Name of Happiness (3)

She thought he would embrace her in earnest, but unexpectedly Edmond grabbed Ezet’s wrist and lowered it onto the bed.


Does that mean she shouldn’t hug him? As she looked up in wonder, Edmond looked down at Ezet with his upper body up.

“Do you remember, Ezet? You were also wearing a purple dress back then.”


“You didn’t have a necklace at the time, but… you don’t have a hat right now, so let’s say you replaced it.”

“What… oh, my God!”

Edmond squeezed her chest, and Ezet shuddered.
Reflectively trying to grab Edmond’s arm, he pressed Ezet’s wrist down on the bed again.

“Hold the seat, spread your legs.
Just like then.”

“Eh, Edmond…”

“Oh, doesn’t it look like a carriage because it’s not shaking?”

Edmond smiled and weighed one knee, and the bed squeaked.
This time, when she put weight on the other knee, Ezet’s body shook with the sound of a tea squeak.

“Well, it’s definitely different from the vibration of the wagon.
Let’s say it’s a boat.
A ferry would be enough.”

“Edmond, what are you doing?”

“Close your eyes, Ezet, and recall those memories.”

He bought diamonds at the Aldebaran jewelry auction and rode a tour wagon while the jewelry was processing.
The black four-wheeled carriage traveled all over the city of Aldebaran for two hours, and Ezet saw nothing but the sky the whole time.

She couldn’t get herself together because she was doing something dirty with Edmond in the carriage.

“Edmond, wait… ”

“This time, we’re not in a wagon.
We’re on a boat.
Other visitors in the lake are watching you and me.”

“No! No!”

Just because Edmond had set things in moderation, the scene unfolded in Ezet’s head.
White clouds in a blue sky, a shallow rocking ferry, the smell of water from a calm lake, and the sound of leaves blowing in the wind.

And people who sit around the lake and have picnics or talk by boat.
The weakness was being imaginative.
Ezet, who read many books, could imagine the scenery that the sentence painted in detail even after reading a sentence.

Maybe that’s why.
Just listening to Edmond’s explanation with closed eyes made her feel like she was doing something shameful with her husband.

“Ed, Edmond, no.

“You like it, don’t you? What others can see.”

“Oh, no… Huh!”

Edmond rubbed the cutting edge with his thumb, and the nipples stood stiff enough to be seen above his clothes.
Edmond slowly stroked Ezet’s armpits to her pelvis, mimicking the ship’s vibration, moving slowly to the center of gravity.

“You have to spread your legs more so I can get in.
Open it very wide.
So that everyone can see it.”

“Oh, no, no.
If they see it… ”

“They’re already stopping and looking at us.
Since there are visitors, shouldn’t we provide good attractions?”

He doesn’t want to show his wife’s lewd image to anyone, but Ezet was most easily excited when someone might catch her.

Edmond, who intended to torment her very slowly tonight, grabbed Ezet’s trembling ankle and lifted it to recite more details.

“You wore white stockings back then, and it’s the same today.”

“Edmond, come on, wait a minute… I can see it like this…….”

“I’ll tell you to look.
How your legs move.”

In saying so, Edmond bit Ezet’s white stockings lightly.
Ezet twisted her body at the sound of tuk, tuk, and pantyhose ripping.

“Now, wait… ”

“Ezet, close your eyes.”

It’s a skit using her rich imagination.
Wouldn’t it be less realistic to realize that when she’s lying in bed with her eyes open? Edmond grabbed the sheet and shook Ezet’s hand, and led her to her face.

Ezet covered her face with both hands to cover her red face so that she couldn’t see.

“You did a good job.
No one will recognize your face now.”

“Shi, I don’t want to.
But still… ah!”

Through the rolled-up skirt, the man’s knees came in.
Ezet didn’t wear a drawer today.
Over the silk panty, she could feel the cloth of the suit pants and the firm knees moving, so Ezet gasped with his face covered.

“Oh, oh! Stop!”

“You’re starting to get wet, and I can’t believe you don’t have manners in front of the audience.
We have to show them to the end, right?”

“Oh, no!”

It’s in the bedroom anyway, and listening to Edmond’s story blindfolded; she felt like she was doing something she shouldn’t have done in the lake outside.
Ezet moved her back to press Edmond’s knee down on her pleasant spot, shaking her hips.

“You told me to stop, but aren’t you working too hard on your own? Do you like it that much when I rub you here?”

“Oh, yeah! Yes…”

“Then shake your back more.
Show everyone that the dress is rolled up, the stockings are torn, and that your underwear is wet to the husband’s knees.”

“Sigh, Hah! No…”

More than losing wet breath from pink lips, the white silk panties began to get wet.
Edmond rebuked her as if she was in trouble because her real panties were wet this time.
Ezet’s waist was even bigger up and down.

“Well-dressed is the basics of a gentleman, but I can’t help it because you’re ruining my pants like this.
I have no choice but to give up being a gentleman.”

She doesn’t think he’s ever been a gentleman in the first place, but it didn’t matter in this situation anyway.
The hand holding the waist went down, dug into the skirt, and lifted with a tight grip on the small hip.

“Since the dignity of the Duchess is soaked in her panties, I have no choice but to suck her up.”

“Ugh, yeah!”

As Edmond sucked her pussy through his panties, Ezet twisted her waist and floundered her legs.
The skin seen through the perforated white stockings was fascinating.
If it wasn’t for the squishy sound of the water below and the squishy sound of sucking, it would look like dancing.

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