“If you’re spending a lot of money, you can spend it on something more efficient.
Like establishing a school or establishing a library….”

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“If the Duchess of Jaxen is seen saving money, the other nobles won’t be able to buy dresses or jewelry because they’ll be wary of it.”

“Wouldn’t it be better to live frugally than to be extravagant?”

“The sea city of Aldebaran relies on imports and exports of jewelry and other luxury goods for most of the economy.
If aristocrats stop buying jewelry, trade that depends on jewelry and art will be disrupted, and many will lose their jobs.
Also, if expensive jewelry and lace dresses are not sold, the dressing room would suffer.
What should they do to make up for the deficit?”

“Well, by reducing the cost of going into the dress…….”

“That’s right.
The first thing they’re going to do is cut labor costs.”

“What? They’re not cutting back on materials?”

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Ezet opened her eyes in surprise.
It was common sense to reduce the cost of materials if there was a deficit, but unfortunately, Ezet didn’t know that the world didn’t go along with common sense.

“This is the dress that ladies wear.
Discerning women will see the dress and see if the jewelry used there is genuine, fake, vertical, or mechanical.
They can’t offer cheap dresses, so if they have to cut down, they’ll cut down on labor costs.”

If there is a deficit, labor costs will be reduced.
In the past and now, the market economy is used to grinding people.

In the dictionary, black/dark companies are defined as ‘a company that forces young workers working in a state of employment anxiety to work unreasonable labor, such as low wages and long hours,’ but to put it bluntly, it was just a name for the job they all did, without going too far.

All stores in the empire were black companies that kept workers alive, and LaPromet Salon was no exception.

“The 200 technicians and assistants working at LaPromet Beauty Salon will be exploited by overtime, with their salaries cut, and they will lose their jobs in the future.
Where will the people who put themselves on the street go? If they were breadwinners, what would happen to their families?”

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“It’s too much of an exaggeration to say that people will be put on the street because I didn’t buy a dress.”

“Not the exaggeration, Milady.
Now you’re in a position where you can control the survival of hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands.
While frugality may be a virtue to necessity, it is rather a poison to the noble lady of the Noble family.”

“Then I’ll just buy one.
The one I like the most….”


Edmond grabbed her by the wrist.

“You’ve tried five dresses in this dressing room today, and now there are a total of 26 dresses on display in the shop’s exhibition room.
You looked around the exhibition room and noticed what they looked like.
Is that right?”

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“Eh, that’s right.
But you don’t have to buy everything just because you tried it on.
At other clothing stores, I’ve never…”

“The Duchess of Jaxen did not buy it even though she saw it on her own.
How does that reflect these dressmakers?”

Ezet did not know.

“Will other nobles ever buy a dress that Duchess Jaxen didn’t buy because she didn’t like it after trying it on?”

Ezet did not know this, but somehow she felt like she had to answer.

“The dress you put on and off will eventually not fit into any lady’s hand; only dust will be piled up and thrown away.”

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What the hell is this guy talking about?

Even though she was still, Ezet felt she was rolled to the left and the right and hung upside down.
When she got distracted, her legs relaxed.
Edmond wrapped her up as she was about to fall backward.

Since supporting the waist was only possible contact between couples and lovers, the designers of the dressing room all turned their heads and cheered quietly.

In others’ eyes, the two seemed to be well-matched couples.
Edmond’s expression, whispering to his wife with a friendly face, was sweet as if he was dripping with honey, and everyone must have mistaken that he was whispering love words to her.

“And what about a dress that you’ve looked around and never worn? What about the creators’ sense of loss and frustration when you only look at it with your eyes without trying it on?”

“I haven’t even tried it on.
It’s not my cup of tea!”

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