The Great King, the messenger of God, and the Great Hero.

Four letters of Erit’s name were engraved like that in the hearts of people.

“Your Majesty the Emperor, Your Majesty the Empress.
You said you wanted to give us a present, right?”

As Edmond called, the Emperor and Empress looked at them, blinking as if they had come to their senses.

The Empress, who was in love with the Duke of Jaxen and the Duchess, thought there would be a secret between the two, but who didn’t expect it to be someone else, forgot to manage her facial expression and poked her mouth.

“Yes, yes, I promised.”

“Under Imperial law, we need the consent of both His Majesties to correct the names on the family register of the nobility.
May I change my wife’s name to Ezet Jaxen and return the castle Harriet to Erit, the great hero who sacrificed for her sister?”

A great hero.
Edmond, who treated her sister as a taboo, dumbfounded Ezet, who had never thought he’d put these words in his mouth.

‘Would she have been happy to hear this, or would she have made a fuss about it?’

Erit hated Edmond terribly, but he loved to play amid these typhoons.

If Erit had been here, he would have urged her sister to guarantee her freedom until the end without leaving her name in history, saying, ‘Don’t you know the heart of the sister who sacrificed for her sister in tears?’

And he drew tears and applause from everyone.

‘My sister and Edmond seem alike, but I don’t know why they hate each other so much.’

She doesn’t even know why it’s her who shows the best chemistry with Edmond.

“All right, Duke of Jaxen.”

The Empress nodded.

“When you said the Duke of Jaxen didn’t get married, I thought you had deceived me, the Imperial family, and even the entire aristocracy of the Empire.”

“Your Majesty…”

“Because, no matter how beautiful and fateful a love is, it is no longer beautiful if it is used as a basis for deceiving others.”

The Empress folded the fan and handed it to the Emperor next to her.

The Emperor held the Empress’s fan in one hand and the Empress’s hand in the other.
The Emperor, with a warm impression, at that moment, showed a very dignified smile.
As if he was proud of what the Empress had to say.

“But as Empress of the Empire, I cannot condone the deletion of the existence of a great woman who has tried to disappear without leaving a name for her love.”

The person who accomplished the feat should be left in history.
If such a figure disappears, can the history of this country be maintained correctly?

“I allow Miss Erit, who sacrifices herself for her sister and decides to wander her life to the end to give her a chance to live a new life, to regain the castle of Viscount Harriet.”

“Oh, Your Majesty!”

Edmond called the Empress with emotion.
Of course, the expression was not impressed at all, but the expression was not very important in this situation anyway.

“And I will not take the sacrifice for her family for granted, and I will forgive you for telling the truth and asking for forgiveness.”

“Your Majesty, thank you.”

“I said that the noble’s apology should go to proper reward, not words, but I learned from the Duchess of Jaxen.”

The Empress walked forward with a deep smile.
When the people stepped aside, the Empress came right in front of Edmond and Ezet.

“Ezet… Duchess of Saxony.”

“You, Your Majesty.”

“I don’t regret trying to test your love.
But now I’m relieved.”

No matter how burning love is, what if it’s just a passing love? The Empress still had such worries.

However, the love of the two people was made under the great sacrifice of a woman, and they did not take it for granted but took courage to reveal the truth.

The number is zeroed by the mirror of truth.
Edmond and Erit are never meant to be married.
Doesn’t that mean Edmond has no choice but to form with Ezet?

“The Duchess of Jaxen.
Did you say you were happy to receive a thank you message?”

“Yes, yes?”

“Thank you.
On behalf of the Imperial Family, I would like to thank you for giving me the name of the person who achieved the feat of history.”

“Your Majesty…”

“And as Empress who rules the empire, I reflect on the fact that I did not notice that my precious people were sacrificing.”

Thanks to her, she learned a lot; the Empress laughed, mimicking Ezet’s words.

Ezet was embarrassed, not knowing what to say, but the Empress, whose embarrassed face seemed tearful and delighted, hugged Ezet encouragingly.

“When are you going to have your wedding?”

“We’re going back to the Duchy, and we’re going to have it as soon as it’s settled.”

Edmond replied instead.

“It’s a new start for the two of us, and of course, we have to find a way out.
Wait, I’ll tell my palace wizard to set a date for the happiest couple.”

“Thank you, Empress.”

“That’s great.”


“I feel like I’m being thanked.”

No matter how materialistic it is to express it, it is not so cold-blooded that one cannot feel the warmth of gratitude.

As the Empress smiled, the nobles next to her began to bless them, clapping one by one.
Prince Philip, staring with his mouth wide open next to him, shook his fists tightly.

“Hey, you’re the best!”

He screamed.

Although the Crown Prince’s celebration of his coronation, the banquet, which eventually became a wedding presentation for Ezet and Edmond, ended warmly.

With Ezet’s remorse leaving her conscience.

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