But in fact, it was only natural that Ezet could not find the Warp Hall.
Because the Warp Hall, which had taken its place in the Duchess’s Rose Garden, was built this morning.

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The Duke of Jaxen’s reputation for being able to kill five birds without shooting a bow wasn’t a lie, so if Edmond said a word, moving a mountain was nothing.

Unnoticed by Ezet, but the number of workers working in the Duchess’s inner castle was never small.
The training and education they received were also different from that of ordinary aristocratic servants.

They were just as powerful as the Knights of the Imperial Palace, and they moved in unison like the military.

In fact, Ezet couldn’t find it, but in the Duchess’s garden, which Erit had built, there were all kinds of extraordinary buildings created by servants according to Erit’s plans.

“I’m just going to buy clothes, can I use the warp hall? I’ve heard that it costs a lot of money to operate once…”

“You could go in a carriage, but your body wouldn’t be able to bear it.”

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Edmond glanced around Ezet’s waist, pretending not to know, and she screamed silently.

Surely last night’s affair was too much for the beginner to accept.
Edmond’s play was also too unfamiliar for Ezet to accept, but the decisive reason was that he was too big, and Ezet was too fragile to handle his stamina.

Ezet, who recalled last night’s act, blushed again.

‘I don’t think I’m a good fit with this guy.’

Of course, Edmond thought the exact opposite.

* * *

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It may be hard to agree with Edmond, who only knew Erit after marrying her, but his wife, Erit, was not too wasteful.
She was just a brave woman with big, unique tastes and was not afraid of adventure.

Of course, he didn’t notice much.

After her tea time with the Duke ended severely, it was not because she was out of her mind that Erit made a fountain indoors, inserted a voice-amplified speaker into the shower, connected a microphone, and sang a song.

Erit liked new things, but openly doing crazy things was not her cup of tea.
She wanted to cross the line and go abnormally only till a certain point while doing what seemed normal, but she didn’t enjoy doing crazy things from anyone’s perspective.

So what Erit did was not just a play, but a silent protest, saying, ‘come and stop me because I’m doing this crazy thing.’

Edmond, however, did not know about Erit and condoned the situation, thinking that he should accept his mad-money wife under the contract, which no one in their right mind could possibly do.
Edmond didn’t look even though Erit did all kinds of crazy things.
Eventually, after three months, Erit gave up on improving relations with her husband.

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Since then, Erit has devoted herself to researching how to spend money more creatively and get fresh enjoyment.

It was a secret that neither Edmond nor Ezet knew that the red diamond necklace, which Ezet refused to receive, was now destroyed beautifully and used as an early Christmas tree decoration.

In any case, unlike Erit, who used to spend such a monstrous mess of money, Ezet entered the Duchy and spent very little money.

At first, she literally came to explain the situation and beg for forgiveness instead of her sister, who ran away, so she didn’t spend money except for essential living expenses.
After a week, her favorite author’s new mystery novel came out, and she bought one at the cost of paying it back.

No matter how much she was in the guest’s shoes, Ezet was too thrifty for Edmond to see.

Ezet’s personality, who wasn’t interested in other entertainments as long as she had her favorite books, combined with the economic situation of Viscount Herit’s, created a lifestyle without desire.

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So when she and Edmond arrived at Madame LaPromet’s Beauty Salon, the most popular dress shop among the Empires ladies, across Warp Hall, Ezet spoke out at the blindingly brilliant dress.

“Oh, my…”

“We’re the only guests who have reservations, so you’ll be comfortable looking around.
Come on in.”

Herit’s situation was not enough, and even if there were caregivers, she couldn’t stay away from her grandmother for a long time.
She had never been in a clothing store because of her reclusive personality.

However, even in the eyes of Ezet, who doesn’t know much about the dressing room, LaPromet’s beauty salon was extensive.

If it had been before, it would not have been possible to enter such beauty salons.
In fact, when she was in Viscount Herit’s house, an employee would have politely refused entry at the entrance if she had tried to come in.

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