To protect you from them doing anything strange to your body, you have to wrap it around your body.”

“No way!”

Ezet shouted in contemplation.
She doesn’t know what the identity of that red string is, but she was also nervous about being naked in front of Edmond again.

Edmond, holding a red rope, smiled and took a step closer as Ezet stepped back, wrapped her shoulders.

As expected, that man’s smiling face is dangerous.

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“Oh, no!”

“Would you like not to go out then?  It doesn’t matter to me if you’re willing to stay in this castle for the rest of your life.”

She hated not being able to go out.
No matter how quiet Ezet is and only reads books, the Duchy was too wide to live alone, and few people were to meet.
It was necessary to have time to talk to someone agreeable to non-social people.

Ezet trembled with the hem of her clothes clung together.

“Just, can’t I just wrap it around my arm or something? Do I have to take off my clothes?”

“There is a proper way to wear the harness on your body.
It won’t work unless it’s fitted according to its usage.”

“Well, I’m not going anywhere! I’ll stick right next to you and never leave.”

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“No, it’ll be late if something happens.”

The Duke of Jaxen needed a Duchess.
Edmond overlooked all of her work even though Erit had done the bizarre thing for three years because he desperately needed to have a wife, even if it was on paper.

It was a big deal if Ezet got hurt or kidnapped outside when she went out to see the performance.
Edmond has a thorough and persistent personality.
He would never listen even if she cried and begged that she didn’t want to take off her clothes.

“Well, then… Turn around.”

“When I wind you up anyway, I have to look at your body and wind it up.”

“I know! But turn around!”

It was embarrassing to show your naked body stripping in a different sense from showing your naked body.

Edmond shook his head and turned his back with a red rope in his hand as the Ezet shouted out in a rage.

The handsome man’s broad back was like a huge barrier.
Edmond’s back, which turned into the wall between the table, felt like a partition, so Ezet could calm down a little.

‘Only magic tools, it’s just winding up.
If he’s going to do something weird, I’m going to run away.’

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