The Great King, the messenger of God, and the Great Hero.

She’s used to stepping back rather than stepping up, listening more than speaking, and watching more than acting.
It was not that difficult for Ezet, who was already interested in reading a story made by someone, to be considerate of the situation by looking at the other person’s eyes.
It was all the more so because she wanted her opponent to respect Ezet.

“But I think it’s strange to help people who are far away, who can’t meet, and not to be considerate of people who are close to you.”

“The Duchess of Jaxen.
But the maid is a commoner who doesn’t even have culture.
This is the seat of the nobles.”

“So I ask for your understanding.”

People who were silent, introverted, had no exceptional talent, and were weak in strength were often looked down on by any group.
Ezet didn’t want to be treated like that, so she was polite to the underdog.
She didn’t laugh at them.

She understood that what she didn’t have, what she didn’t learn, what was weak and incompetent were not the object of ridicule at all.

“I’m not used to manners yet, so I broke the mood, and I talked to her.
I’m sure the noble people here will be generous.”

If you are genuinely decent and cultured nobles, don’t make a fuss about what she said to the maid.

In addition, she is a commoner and a nobleman, and she will respect and be considerate, so don’t point it out to her or look down on her.
Because it doesn’t look like it, it also means that.

“Since you haven’t said anything, everyone seems to forgive us for breaking the ice.
People with dignity are different.
Thanks to you, I learned a lot.”

In aristocratic conversations, the most effective way to shut up an opponent’s mouth is not to speak ill of them.
This is a compliment that raises the opponent higher than before.

Ezet’s wedge left other nobles speechless about the incident.

The moment she put the attitude of the Duchess of Jaxen on her lips, they become a pathetic person who is neither decent nor respected.

“You should go back to your seat.”

“Yes, yes!”

The maid bowed to Ezet with a red face and quickly stepped out of the aristocracy and stood on the wall.
The other maids next to her exchange glances and are seen holding hands or tapping each other’s shoulders.

That’s great.
Good job.
That’s a relief.
She heard her say that.

“Wow… ”

Crown Prince Philip’s expression looking at Ezet like that was like seeing a messenger of God who appeared with light in the world of demons and calmed the chaotic earth at once.

“As expected, not everyone stands next to the Great King.”


“What? Then it’s not a heroic epic.”

It is not a brave hero who saves the princess captured by the devil, but a messenger of God who came down from heaven overpowered the king who makes the world confused, making the world peaceful.

Then isn’t this a myth? There is no place for humans to intervene.
This means that there is no main character to be involved.

“I’ve seen it well, but I can’t use it…”

Philip scratched his head a little embarrassingly and smiled at Ezet.
She doesn’t know what Philip is saying, but Ezet laughed, relieved that it didn’t turn out bad this time.

“Sorry for breaking the mood, Edmond.”

“Well done, Ezet.”

Edmond hugged Ezet’s shoulder and declared a bombshell at the aristocrats, who still looked at him with a puzzled face.

“The noblemen here have given my wife and me valuable lessons, and we cannot move on without paying them back.
I’d like to invite everyone here to my wife’s wedding.”


The mouths of the nobles opened wide.

Wedding? Wedding? Wasn’t the Duke and Duchess of Saxony already married three years ago? But now they’re getting married?

Edmond gave them a deep smile and kissed Ezet on the cheek, though he suddenly threw a bomb out of resentment.

“My wife and I haven’t married yet.
Because three years ago, we weren’t in a condition to get married.”

For a noble to inherit his title and estate in the Empire, he must marry.
Edmond inherited both status and property three years ago when he became the adopted son of the Duke of Jaxen and married Erit.

But if he didn’t marry three years ago, shouldn’t the status and property of the Duke of Jaxen who died without succession be seized by the state?

The eyes of the nobles grew sharp.
Ezet gulped and swallowed dry saliva at the eerie look that was not even comparable to the unexpected situation of talking to the maid.

‘Edmond, what are you doing?’

‘It’s okay.
I’ll show you.
What kind of man I am.’

No matter how easy it is to persuade many people, Edmond is the one who always makes excuses easily.
Ezet was dizzy in front of him.

“My beloved wife, who stood by me, is her sister, two years younger than Erit, Ezet Harriet.”

“What? Girl, sister?”

“Yes, she was still a minor when she married me three years ago.
So her sister, Erit Harriet, signed a marriage pledge as a guardian and agent.”

Edmond lied without drooling on his lips, then pulled the terminal out of his arms and manipulated the button.
A red light glistened at the top of the device, and a document floated in an empty space on the wall.
Three years ago, it was the full text of the Saxony duke’s pledge to recruit brides.

From the moment the Duke of Jaxen and his wife are married, they can never divorce.

The Duchess of Jaxen cannot stop by her parents unless there is a particular reason for the death of her relative.

The Duchess of Jaxen is not allowed to go out of the Duchy unless her husband’s permission is granted.

The Duke of Jaxen promises not to commit any physical, verbal, or mental violence to the wife.

The Duke of Jaxen promises to provide material support so that his wife does not fall short of what she wants to do.

The Duke of Jaxen promises not to interfere with how his wife uses her time.

I accept the pledge above.

Agent Edmond Jaxen,

Erit Harriet

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