an adult.
Then what would be her future?

“I made a pact with Ezet’s sister.
If I die before my wife becomes an adult, she wants me to leave the name of her sister and let her be free, and I don’t want to stand in her way yet, and she wants to sacrifice herself for her.”

At this moment, Erit Harriet, a troublemaker who turned the whole neighborhood into a mess and burned the city to the ground, became a noble sister who devoted her life to her sister.

“But Ezet loved me, and her true love brought me back to being a human being.”

“Well, newlywed means…”

“That’s right.
For three years after the vows, we haven’t had any sexual relationships.”

Of course, Edmond and Ezet were strangers three years ago, so they couldn’t even have sex.

So he’s not lying, but the problem is that the circumstances in which they have kept their virginity for three years have created a great delusion for people.

“Three years, Duke of Saxony until his wife is an adult…”

“And your wife waited for her husband to heal.”

“Oh, my God.
How… A young lady who couldn’t even make it to her coming-of-age ceremony, she was so devoted to… ”

“If it weren’t for the sacrifice of her sister, there wouldn’t be the current couple.
As expected, fateful love cannot just come true.”

Each began to nod as if convinced.
While loving each other so much, one side has waited until his wife to be an adult, and the other side has waited until her husband to be free from the curse and become a human, so how much of each other’s love must have been worn out.

As soon as Ezet became an adult and Edmond acquired a human body, the two would have been united in love.
Since they have become a couple who share love after a long ordeal, it is natural that they cannot be apart for a moment like that.

No matter how much they love each other, their eyes will probably turn to other places rather than marital relationships after three years.
Still, the Duke and Duchess of Jaxen indeed look at each other enthusiastically like newly married couples.

Edmond and Ezet, of course, have just started having sex, so they were right to be in the middle of a fiery honeymoon.

The problem is that the previous process is perfect fabrication and incitement.


When Ezet, who had a hard time controlling her facial expression due to remorse, poked Edmond in the ribs, he hugged Ezet so that no one could see her face.

“You suffered, too, didn’t you? Ezet, I haven’t told you… ”

“Oh, no.”

“I know, even after the curse and the bond between you and me, your sister wanted to give her younger sister a choice, who had just become an adult.”

If Ezet divorces Edmond and wants to marry someone else, keep Ezet’s name clean until you make up your mind.

“And she went abroad wishing her brother happiness.
With his name here.”

“Then the Duke of Jaxen.
The wedding is…”

“Yes, we are already a loving couple, so there is no reason for her sister to sacrifice anymore.
I would like to return her name to the woman who is determined to devote her life to her beloved sister.”

A great sister who sacrificed herself for her sister.

Although it is a small Viscount on the west side, the criminal showed a heroic aspect that she would not dare to approach, but he wanted to disappear into history without leaving a name.

No matter how much one praises a hero who leaves a name in history, one thinks of a wanderer who goes without saying his name even after accomplishing a feat.

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