The Great King, the messenger of God, and the Great Hero.

It is the last day of the Crown Prince’s celebration of his enthronement.
Philip, the Crown Prince, was drooping in his chair with a face that he would live after today’s boring banquet.

It’s exhausting in crowded places.
Philip could have easily done it without sleeping for three days and nights if he was the main character and told his story to others.
Still, he hated the conversation of uninterested topics among many people.

He’s glad to hear that.
No one’s talking to him anymore.

The young Crown Prince sat still and sipped juice as the nobles, who knew it was their last chance to face the Duchess of Jaxen, flocked to the couple.

‘Daniel is with his grandmother.
I can’t play with him.’

The young Prince, the flower of the party, gathered by Marchioness Spencer, and his daughters and other family gathered by the Emperor and Empress, so Philip had no time to intervene.
It looks friendly, but it’s useless if he can’t get in the way.
He’d rather have fun watching a fire across the river.
Philip wanted to stop and go back to the room.

‘Isn’t there something interesting going on?’

When he put the glass of grape juice on the table, the maid approached him and filled the glass.
Instead of raising the glass again, Philip put his chin on the table and sighed.
The Empress could not point out Philip’s attitude because she was talking to the daughters of Marchioness Spencer.

Swirling his legs under the chair, Prince Philip looked at the great king of the stage with his head above others.

The Duke of Jaxen had neat, pomade hair and a neat black lotus suit.
He snooped around for a gold cloak like last time, but he couldn’t see it in his pocket.

Next to him, the Duchess of Jaxen wore a dark purple dress with her hair turned gracefully.
Like a big diamond necklace hanging around her neck broke a new record at an auction.
Philip watched the Duke of Jaxen and the Duke of Jaxen.

Judging from the appearance of the two, she looks like a pitiful princess possessed by the ruthless great demon king.
Still, they seem to have a strangely good relationship if a princess taken away by a legendary evil dragon falls in love with him and makes a living.

If so, the warrior who ran to her rescue should return in despondency as a dog chasing a chicken.


Behind the Duchess of Jaxen, a maid was snooping around.
It was a maid who hurt her hand when Countess Devon tripped her the day before.

Philip could notice that her eyes were still on the Duchess of Jaxen, although she was receding towards the wall so as not to disturb the nobles.

She has nothing to do, so she just looks around and sees everything.

‘But if she can’t talk to her if she looks at her like that anyway.
The Duchess of Jaxen didn’t seem to notice either.’

He would have let it go normally.
There’s no reason for a maid to talk to a nobleman.

However, Prince Philip, who was so bored that he was looking forward to falling a meteorite into the banquet hall, jumped up and ran toward the maid.

“Hey! There, you!”

“Hwa, Your Highness, Crown Prince.”

As the Crown Prince ran over, the maids standing by the wall greeted him nervously.
Philip grabbed the maid’s sleeve, still bandaged in her hand.
Rather than being considerate of the maid’s pain, it was just common sense that he should not hold her injured hand.

“Well, Your Grace, what’s wrong? Do you need anything?”

“Come with me.”

The child only pulls the sleeve slightly, but the Crown Prince asks her to come, and the maid cannot help but follow.
The maid was embarrassed and followed Prince Philip.
The Crown Prince was heading to the center of the aristocrats, the Great Demon King’s castle… No, he was on the way to the Duchess of Jaxen.

Philip was much shorter than others, but the Crown Prince was coming, so the nobles had to step aside.
The nobles stood aside, greeting Philip, and opened their eyes wide when they saw the maid holding his sleeve.

“The Duke of Jaxen!”

“Oh, my lord, the Crown Prince.”

Edmond bowed politely to Philip’s call.
But his eyes were saying, ‘What have you come to disturb me with again, little boy?’

“Let me borrow your wife for a second.”


“Your Highness, Crown Prince.
Do you have anything to say to me?”

Ezet tilted her head, slightly bent over to level with Philip.
Edmond, who was inconsiderate, only raised his head, but Ezet, like Daniel, is as good as he is when dealing with a child.
Perhaps it’s nothing, but Philip has never seen anyone look at him from the same eye level as Daniel.
So he liked Ezet.

If she wasn’t his wife, he wanted her to be with Daniel.

“She has something to tell you.”


“Hey, Your Highness!”

Philip pointed at the maid, and she bowed her head, visibly embarrassed.
Ezet recognized at a glance the bandage wrapped around her hand.

“Did you heal your injured hand that day? It looks like you’re not fully recovered from it.”

“Yes, yes, yes…”

The maid answered with a crawling voice, unable to raise her head in ecstasy.

Rumbling, the aristocrats around looked at it as if they were strange.

A banquet in which the nobles chat the Crown Prince stepped in with a maid.
They thought a maid accompanied him because the Crown Prince would be too short to be seen alone, but she has something to say to the Duchess of Jaxen?

It was such a ridiculous situation that the nobles couldn’t even think of anything to say and looked at each other with surprised eyes.

“But do you have anything to say to me?”

“Oh, no, no.
How dare I…?

“I thought you had something to say.
I was sitting there watching, and she kept glancing at the Duchess of Jaxen.”

“Your Highness, Your Grace… I’m sorry… ”

The maid clung almost as if to cry on her stomach.
Knowing that the Crown Prince’s harmless behavior was a bolt from the blue for the maid, Ezet ordered Philip to release the sleeve of the maid he had caught.

“Your Highness, Crown Prince.
If you hold on to the sleeves like that, her clothes will stretch.”

“Huh? Really?”

When Philip let go of his sleeve, the maid hurriedly hid her hand and bent over.
This means that she is sorry for being in the place where the nobles talk.

Basically, nobles and servants don’t mix words.
It was common practice to bow and apologize rather than saying that a servant was wrong when they made a mistake.

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