Technology Warp gate of the Duchy of Jaxen in the Rose Garden of the residence seemed to be a universal gate.

He only manipulated a few buttons on the dome pillar, but yesterday he warped to the city of artists where the grand theatre is located today.

Edmond said that even if it is not stored, it can be warped anywhere by registering the coordinates.
Perhaps Viscount Herit’s, where Ezet lived, can be warped to as soon as the coordinates are found.

‘All right, if we just terminate the contract, there’s no problem going back home.’

Ezet was more relaxed, carefully resting her hand on Edmond’s arm and leaning against him.

“It’s Howard and Maria.
This way.”

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All the guests of the Grand Theatre were prominent aristocrats.
Still, VIPs who used box seats wore butterfly masks covering half of their faces to avoid paparazzi and assassinations and used aliases when making reservations.

Of course, when the theatre issued a box seat pass, it was possible to know the customer’s identity as to which box seat the reservation was made, but it was the principle of the prominent theatre not to mention it.

Edmond visited the Grand Theatre under the pseudonym of “Howard” for him and “Maria” for Ezet.
The staff who neatly turned their heads over the angular black lotus uniform guided the two to the central box seat on the second floor of the Grand Theatre.

“Please ring this bell if you need anything, Mr.


When Edmond replied, the staff bowed 90 degrees and closed the door, and left.

Box seats in the Grand Theatre were very spacious and luxurious as they were only issued to high-ranking nobles or world-famous artists or scholars.
The front of the box seat, which is similar to the Ezet’s bedroom, was opened, and the stage was visible at a glance without blocking the view when approaching the stone railing.

There was a long sofa in the box seat with a red carpet for three or four people, a small sofa for one person to sit on both sides, and a small table and cupboard at the back.

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There are many kinds of drinks and alcohol, so one can take it out or order it by pressing the bell if they want a special drink or snack.

“It’s great.
The box seats in the Great Theatre were like this…”

“The left and right sides and the back are blocked, so I can concentrate on the performance without anyone interrupting me.”

“It’s so cool.”

Ezet approached the railing with pure admiration.

The auditorium was filled with a large stage.
The orchestra played the prelude and the actors in the crowd performing the chorus; everything was mysterious to Ezet.

Ezet, who was amazed at the figure of a female singer in colorful dresses, did not even look at Edmond, who was sitting behind her while she was watching the opera with her hands on the railing.

‘My heart is beating so fast.
The big stage makes your heart race just by just looking at it like this.’

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