A Secret Couple’s Date

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It is up to LaPromet Beauty Salon to deliver dresses purchased by customers.

It is up to the servants of the Duke of Jaxen to arrange the dress that arrived in the dressing room.
And it is up to the hostess to confirm the receipt.

‘How much… how much is this?’

The receipt issued by Madame LaPromet’s Beauty Salon was smooth, like oiled paper, but very thin and light.

The fluttering of a feather-like receipt fluttering in the wind must be a picture of money flying up.

“Eh, Ed.

Ezet’s amber eyes headed for Edmond, jumping in place.

“Maybe it’s because you bought several at a time.
Madame LaPromet gave you a big discount.”

What do you mean, discount? Is this the amount of discount?

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She knew that a great dress was a house in a suit, but this was a sum beyond her imagination.

As if someone was grabbing her heart and making a full swing, Ezet felt dizzy and leaned her back against his back.
Her hands were shaking.
Even a serial killer pointing his knife at someone won’t be shaking as much as she was.

Ezet learned for the first time today that there is a demonic magic that extracts a person’s soul only by number.

“By the way, I’m in trouble.
There’s a fixed cost to cover for you.”

At Edmond’s words, Ezet’s heart sank.

It is not known how luxurious Ezet was, but the price of twenty-six dresses that Ezet bought yesterday was by no means affordable.

There were already many dresses that filled the dressing room, and it became more than 100 dresses when twenty dresses were added this time.
No matter how much she thought about it, this number didn’t make sense.

‘Do they want to keep the excess cost to cover the debt? Please do that!’

Ezet looked at Edmond with desperate entreaties.

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His red eyes still looked like a sunset.

“Look at this, Milady.”

A thin sheet of paper dressed in simple gold fell into her hand.
Ezet, who picked it up with a trembling hand, was half-reading the numbers on the form, raising her head and mobilizing Lamaze’s breathing.

“heueup, heueup, huuuuu”

“Milady, When you inhale through your mouth, the inside of your mouth is dry.
So you inhale with your nose, and you exhale with your mouth, repeat.


“That’s too fast.
Again, slowly.

It was only after she breathed as Edmond told her to that Ezet, who managed to come to her senses, bowed down again and read out the numbers on the gold-plated paper.

‘Two million Lund… How many Zebrons are there?’

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Ten Zebrons were one Versil, and ten Versil were one Lund.

When shopping or buying goods, use a red coin, Zebrons, and when a little larger unit comes and goes, use Versil, a larger silver coin than Zebrons.

Lund, a palm-sized gold bar, was used for large construction such as building a house or selling a pond, so there was no use in ordinary households.
It’s because it’s heavy to carry around, and it’s cumbersome to process change, and it’s a big deal if you lose it or get stolen.

That means 2 million Lund is 20 million Versil, which is equivalent to 200 million Zebrons.

‘200 million a month…’

Ezet had to reconsider how many units of numbers she had learned.
There is not much use to learn numbers beyond ten thousand in everyday life, so the concept of too large numbers has not been set.

Ezet repeated the transitional breathing again.

“Edmond, what kind of receipt is this? Are you sure it’s up to me? Or is it a penalty?”

“No way.
It’s a sum of the monthly cover and entertainment expenses to Milady.
Living expenses, education expenses, and medical expenses are omitted.”

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Fortunately, not only the human body but also the mind have immune functions.
No matter how surprised you are, you can’t separate your body from your mind if you hit your chest before your heart jumps out of your mouth, and your soul presses the top of your head before you escape.

But Edmond, who was Ezet prepared for and anticipated, has consistently delivered more surprises.

Erit said clearly.
There is so much money that it rots and that the sense of money is weird.

It certainly deserves to be done at this amount.
The numbers on budget statements in front of her were perceived as unrealistic, but her mind quickly stabilized.
White is paper and black is number.
And the yellow one is gold.

“Edmond, I don’t need this much money.
I’ll cut it down starting this month.”

“I see.
I see.”

She thought he’d recommend the Duchess to use it more, but unexpectedly Edmond agreed.
It must also be because yesterday’s dress spending was significant.

Ezet was relieved and placed the gold-plated budget statement on the table.

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