“I will build a school with this money and provide bread and milk to poor children.

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“Not possible.”

“Why? You said it’s my own money!”

“The entertainment fee should be used for your pleasure.
Clothes should be used to maintain dignity and honor.”

“I could enjoy helping the poor, right?”

“The Jaxen family already has three foundations for low-income children and eight academies under its wing.
No one in my estate can’t go to school because they don’t have money, and no one goes hungry.”

“Then the hospital…”

“We provide free medical treatment and prescription for the poor, as well as visiting medical services for patients with mobility difficulties.”

“Then more to the public security of the slums…”

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“The security of my territory is more certain than anywhere else on the continent.
The crime rate is at the lowest, and the slums imposed a curfew on men after 10 p.m., so there was no single street robbery in the three years.
We couldn’t stop the planned crime.”

Even more than Ezet thought, Edmond was more focused on the relief policy for the vagrants and the poor.
This and that were all already included in Edmond’s charity work in the name of the Duke of Jaxen, so there was nothing else for Ezet to do.

The Duchy of Jaxen’s crime rate, illiteracy rate, and the unemployment rate reached the lowest in the country, and Ezet knew nothing to support other welfare policies.

‘If I knew this would happen, I would have read more about welfare policies.’

Ezet became depressed.
However, her depression soon hit a new snag.

‘Then where the hell do I spend all this money?’

Ezet sees a papyrus scroll split in half, and her eyes blurred, like a mortal expert, groaning in the thought of reprinting it again.
It was too difficult for Ezet to spend such unrealistic expenses on her because she spent money on necessities.

It would be better to save money, and the budget money should not be left behind or be insufficient.
It was Ezet who has always seen the work of replacing meaningless sculptures with new ones at the end of the year to use up the budget set by the city.

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“Edmond, how do you spend your free time?”

“Hmm? Are you curious about what I usually do?”


If the duchess has a budget of this much, Edmond’s will be more.

Don’t they say, ‘If you’re not sure, watch what the person next to you does and follow?’ Ezet thought it would be better to see and follow what Edmond usually does.

If he has a good physique and good physical strength, would he have a hobby of exercising? She thought she would be interested in fashion, and she may enjoy horseback riding.
Ezet figured it would be good to create the same hobby as long as she decided to pretend to be a couple anyway.

The particular agreement that Edmond told me yesterday, ‘I can go outside with my husband,’ was very attractive.
It was a condition to take into account even if it was somewhat inappropriate.

“It turns out that I’ve been busy these days, so I couldn’t go to the opera.”

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“An Aria is performing in a big theatre downtown.
There’s a box seat for the Jaxen’s in the middle of the second floor.”

If it’s an opera, isn’t it where all the lines are composed of songs.
Ezet has never seen an opera in a theatre.

Due to her case, the opera was not held on outdoor stages or small theatres, but only in large theatres because the tickets were costly, and visitors were denied admission unless they were formally dressed.

So all she knew about the opera was from what she encountered in the book.

“Well, then… I’d like to go see an opera with you, can I?”

“You mean you want to go out?”

Edmond, who saw Ezet’s intention, smiled.
This man is also quick-witted and can’t be fooled by shallow tricks.
Ezet, whose face was dyed red, crouched his shoulders and slightly tilted her head to look up and asked.

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“Can’t I?”

“Of course… You can.”

He can’t be fooled, but aegyo works.
He knew precisely, but he let it go.
Edmond was an inhumane, brutal, and perfect dictator whose desire for control hit the sky, but he was generous to humans who he could coordinate.
{TN: Aegyo is a cute display of affection.}

‘He’s such a vicious man.’

Ezet cursed Edmond inside and held hands together somewhat thoughtlessly.
It was not difficult to play a submissive wife for Ezet, who was originally calm and silent.
She would not be criticized and play a cute wife so that she can revise the contract clause.

Otherwise, she won’t be able to get out of this confinement forever.

‘Okay, let’s do it!’

Determined, Ezet grinned at Edmond.

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