Even though her lips bumped and their teeth clashed for a little rough sucking, the man didn’t care about it, shoving his tongue into her mouth and coveting her.

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Even though he took both the top and bottom, the woman hung like a sweet taste of fruit and sucked his tongue.

Not realizing that the silk cloth restraining her wrist had disappeared long before, Ezet clung to Edmond and cried.

[Once you have sex, you can’t go back to those days when you don’t know it.]

The words from the romance novel that she once read came to mind.
It was exactly like that.
Ezet knew the situation was ridiculous, but she had no choice but to admit it.
It was no one but herself who has grasped Edmond’s waist with both legs.

She doesn’t know if this is a pleasant act or not.
But it was clear that it could not be stopped.
At the movement of his penis inside her, she leaned her head over her back and moaned loudly.

Ah! Man is also a beast.
She is pulling him greedily, hoping for greater pleasure, let alone avoiding such a passionate act.

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The hot flames boiled up when they met the swirling spring and soared upward.
What’s at the end of it.
Even though she tasted the feeling of floating in the sky, she could not catch the sun shining in front of her and was eaten by the dark darkness.

* * *

Edmond, who swept down the back of the woman’s head in a faint, covered her back with warmth.
Her body, which had been in a mess with saliva, fluids, and sweat, had already been washed clean.

Edmond glanced at a bowl of water and a towel on the bedside table and smiled.

‘I did something that didn’t suit me.’

It was him who washed and wiped her body meticulously after she fell asleep at the peak.
The maid waiting for the bath could have cleaned her, but Edmond took the device and turned it off.
This is because he did not want them to see her, who had his traces on her body.

It wasn’t because he was ashamed to expose the traces of their naked affairs, nor because he didn’t care about being misunderstood as the owner of a strange taste who tore off her clothes, hit her butt, and had beastly sex.

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He just hated it that someone would see her naked.



Ezet, who was completely in a state of slumber, could not get up even if Edmond called her and just tossed and turned slightly.

Having gone through so much in the first experience, it is not too much to not wake up.
Edmond thought he had done too much to her, a virgin, but he didn’t reflect upon it.

He was such a self-righteous, arrogant, and cruel ruler to reflect on such sound, conscientious, and gentlemanly things.

As of today, a beast has been added to the modifier/list.

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Edmond, who combed her soft brown hair with his fingertips, laid her down and lay beside her.
The red eyes, which laid sideways, and looked down on the Ezet, were mild, like a satiated predator.



“What’s your name?”

Edmond asked, stroking her swollen lips.
Ezet still couldn’t wake up and answered her name with a tongue-twitching pronunciation.


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The unfamiliar but somehow familiar name was wrapped around the tip of his tongue.

Zet, Ezet.
A woman who resembles the wife he married three years ago but has an entirely different personality and charm.

Edmond’s red eyes fell on her, and he nicely curled her long brown hair on the tip of his finger.


He called her name again in a low voice.
This time, she didn’t even move as if she was completely asleep.

“You should have checked the terms of the contract, Ezet.”

Without knowing what Edmond had found out, Ezet was just sleeping with an innocent face.
Looking down at the innocent figure, Edmond kissed her brown hair.

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