The Couple’s Dream of a Couple (5)

“Oh, yeah… ”

Her whole body was losing strength, and on the contrary, her heart was beating like crazy.
She didn’t think she’d climax with just her chest.
This was the first time she’s ever done this.
He thought her body was weak in desire, but he didn’t think she would feel the climax this easily.
Ezet stroked her lovely husband’s head, still burying his face between her breasts.


“You climaxed in no time.”

“I’m sorry, I’m going alone…”

“We’re running out of time.
It worked out rather well.”

Edmond raised his upper body a little and lay on his side, hugging her shoulder and pulling her into his arms.

He was hugging without taking off his clothes, and Ezet’s expression looked so comfortable.

Edmond’s mood became light as if he could fly at the sight of his lovely wife rubbing her cheek and smiling.
Something that had been clotted in his heart has been released and feels like flying into the sky.

Yeah, common sense in the world, and what are all the general human psychological theories?

The two of them don’t fit the standard of ‘normal’ like that.

As expected, it was good to take sex inhibitors.
Edmond stroked Ezet’s hair and whispered,

“But you know what, Ezet?”


“The bad thing is, it’s more fun when you’re together than when you’re alone.”

Edmond’s red eyes curved gracefully.


“Are you all right, Daniel?”

“Grandmother, what’s wrong?”

Marchioness Spencer’s eyes on Daniel, who came in after finishing grooming to attend the banquet, were full of concerns.

Marchioness Spencer’s own claim is correct, but Daniel came to prepare for an accident, which the Marchioness looked worried as if Daniel was a patient, not himself.

“You seem to have changed a lot in the last few days than you did when you came back from being abroad for decades.”

“I’m always the same.”

“The Duchess of Jaxen is a wonderful woman.
She looks just like Marianne.
It’s quiet, it’s elegant, and it’s got a platform inside… So I, too, spotted a woman named Ezet, whose face I didn’t even see.”

“I respect your wishes.
When Lady Harriet returns to the Empire, I will definitely meet her.”

With that said, Daniel’s interest was directed at her, not her sister, who was abroad.

Although the eyes sometimes become dim, and the face or expression of a person may not be seen well as age, it was not difficult to read Daniel’s inner thoughts to the experienced Marchioness Spencer.

Daniel seemed oblivious to himself, but he was firmly into the Duchess of Saxony.

Daniel has studied abroad for a long time and experienced various countries and cultures, but he has never been in love.
He made many friends and received many confessions thanks to his unique, beautiful face and friendly personality.
However, he has refused because love follows responsibility, and he is still immature to take responsibility.

Daniel had a crush on someone else’s wife.

Marchioness Spencer’s mind was mixed up.

“It’s a problem if she looks like your sister, or if she doesn’t…”

If a young lady named Ezet, the younger sister of the Duchess of Jaxen, resembles her sister, she will be a substitute for Daniel’s first love.
Regardless of whether it is achieved or not, it is extremely rude to her.

Also, if she doesn’t look alike, it’s a problem.
Daniel won’t be attracted to her.

She’d be glad if they didn’t have feelings for each other, but if the lady liked Daniel.

Marriage with a man who has another woman in his heart can’t be satisfactory.

It’s a regrettable thing for Marianne, a close friend who left first.

“Daniel, a man’s heart does not go his way.”

“I keep that in mind, Grandma.”

“But people change, and memories fade over time.
No matter how hard and difficult things are, if you clench your teeth and endure it, there will definitely be a moment when you can overcome it.
Be strong—you’re the one who can do that.”

Daniel couldn’t understand why Marchioness Spencer was saying this.
However, the young man never blurted or asked his grandmother back.

That is why he judged it as a courtesy to the elderly with experience and the age and to the grandmother who cared for him.

“It’s time.”

“Yes, sir.”

When Marchioness Spencer looked up, Daniel carefully held her hand and escorted her.

The young blonde with her bangs neatly pulled back was as bright as a freshly bloomed flower, and the old lady with her hands on his arms was as hard as the spear of an old woman who stood upright even though it was rusty and weathered.

Daniel felt strange with respect when he saw his grandmother, who was once weak enough to fall down, still straightening her back.

‘Is grandmother a strong person? Or is she trying too hard to look strong?’

Human beings are surprisingly strong.
But they are also not so strong.
Looking back at various countries, Daniel met several people.
He has seen many old people and children as well as friends of his age.

Each of them has a very different personality, but their impressions become blurred and vague when he tries to look back.

Sometimes warm, sometimes gloomy.

But when he thinks of the Duchess of Jaxen, he can see her surprisingly clearly.

A look of surprise at himself, amber eyes were avoiding eye contact.
A trembling voice.
Her cheeks are slightly flushed when she greets him again.
Brown hair fluttering in the wind.
Her ankle is thin enough to hold in one hand, and she stumbles and refuses to rely on him.

Every time he thinks of the back garden, it’s on Daniel’s chest.
A gentle breeze blew in.
The scent of the fresh grass was scattered.
The sun was warm that afternoon, and the floor where he was kneeling on one knee was solid.

He sat on a rock and polished her shoes when he still knew her as someone named ‘Maria.’

While wiping away the black mud from the old pond water with his bare hands, Daniel did not find the damp, squishy dirt on his hands unpleasant.

Instead, he felt sorry for not making her white shoes cleaner.

He didn’t dare to ask because he only met her twice, but if she allowed him, Daniel thought he could lick her shoes clean with his tongue.

“You’re very interested in other’s wives.”

Edmond pointed out that, but Daniel didn’t care.

It’s true that he liked her, but he didn’t know she was the Duchess of Jaxen at the time.

‘My feelings now are different from then.
I’m proud.’

The Duchess of Jaxen is a gentle and loving woman.
She was vulnerable at the same time.
She was cornered, and there was no one around her to help, so she couldn’t get out by herself.

So it is natural for him to save her from danger.
A woman abused by her husband should not be left unattended just because he has nothing to do with her.
A gentleman’s duty is to come forward and save.

He just wants to save her from being abused.

Not because he has a different heart for a married woman.

Daniel, who rationalized himself, raised his head.
The chandelier in the hall was dazzling.

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