Convenient Husband Express (1)

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It wasn’t until the middle of the day when the sun rose high that Ezet barely opened her eyes.
She felt heavy like an office worker who stayed up all night for a week to meet the deadline.


“Are you up?”

At Edmond’s voice next to her, Ezet was startled and tried to lift herself up but fell back with a low sound like she was forced to play a tape recording the human groan.

Not only was her body heavy, but also her throat felt as if it were not her own.
Ezet stared at the brazen man sitting next to her with eyes that found a traitor who had stabbed the knife in her back.

There was a devil in her bed.

“Why, why are you here…”

“I skipped breakfast to wait for you to wake up.
It’s very cold-hearted of you to starve your husband in the morning, no matter how much you wished for our couples relationship.”

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Edmond talked with no conscience about the situation last night, when she almost died last night.

Ezet raised her upper body with a shoulder strain to make an appeal and then fell screaming again.
She was naked.

‘What? Why? Why?’

Her mind was spinning fast and reminded her of last night’s situation.
She got bored reading a book and went into the doll’s room to refresh herself, but Edmond, who was mistaken for a doll, suddenly talked to her and she blacked out and woke up again…

“Kyaa! Ahhh……”

Ezet tried not to scream but moaned with the sound.
Edmond’s red marks on her body were like a brand on the meat in a butcher’s shop.

There was no place left; the neck, waist, hips, and legs were not painful.
However, the pain between her legs was sour, and the pain was different from menstrual pain.

Ezet wondered whether she should cover her chest, cover her hips, or kick the heart of a man staring at her naked body, but eventually, she couldn’t choose either side and groaned in a fetus-like position.

“What’s wrong, Milady?”

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“Ah, it hurts.”


Edmund was worried about her in a voice that wasn’t at all regrettable.
She wanted to cover with a blanket, but her arm didn’t move properly because there was no place that wasn’t numb from the shoulder to the fingertips.

Something cold touches Ezet’s back, who is moaning on her stomach.
She shuddered.

“Wh, what!”

“It’s an elixir of the Jaxen family.
It’s effective in calming down muscle pain and rejuvenating people who are dying.”

If it had ended in the previous sentence, she would have thought it was a muscle pain medicine, and after hearing the last sentence, it was almost impossible not to be suspicious.
But her body could not move properly to struggle and rebel, and when Edmond applied medicine to her back, the pain eased curiously, and she sighed slightly.


Edmond, who meticulously applied medicine from the back of the neck to the back, waist, and thighs, massaged her with a hot towel.

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Initially, there was a perception that the maids were telling him to do what he had to do, but Ezet was tired from the previous night’s affair, and Edmond was the sinner who had made her fall out of exhaustion.

“That’s enough.”

Ezet, who had barely come to her senses, pulled the quilt over to cover himself.

No, she tried to cover it.

Edmond grabbed the blanket that Ezet pulled again and threw it under the bed.
Is it a habit for this man to throw everything under the bed?

“Then get ready to go out.”


Ezet doubted her ears at what she had heard.

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“Didn’t I say I’d buy you new underwear and dress yesterday?”

“Well, but… Wasn’t it contractually impossible for me to go outside?”

Did you forget about the contract details?”

When Edmond asked with a question mark around him, Ezet closed her mouth.
She didn’t know the details of the contract Erit and Edmond exchanged.
Even after arriving at the inner castle where the Duchess stayed, the contract could not be found even if Ezet searched the room as if she were inspecting the room.

All Ezet knew was what Erit told her, and she didn’t know about other specific conditions.

It was the first time she heard about the penalty from Edmond yesterday.

“There was a special agreement.
If you’re with me, you can go out.”

You mean there was a clause like that? Ezet looked like a startled rabbit and soon came to her senses and nodded.

“Yes, it was.
I forgot.”

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