The Great King, the messenger of God, and the Great Hero.

“Raise your head.”

Ezet’s words shivered the maid’s shoulders.
Eye contact is not polite, but it is even worse not to obey orders.
As she lifted her head, she could see the face of the Duchess of Jaxen looking at her.

She looked gentle.

“Your Highness, Crown Prince.
Don’t make the maid feel uncomfortable.
Anyway, she’s following you, so how difficult would it be to bring her to a place where everyone is?”

“But she seemed to have something to say.
I was wondering what she meant.
What were you trying to say? Tell me.
I’m curious.”

“Your Highness…”

The maid’s face turned red, and she grabbed her apron as if she was at a loss for her health.

The maid, who could not resist the Crown Prince’s request, bowed to Ezet several times after mumbling her lips.

“Thank you, Duchess of Jaxen, for your help that day.
And I’m sorry I ruined your dress……..”

Ezet sighed lightly.
Countess Devon tripped and spilled wine on Ezet’s dress.
Ezet sent a maid who hurt her hand from broken glass to the infirmary, and the skirt with wine was cleaned with a magical tool.
And then she forgot.

But for the maid who was helped, she could not thank Ezet for caring for her, nor could she be sorry for ruining her dress.

Since it was a place where the aristocrats talked, she could not meddle in it, but she could say this because Prince Philip noticed it.

She wanted to say thank you and apologize.

Ezet’s mouth has loosened.
She felt better.
According to the aristocracy’s etiquette, the Empress said that an apology should be made of material, not words, but Ezet also liked to hear greetings with words.

Although the Crown Prince forced her to take the position, how courageous would the maid have been to give this greeting?

If he had changed his position, Ezet would have been so embarrassed that he would have sat down and cried without saying a word.

Given that, it is not just anyone who works at the palace.
The maid in front of me seemed a great person.
When faced with a person more courageous than themselves, man gained hope with yearning.

So Ezet decided to be brave, too.

“The dress is restored, so it’s okay.
I hope you heal your wounds well, too.”

“Yes, yes…”

“And thank you for coming to say hello on purpose.”


Ezet grinned.

“It’s been a week since I came to the palace, and it’s my first time talking to a maid.
I’m so happy to hear that; I’m grateful for what I heard for the first time.”

“Oh, oh, ……”

Unlike the helpless maid, the aristocrats turned blue at once.

The Duchess of Jaxen thanked the maid for not being able to talk to her and was glad to talk to her.

To say that the maid is not good enough to speak to the Duchess of Jaxen, thank her, and say that she is happy to talk to her.

It was beyond their common sense.

Even if the Crown Prince takes a maid and passes it over as a child’s unexpected behavior, the Duchess of Jaxen’s behavior is excessive.

The eyes of the aristocrats, who were determined to stand by her side, shook uneasily.

‘Well, come to think of it, Countess Devon and Marchioness Barth are absent.’

The Empress smiled intensely at the tea party the day before, saying that she should give the two ladies a ‘special gift’ in critical condition.
It was a little strange not even to attend the last day of the banquet, although she was not particularly curious about what gifts they received from the Empress.

“I didn’t see Marchioness Barth, but Countess Devon seemed to be able to get up…”

Maybe after that day, she had no face to see Ezet, or perhaps she didn’t want to come to the leading role.

Of course, it was quite rude not to attend the Imperial banquet for that reason, but the two ladies can make excuses saying, ‘I haven’t recovered yet.’

She doesn’t know the exact reason for the absence, but anyway, there were no two ladies to be the mainstay, so the rest of the crew who followed Countess Devon had to stay still and do nothing.

“Marchioness Barth told me that it is against the rules of the nobility to speak to the maid, and I find it very awkward.”

“Duchess of Jaxen…”

“Pressuring the other person to follow reluctantly is a way for those who are not respected to do so.”

Ezet looked around the aristocrats around her.
She could see the Empress across from her.
She looked a little surprised, but she didn’t seem to be offended.

The Empress was surprised not because she saw the nobleman talking to the maid but because Ezet, weak, didn’t know how to insist in front of others.

“I know that the noble and wonderful people here make huge donations and run volunteer facilities for children in the slums every year.
I respect them very much.”

Ezet doesn’t have the money.
No, there wasn’t.

Harriet’s condition was too poor to donate, run a volunteer organization, or do something like that.
So the best service Ezet could do was to be considerate and respectful of the other person.

“Ezet, a man’s character is revealed in the way they treat a man who is lower and less powerful than he is.”

Ezet’s grandmother, Marianne, always said so.

“It’s not hard to please people who are stronger than you, people who are higher in status, people who have a lot of wealth or power, flatter and smile.
But it’s complicated for people who are weaker than you, who are lower in status, and who have no wealth or power.”

“What kind of people are weaker than me?”

“The servants of the mansion, the waitresses of the restaurant, the children who sell flowers on the street or begging, the elderly in the slums.
If you press them with wealth and power, they will easily get hurt.”


“A person who is really decent is polite and respectful in front of such weak people.”

Rough, wrinkled hands, but the touch of petting the head of her beloved granddaughter was as caring as ever.

“So Ezet, if you want to be a good person, you shouldn’t treat the weak recklessly.
Keep that in mind.”

“Yes, Grandma.”

Her status was aristocratic, but Ezet’s family was so small that it was hard to save the face of the aristocracy.
However, they were not so poor that they could not eat three meals or burn firewood in winter.

So Ezet could sympathize with the weak but not lose her composure to care for others.
If she were poor enough to live on, there would be no room for courtesy or respect.

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