“It’s the same story.
If it’s known that you stopped by this LaPromet dressing Salon today, the dress that you didn’t even try, even though it was on display today, will be branded as ‘dresses that a high-class lady did not even touchy.’”

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A stigma? What do you mean a stigma! Is stigma used for this kind of situation?

“There is no lady who chooses a dress with such a stigma.
All the dresses in the showroom will also be discarded, and the creators who made the dresses may be scolded by their bosses or have their salaries cut as punishment.
Maybe they’ll have to take all the cost for making the dress.
They’ll have to live their entire lives under the stigma of being ‘a terrible creator who made dresses that the Duchess didn’t even touch.’”

“It can’t be!”

“Yes, they won’t be hired in any dress salon, so they’ll go from dressmaker to simple worker.
It’s a pity.”

It’s ridiculous.
It was a leap to say that the dress in the exhibition room was abandoned because Ezet didn’t buy the dress or that the dressmakers had to pay for the production cost.

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But Ezet was already unable to make rational judgments about the continuing psychological attacks.
Edmond was a man who was bent on pushing his opponent with a swift gun without giving them time to think.

Before she knew it, she was convinced that if she didn’t buy all the dresses in the salon, it would be stigmatized, put dressmakers on the streets, and devastate the market economy.

Edmond’s method was a classic trick used by pseudo-religionists or drug dealers, but Ezet, who had not met many people outside until now, did not notice it.

‘She’s such an innocent woman.’

If it’s her, she might believe that there was little left for the merchant to profit and pay the price.

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Edmond noticed how the beautiful Ezet had grown so far like a plant in a greenhouse.
Of course, Ezet’s home, Herit, was not financially comfortable, and without parents, the grandmother raised her two granddaughters, so Ezet could not receive higher education.

Apart from the poor environment, however, Ezet had a good-natured, easy-to-believe personality.
After reading many books, she distinguished common sense and emergency, but she had such a shallow defense that she would believe it at some point if her opponent continued to insist on it.

Edmond’s unique way of speaking, which evokes his opponent’s guilt by leapfrogging logic, was both the best and the worst.
Ezet looked around the dressing room one more time with a crying face and nodded.

“Okay, I’ll buy all the dresses.”

‘It was a jackpot!’

Madame LaPromet and the workers cheered.

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Of course, their cheers were silent shouts.
They made no mistake of inadvertently saying the words out of their mouth, as they had lived in social aristocrats’ struggle for power, with invisible blades and arrows raining out of aristocrats’ war-like social world.

Edmond bought all the dresses on display in the dressing room, and because of the large volume, the dress was delivered directly from the LaPromet dressing room to the Duchy of Jaxen by carriage.

Madame LaPromet wanted to show her other dresses that were not on display and a catalog of new products still in the ideological stage.
Still, Ezet shook her head desperately, thinking she might have to repurchase them if she saw them.

Thus, the twenty-six dresses displayed in the LaPromet dressing room were neatly boxed, and the dress’s loss was empty.

No nobleman has ever taken all the dresses in the dressing room.

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Today’s event will indeed be rumored not only among this street’s dress salons but also among the aristocracy.

The ladies will look for the LaPromet dressing room, wondering about the design of the dress that the Duchess of Jaxen swept away, and her reputation will be even higher.

Selling 26 dresses at once felt like being hit by the golden rain from the sky, but considering the subsequent butterfly effect, the profits of the dressing room will be tens, or hundreds of times, of today.

Madame LaPromet managed to resist the desire to fly through the roof of the salon.
Fortunately, she had no wings, so she could not rise and therefore fall.

She planned to dance with joy by breaking the hangers in the dressing room as soon as the Duke and Duchess of Jaxen returned, but she did not lose her composure with an elegant smile when she saw off the customers.

She was the best designer in the Empire, so it was a perfect business smile without a needle in it.

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