Edmond took out his own device and pressed the blue button.
His was a little different from the Duchess’s terminal.
Is the function different?

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A solemn yet business-like middle-aged man’s voice was heard, whether it also included the ability to talk directly to employees.

– What’s the matter, Master?

“Get rid of all the Fiscal Management employees.
I don’t need any incompetent people who can’t even measure my wife’s monthly expenses.”

“W, wait a minute!”

Ezet got up from her place in surprise at the word ‘firing.’

“Dismissal? You’re firing someone!”

“It’s their job to review your spending every month and draw up a budget that’s neither too much nor too little to do what you want.
But Milady said she doesn’t need the money written in the budget statement.
I don’t need incompetent people who don’t know how much Milady needs.”

“Oh, no! I was the one who said I didn’t need that money.
Why are you firing innocent employees?”

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“Any employee who does a poor job should be fired.
You don’t have to be compassionate.”

“That’s not it!”

Ezet was embarrassed.
She didn’t need that much money.
Even if she didn’t have that kind of money, she can wear good clothes, eat good food, and read books as she likes, but how can he cut off the management that gave her the budget and not get paid?

“Well, I would have spent that much before, but… oh, yeah! I suddenly changed my mind! So I decided to reduce it from now on.
So it’s not their fault.
I’m the fickle one.”

“I see.
There’s been such a change of heart for Milady, and no one has reported it to me, and only the managers in this castle are incompetent.
I’ll fire everyone.”

Edmond pressed the blue button on his terminal again to talk to a middle-aged man.
Perhaps the man who spoke to Edmond seemed to be a butler, given that what Edmond was doing was being handled through him.

– Yes, my lord.
Go ahead.

“We shall fire all managers employed in this residence.
I don’t need anything incompetent that doesn’t take notice of Milady….”

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“What are you doing?”

Ezet shouted in a hurry, taking Edmond’s terminal.
Earlier, he threatened her with guilt, saying that all the workers in the dress shop would sit on the street if she didn’t buy the dresses, but this time, he is taking even the employees of the mansion hostage? Ezet was so surprised that she shrugged her shoulders with his terminal in her hands.

“Employees are innocent! Why do you keep firing the wrong person?”

The servants were silent and blunt and had never had a private conversation with her, but when she pressed the call button on her terminal, they ran like the wind, the work was like a knife, and there was no shortage of serving her.

Ezet saw an employee who came working so fast for the first time after coming to the Duchy.
When she was at Viscount Herit’s, the cleaning maid, the cook, and the gardener made many mistakes, and the workers of the Duke of Jaxen were as perfect as machines.

“No one did anything wrong.
How hard did they all take care of me? Don’t hold them accountable!”

“There’s a contradiction in what you say.”

Edmond crossed his legs and leaned his back against the back of the chair.

“The staff who compiled the budget did not measure the amount needed by Milady, and the employees who were waiting on you did not notice a change of heart.
And I hate when what I’m trying to do goes wrong.”

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The last word was sincere.
He hated to speak twice and even more hated to reverse what he had already said.
He was fed up with having to work again because someone had done the same thing wrong.

Ezet shuddered back into the chair.
For employees and managers to keep their heads above water, the budget statement should not be made into useless pieces of tissue.

“Okay, it won’t happen if I use it!”

Ezet picked up the budget proposal that was on the table again.
Then she turned her eyes back to the air.

What the hell can you do with this unrealistic amount? It was not measured like Ezet, who always lived frugally to take it for granted.

“First of all, please double the salary of employees working in this inner palace.
And to their families….”

“Not possible.”

Edmond flatly refused.

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“It’s a budget for your clothing and entertainment.
You can’t use it for anything else.
And we’re already giving our employees a corresponding good salary.
I’ve never made any special results, but if I raise my salary recklessly, my discipline will be ruined.”


“I’d like you to call me a principlist.”

“Okay, so this is for entertainment, so I can use it for what I want to do personally, right?”

“Of course.
Whether you’re buying dresses, jewelry, ceramics, paintings, or musical instruments, make a glass greenhouse in your garden and raise endangered species.
Oh, there’s a new workshop for making imitation genitals, and I’ll show you the catalog.”

“Kyck! No need! I won’t buy that!”

In a dangerous catalog full of skin on the table, Ezet shouted, quickly avoiding his gaze.
At this rate, she will be caught up in the man’s pace again.

Yes, if she’s spending money, she should spend it on good things.
Let’s use it to help the poor and relieve their discomfort.

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