Name of Happiness (1)

As soon as he returned to the Northern Palace after the party, Ezet almost collapsed because her legs were weak.
If Edmond hadn’t supported her, she would have been bent forward.

“What the hell are you gonna do?”

“What do you mean?”

“The scale of lies is different! What if I get caught…!”

“I’ve already declared before the nobles, and I’ve even obtained the permission of both His Majesties.
What would anyone say?”

As long as Edmond became the adopted son of the Duke of Jaxen and inherited the title and property, there is nothing he can’t do about it, even if the hidden child of the Duke appears.

No one can now interfere with Edmond and Ezet as long as the Empress has admitted that they will marry and her sister Erit will be returned to the castle.

“Oh, well, maybe your sister will come forward to explain this.
I’ll have to figure it out.”

“No, she’s not going to explain.”

One day, Erit will suddenly hear that she is a ‘great hero’ in her country and rush to the red, saying, ‘Why don’t you set up her statue and compile a great man’s book?’

And she’s going to bring in the street vagabonds, performing plays praising her accomplishments, and touring the country.

‘…should I ask to at least put up a statue of her sister at the port.’

Ezet agonized for a moment.
In Ezet’s hometown of the West Territories, Ezet’s grandmother knew about Ezet’s atrocities.
She was framed for selling her granddaughter to a Duke of Jaxen, but they were all of a minor status, including Viscount Harriet, who was never invited to the imperial family.

Even if the stories of Erit told by the Imperial Family and the great nobles were different from what they saw and heard, they would not dare to correct them.

“I really can’t keep up with you……… I’m still nervous.”

“Didn’t you say you wanted to be a real duchess? There will be more to come.”

It’s worse than that.
What happened today alone made her heart shrink, but no more typhoons.

“Edmond, take it easy.”

“I’m just sticking to my principles.
Milady, you can’t go against the rules.”

“What do you mean, I broke?”

“You didn’t forget, did you? We have two weeks left.”

“What? What?”

It’s the end of the month in two weeks.
Did she make an appointment at the end of the month? Edmond whispered in her ear as Ezet tilted.

“We still have 400,000 Lund left, don’t we?”


The monthly entertainment expenses given to the Duchess of Saxony are 2 million Lund and 1.6 million Lund for the Heavenly Ruby presented to Edmond, so the remaining amount is 400,000 Lund.
It’s a month’s budget, so she must finish it by the end of the month.

‘Edmond threatened to cut all the finance department staff who miscalculated the duchess’ entertainment expenses.’

But that was when she was still posing as an older sister.
Ezet looked at Edmond’s expression.
There is no such viciousness in his smiling face.
Don’t say Edmond will really fire innocent Treasury employees.
Ezet asked with a look of mercy on the devil.

“Edmond, you don’t have to use all of that anymore, do you?”

“No, you have to use it all.”

It was wrong to expect mercy from the devil.
Ezet suddenly felt a faintness in front of him.
Fortunately, she avoided falling backward this time, but she couldn’t stop her legs from shaking because her mind was dizzy.

“Edmond, you know.
I’m not my sister, so I don’t need that much money.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, Edmond will do everything I need anyway.
I mean, in my future, I need to allocate some kind of budget……”

“Okay, I’ll double it for you from next month.”

“I don’t need it.
What did you hear?”

Two times the amount of 2 million Lund is 4 million Lund.
The amount easily exceeds the one-year budget for the queen’s dignity maintenance expenses.
And her husband is telling her to use it up in a month, not a year.

“I can’t do this! I can’t use it!”

There was a degree of thunder in the dry sky, and Edmond’s forehead narrowed when Ezet was serious about the absurd tyranny.
A neat face came to mind with untimely rigor.

“Ezet, you can’t stop being clumsy and get used to it forever.

“But 2 Million Lund is too much.
Double that again; that’s too much!”

“You said you wanted to be a real duchess.”

Ezet’s body, which was shaking its head at the words, stiffened.

“Ezet, you need to get into the habit of spending money.
It’s not 40 billion.
It’s just 4 million, so you can’t do what you have to do as the host of the Jaxen family.”

“What am I supposed to do?”

“Of course, it’s about spending money.”

She didn’t mean to ask.

‘What kind of man is this?’

Looking up with resentful eyes, Edmond just squinted and laughed.
The smile was as cruel as the devil, and it was so beautiful that Ezet was about to suffer cognitive dissonance.

But the end of the chaos is despair.
Ezet appealed to Edmond with a tearful face.

“Edmond, please… can you cut down on my budget? I can’t buy that many things.”

Ezet’s expression, which was begging with an earnest look, was very pitiful and lovely, and it was clear that a sympathetic person would be left behind for a moment.

But who’s the opponent? He’s the world’s most vigorous pervert husband who feels joy, not guilt, whenever he sees his wife’s pathetic expression.

“You can’t beg like that.
Use it all.”

The devilish husband had no hesitation in rejecting his lovely wife’s pleas.

“If you don’t use it, there’s no life for the finance department.”


“No, I was wrong.
They will no longer be able to work in my castle.”

In the end, it’s all over the place.
Ezet was amazed.

“This is a threat! I’m your wife.
How could you do this?”

“It’s the staff who came up with the budget, but blaming them for wrong.”

He shrugged and patted Ezet’s shoulder with a big hand.

“Don’t worry, Ezet.”

Edmond himself made Ezet worry, and now he’s being friendly as if he were comforting her in agony.

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