He would be suspicious if she excuses that she knows now as she is in a position that requires her to hide her identity.
Ezet replied with the most impudent look.
But that couldn’t stop the amber-colored pupils from shaking.

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Edmond smiled nonchalantly, pretending not to notice the tension on her face.

“Aagh, don’t smile.”


“I feel uneasy when you smile.”

All the old saying that smiling brings good luck was a lie.
So why didn’t her grandmother teach her that when smiling, lightning strikes the dry sky, and all thatched leaves in the storm will float?

Especially, if someone had told her that she should be careful of the smiling face of a handsome man, she wouldn’t have experienced the same things like last night.

“You don’t like my face?”

Of course, she liked his face.
Very, very much.

But if she says his face is her cup of tea here, it will be impossible to let Edmond go.

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Ezet turned her back, biting her lips tightly.
It was a direct expression that she didn’t want to see her opponent.

“I can’t help it if you don’t want to see my face.”

Is he going to leave? It was only then that Ezet was relieved.

“I have no choice but to keep my face invisible.”


Edmond, who approached from behind, covered her eyes and whispered low in her ear.

“Wh, what are you doing?”

“Isn’t it impossible to live a married life without facing me? So I have no choice but to cover your eyes, so my face is invisible.”

This time, a tightly woven black cloth, a little thinner than the cravat wrapped around the wrist yesterday, covered her eyes.

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“This, please release this!”

“If I loosen it, you will see my face.
I can’t release it.”

“Isn’t that… huh?”

When the man’s hand stroked her lower abdomen, Ezet strained herself again.
Edmond grabbed Ezet’s ankle, trying to struggle to get out of the way, and started putting something on her toes.

“Stop it! What are you trying to do!”

“You have to be prepared to go out.
I’d like to dress you up.”

Come to think of it, it was the feel of stockings that caught the tip of her toes.
However, unlike his simple voice, the hand that rubs the ankle bone and sweeps the calf from bottom to top was burning so much that Ezet swallowed her breath.

From the time she woke up, Ezet was naked.
Raising her legs and wearing stockings meant that the vag*na was being exposed without covering it.

Ezet was somehow floundering her arms, collecting her thighs.

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“Ha, please call the maid! If you do something like this…….”

“It is my duty to serve Milady, who is ill.
Didn’t you promise to do your duty?”

If you are a Duchess, all meals, bathing, and changing clothes are served by the exclusive servant.
She has never heard of a wife serving her husband and a husband serving her.

Still, Edmond naturally pulled the stockings over her thighs and lifted her other leg.
Lying down with her legs wide open, Ezet shouted in a hurry.

“Unh, don’t look!”

“I don’t know where you’re telling me not to look.
I saw every inch of your body last night.”

Ezet was so embarrassed that she covered her ears with her hands.
But she couldn’t erase what she heard from her memory.

‘Oh, my God.’

No matter how much she is in the role of her sister, this is too much.
Which nobleman in the world would strip his wife in broad daylight and put her stockings on her.
It was incomprehensible from Ezet’s common sense.

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However, having already experienced last night’s work, she realized that nothing would change if she resisted.

“Please put on the panty first, please…”

“Milady, the panties are worn over the garter belt.”


The problem was that Edmond’s expression was invisible because she was blindfolded.
Ezet was afraid of where he was looking and how her naked body would look under this bright sunlight.
It wasn’t even cold, but her body trembled.

“You must be cold.
I’ll keep you warm.”

“I, I don’t need it!”

When Edmond gently stroked her trembling thighs and lower abdomen with his palm, Ezet shouted in a hurry.

Other senses became more sensitive when her sight was blocked, making Edmond’s body temperature and texture on her skin more vivid.
It was a reminder of last night’s shameful memories while also making her body heat up.

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