“What the hell is wrong with you?”

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“I’m crazy.
As expected, marriage is not a thing.
Non-marriage! Non-birth!”

“Erit, sister!”

Erit leaped up from the sofa and grinned at Ezet.

“You know, Ezet.
I’m still a virgin?” 


“I’m tired of doing it alone.
Do you know how many self-pleasure devices I bought? The latest instrument powers from Mana.
When you put the vibrating instrument in, spread your legs and use your fingers…” 

“Sister, are you crazy?” 

Afraid of who would hear it, Ezet quickly tried to cover her sister Erit’s mouth, but Erit lay back on her back.

“Yeah, crazy.
I can’t live in that house.
You can’t live with him.” 

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“What the hell did brother-in-law do?” 



“You don’t do anything.
He literally doesn’t do anything to me.” 

The Duke of Jaxen has never had a face-to-face conversation with her since the wedding, Erit said. 

After a formal wedding, Erit stayed in the inner castle, and the Duke of Jaxen remained in the outer castle, so they never sat together and ate together, let alone the first night. 

Not once in 3 years. 

“I can’t meet my family or friends, I can’t go out of the house, I can’t meet people.
You have to say that all the immediate servants are mute.
If you learn something as a hobby, you can talk to a tutor, but if you get attached, they’ll, in turn, give a different person.
I haven’t talked to anyone properly in three years.
I think I’m going to go crazy.” 

“Are you avoiding him? You can talk to your brother-in-law.” 

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“I tried.
Did I go and drink tea in the office? But I had eight cups of tea in two hours, and he said only two words.”


“Yes, and no.” 

Erit turned her head back and laughed as if it were hilarious. 

“I thought it was a broken phonograph? I’ve never heard him say anything but those two words!”

“So you hate brother-in-law?” 

“Yes, I feel like throwing up just thinking about it.” 

Quite explicitly, Ezet looked around in contemplation.
Fortunately, no one passed by. 

Whether Ezet is embarrassed or not, Erit still continued the conversation with a brazen face.
It was more like talking to herself than anything. 

“I’m not going home anymore.
Tell them to find someone if they want to.
Should I just pop overseas? Is it better to have a boat or a train? What?” 

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“Erit, calm down.
Calm down and talk to brother-in-law properly.” 

“No, it’s a waste of time.” 

The problem was that she did not care about the condition that she could not get divorced.
Erit said that there was no violence, verbal abuse, or forced pressure from her husband at the time and that she would have no problem living with a man she didn’t know if she was provided unlimited material and time support.

But it wasn’t. 

Who said that humans are social animals? 

For three years, Erit had not been able to speak out properly with anyone and returned completely thin.
The blackness under her eyes made her face, which used to look as fresh as an apple, haggard. 

However, upon arriving at the mansion, Erit shed tears of joy.
Her grandmother passed away, and she said she wasn’t sad at all.
She was so happy that she finally left the house, came home, met people, met Ezet, and talked to her. 

“Erit, you’re avoiding responsibility.” 

“What’s wrong with avoiding responsibility? If you’re going to blame me, blame me.
I’m going to get away with it.
If I stay like this, I’ll just hang myself on a rope and die.” 

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“Erit, sister!” 

“If you’re so unhappy, would you like to be the Duchess of Jaxen instead of me?” 

“What are you talking about?”

“It’s okay, isn’t it? I’m like a doll from that house anyway.” 

Family members and relatives cannot visit.

Ezet hasn’t even met Erit’s husband. 

On top of that, all the employees are mute.
She doesn’t know if it’s for keeping confidentiality or keeping distance from the duchess, but they don’t see eye to eye, let alone talk. 

“I’m telling you, even if you go into my room instead of me, play, eat, scream, and everything, no one knows it’s you.”

Anyway, they are sisters.
It’s so nice to look like each other.
Erit took off her velvet hat and put it on Ezet’s head.

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