Name of Happiness (4)

The elegant purple dress was crumpled badly, and the white stockings were perforated to the point that they couldn’t function properly, but the top was fine.
Ezet lowered her hand, covering her face, and began touching her chest.
Edmund’s feeling of sucking from below, the sensation of touching her breasts, and seeing someone with her eyes closed, felt her whole body hot with maddening shame.

“No, Ed! Ah!”

The sight of her touching her chest, which she had never even masturbated, was very obscene.
It seems like Edmond is rubbing it by imitating him when she touches it, but it doesn’t feel the same because her hands are different in size and strength.
Ezet soon gave up and was keen on smoothing the nipples that stood out over her clothes.

When Edmond rubbed it, she felt dizzy, but a subtle and strange feeling rose like a cloud when she touched it herself.

“I’m sucking so hard that you can’t stand it.”


Pulling back wet panties, Edmond’s finger came into her hole.
The woman’s flesh, which was already wet, swallowed the fingers of a long, hard man lightly.

Edmond did not remove Ezet’s panties and moved his fingers with his fingers tilted to the side, only enough to fit in.
As he circled the clitor*s over her wet underwear, Ezet’s body was in a rut.
Taking advantage of the stopping hand touching her chest, Edmond removed her dainty hand and bit her chest.

“Oh, oh!”

It was obviously bitten over the clothes, hotter and wetter than it grazed bare skin.
Ezet hugged Edmond’s head and raised the volume.
If she thought someone would see this, she would die of shame, but it was so addictive that she didn’t want to stop even if someone was watching.

“Ed, Edmond, the… Please…!”

“Should a Duchess not be ashamed of herself and ask her husband for this?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I did…”

“If you admit it’s wrong, lower your own panties.
It’s so wet that if I take it off, it’s going to tear.”

It’s already tilted to one side and halfway down, but Ezet shuddered her hand down and rolled up her skirt.
When she felt the dampness from her slit to her thighs, she felt like her ears were on fire.

“Come on.
Is that a reflective attitude?”


Ezet lowered her panties with trembling hands.
She was holding her legs up to the ceiling, and naturally, her undressed panties got caught between her thighs and knees.
Edmond dissuaded him from trying to pull his foot out by lowering one leg.

“You’ve come of age, and You’re going to have a wedding soon.
What should I do since you still don’t know how to take off your underwear?”

“Oh, no, I’m going to take it off now…”

“Yes? Please tell me what to do.”

Slap! Ezet trembled as his big hand hit her exposed butt.
He hit her butt as if he were punishing the bad child, and the sound of water, not friction, began to be heard in the middle.
Following her hips and thighs, his broad palms pressed down tightly, and when he stretched his hand out, the sorrow seeped out as if a water balloon burst.

“Oh, oh……”

“You’re supposed to play on the water, so how can you pour water on the boat like this?”

“Oh, uh… ”

“It’s a complete flood.
I have no choice but to suck it before the boat sinks.”


This time, the raw tongue and lips, which had not undergone underwear, touched Ezet’s vagin*.
The tongue penetrated through the slit, deftly moving as if it were licking away the vagin* that vomited the sinus.
Ezet shivered, holding onto a rolled-up skirt.
She couldn’t tell if she was closing or opening her eyes because of the white light in her head.
She doesn’t know if anyone’s watching or if it’s on a boat or a bed.
Only the touch of the hot tongue that greedily licked her entrance, which poured out the liquid, was clear.

“Oh, oh, oh.

With the chills of a big hand squeezing all over the body, a lightning sensation burst out.
Ezet curled up, her chest wide open and her head back.

She felt dizzy even when she was lying down.

“Ed, Mond…”

“You can open your eyes now, Ezet.”

Was she still closing your eyes? Ezet raised his weak eyelids and made eye contact with her husband, who looked at her as if he were eating her in the dark.

She was afraid that the red eyes would swallow her, but strangely she didn’t feel like avoiding them.

‘It’s my husband.’

That was the only thought that came to Ezet’s mind as soon as his eyes met.

‘He’s really my husband now.
Edmond is my husband… my man.’

The cruel conqueror who humiliated her, wielded her wildly, and drove her to the corner several times to burst into tears, now becomes her legally perfect husband.

This beautiful, violent beast belongs to itself.
The thought filled her heart, and tears flowed out.

“Ugh, Edmond…”

“Don’t cry, Ezet.”

“Edmond, Edmond…”

Ezet wept and stretched her arms out, and Edmond came to her arms this time.
Her husband’s shoulders were still broad and solid, holding on one arm not to weigh down on her.

“Edmond, I love you.”


At the moment, his arm relaxed, putting pressure on Ezet’s body.
When she shouted softly, Edmond quickly rose back to his feet.

“Ezet, what you just said, could you repeat that?”


“Please, one more time.”

“…I love you, Edmond.”

Perhaps it was because of the tears that clouded her vision; it looked like Edmund was crying.
As she reached out and tried to touch his face, Edmond held Ezet’s hand tightly and brought her closer to his face.

“Ezet, tell me one more time.”

“I love you…”

Edmond kissed Ezet as if he were moved.
Has she never said she loves him? Now she thought so vaguely under Edmond’s kiss.

Having been so loved by her husband and never said that she loved him, she felt a little sorry.

“Edmond, I’ll tell you more often from now on.”


The choking voice somehow tickled Ezet’s heart.

“I love you, Edmond.”

“I love you, Ezet.”

Is it true that words have power? They overlapped countless times, and she felt like she was in love for the first time at this moment.
Ezet embraced Edmond and pushed her tongue into his lips.

Now she’s her husband.
Her man.
He belonged to her.
Now she has the right to kiss this man first, undress him, and touch him.

Her husband.

She didn’t know her heart would be so full when the words, which are only three letters, became a reality.

“There was no such thing in the book.”

“I’ll let you know.
As much as you let me know.”

As much as she saved her Edmund, who was her helpless wanderer life, with her words, now it’s his turn to save her.

“Every story you tell, it’s going to be a reality.
I’ll make it happen.”

Hot eyes devoured her as if she were on fire.
No, it may not actually be swallowed up.

But as soon as he and his lips met eye to eye, Ezet felt wholly united with him.

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