Edmond fastened the belt under Ezet’s waist and secured it with a four-stranded string hanging from the stocking.
Her face was already flushed with shame when he finished wearing the garter belt.

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She felt a moist liquid forming between her legs.
Just as the black cloth covering her eyes is wet.


“Oh, please… Underwear, panties….”

Even if she tried to see him as a husband since she claimed to be a substitute, Edmond was still a man who had once seen Ezet’s body.

The experience of being dressed with her eyes covered was far beyond her common sense, not shock, but almost a disaster because her clothes were torn and she was tied, hit by a strange man.

Edmond, who noticed that Ezet really hated it, dressed her in neat and plain movements, unlike when she wore stockings.

It was true that he wanted to see her in trouble, but he didn’t want to be hated.
Ezet was mild and tender-hearted, so she seemed not to hate her opponent easily, but the more she is, the more she will never forgive her opponent who crossed the last line.

Edmond stopped outside the line narrowly and hugged her to his feet.

“That’s it, Milady.
Do you want me to untie your blindfold?”

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Ezet nodded in tears.
The wet blindfold fell with tears, and the red-colored Ezet frowned.
It was a face that he severely bullied.

Edmond took Ezet’s hand, rubbed her eyes, and gently pressed her eyes with a cold, wet towel.

Edmond wore dark coffee-colored stockings similar to her hair, cream-colored camisole, and a camisole-like garter belt.

Still in her underwear, she felt uneasy, but at least she wasn’t naked, so Ezet tried to get out of bed.

“Milady, where are you going?”

“To get dressed…”

“I’ll help you because you can’t wear it alone.”

“I’m going to call a maid!”

She was afraid she’d get hit again.
Ezet ran to the costume room, shut the door, and locked it.
Edmond burst into laughter at the reaction and turned on the device.

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“Call a maid to help her dress up.”

—Yes, Master.

The device was equipped with voice recognition, so it was possible to determine whether it was a Duke or a Duchess giving orders.

The device couldn’t know what it meant to get orders from the Duke through the Duchess’ terminal in her bedroom, but the terminal answered neatly without a bother, and Edmond liked it.

They don’t talk to themselves, they don’t talk back, and he has complete control over the way they do things.

That was why all the systems in this Duchy were automated.
Erit did not know his dictatorial side, who was indeed a control freak.

However, Ezet might have noticed a little bit of it last night.

* * *

When Ezet, dressed up under the guidance of a maid, came down to the hall on the first floor, Edmond, dressed up in a suit, stood.

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When he first showed up in the doll room yesterday, she felt it, but really, his appearance was stunning.

The devil appears in the form of an angel and seduces humans; in that sense, the mysterious appearance, which weakens her legs by just looking at him, is perfectly balanced, coupled with his evil character.

Ezet walked with her head slightly down to avoid eye contact with Edmond as much as possible.
Edmond held out his arm to escort, and she laid her hand on it just barely.

Edmond grabbed Ezet’s hand and wrapped it around his other arm, which hardened her shoulders.
Round amber eyes headed for Edmond and quickly toward the floor.
Edmond lightly smiled as he pulled the tail of his mouth and felt the tension in her arms through the clothes.

It felt good that she was nervous in front of him.
If Ezet had heard what was inside his heart, she would have been scared, saying, it’s vile.

“Hey, Edmond.”

“What is it?”

“Aren’t we going to the carriage?”

She came from Viscount Herit’s through a carriage, but there was no horse at the main gate of the mansion.

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“Weren’t we going to buy clothes?”

Is there already a clothing shop inside the castle?

When Edmond saw the Ezet looking around without understanding the situation, he pointed to the dome beyond the rose arch in the garden.

“That’s the Warp Hall.”

“What? Warp…”

“If you use that, you can warp all the way to the city.”

Erit said she definitely couldn’t get out of the duchy.
Then did she not notice the existence of that warp hole? Or is it only Edmond, the Duke, who can operate that warp hole?

‘It’s amazing.
I didn’t see anything like that when I came here.’

Maybe she was too nervous to see through the same garden as Savannah.
Ezet thought so.

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