The Couple’s Dream of a Couple (4)

When the ladies heard Ezet and Edmond swearing, they were angry.
I can’t control what I’m saying that’s shaking all over my body.

She was angry when she heard the ladies swearing at Ezet and Edmond.
Her whole body trembled, and the words that came out of her body were out of control.

“I made a mistake; when I made the mistake, I got in trouble.
I’d love to, but I don’t want to be scolded by others.”

She doesn’t want to be called names by strangers.
She doesn’t want to be reprimanded and pointed at by strangers.

‘I don’t like that.’

Just because Ezet’s walls were pedantic, it was not okay to be humiliated by anyone.

As rare as people with ideal walls are, their individual tendencies are, in fact, extremely demanding, delicate, and secretive.
Ezet herself, if she had not experienced Edmond several times, would never have known him in her life.

“Only Edmond… Just what Edmond does, that’s.”

A person who loves herself.
The person she loves.
No matter what she does, he doesn’t get disappointed, he doesn’t get far away, and it’s better for someone who worries and cares about her to point out and reprimand her for her faults.

Grandmother scolds her sister because she loves and cares about her.
That’s why Ezet felt envious when she saw her scolding.

“I want to be scolded by someone worried about me because I made a mistake because I did a bad thing.
I don’t want people who scold me to be sad.
I hope you don’t get hurt by me.”

She couldn’t do that in front of her grandmother.
If Ezet gets upset, her grandmother will fall apart.
The grandmother was a strict, benevolent, and self-respecting person, but she lived with the sorrow of losing her child in her heart.

So she couldn’t put her in trouble.

But Edmond.

“Edmond, are you upset if I make a mistake?”

“I’m having fun.”

“Are you having fun?”

“It’s fun to see you make mistakes and be surprised, it’s fun to see you feel sorry while trying to fix them, and it’s fun to punish you for being sorry.”

He says nasty things without a hitch.
But Ezet liked Edmond’s words.
A person who does not get upset and scold her to their heart’s content, even if she makes as many mistakes and problems as she pleases.

A person who truly loves and cares and punishes her, not to criticize or reprimand her.

Ezet needed someone like that.

“Edmond is so weird.”

“You like that kind of guy, don’t you?”

“That’s right.
That’s why I became a strange woman.”

“…do you want to go back to what you used to be?”

Ezet shook his head.

“I used to be common-sensed and ordinary.
It was natural to meet the standards of the world, and it wasn’t strange.
So I thought there was no problem… ”

The deviance of meeting Edmond was very pleasant.
Enough to drive her crazy.

It was so addictive that she couldn’t give up even though she knew she couldn’t.
She didn’t want to give up.

“I don’t want it to be unusual.
I’m scared.
I’m nervous because it feels like my feet are shaking.
But that hateful, frightening feeling… The moment you support it, it comes as an absolute joy.
I love it.”

She wants to do something bad, but she doesn’t want to get bad results from what she’s done.

It’s such an absurdly foolish desire.
If one tells a grown-up, not even a child, that they have these desires, they will most likely be told that they are insane.

So Ezet hasn’t figured out her tendencies for a long time.
She escaped from reality and denied herself.

If Edmond hadn’t reminded her, she’d have to live with the anguish of being crushed without realizing it until the end.

“Thank you, Edmond.”

Who knew that a more brutal and vicious man than this devil would be the only one who could satisfy her desires?

As Ezet opened her arms to Edmond, he hugged Ezet tightly, and their lips overlapped.
Ezet became happy even though he did not mix his tongues but just rubbed against each other.

A brutal mercenary who’s scary enough to cut a dragon and can do anything with money.
A heartless man who doesn’t care about anything and doesn’t trust people.

He must be the most dangerous man in the world, but why does he feel like he’s within the safest fence in the world?

Ezet led Edmond’s hand to her chest.

“Ezet, you need to get ready for the dinner banquet.”

“I know.”

“Are you saying that you’re desperate to do something obscene with your husband even though you know that?”

Ezet closed her eyes with a red face.

“It’s a bad thing to be late for an appointment.”

“That’s right.”

“But what if I want to do something bad?”

The slender fingers were stroking the back of the hand as if they were trying to take it off, and now they are pointing toward the collar as if to take off their clothes.

“You’ll come to your senses when you’re severely scolded.”

“Oh, yeah!”

When he pulled down the half-peeled dress, her coveted chest revealed itself over the hem of the dress as if he had waited.
Edmond rubbed her nipples with his thumb and index finger and began to suck the other side with his lips.

“Uh, okay…”

“I’m being punished, and you don’t reflect.”

“Give me more… more…”

“I think so.”

Covering the sensitive cutting edge with his lips and sucking powerfully, Ezet groaned and grabbed Edmond’s hair.
It looked a little tough on the outside, but it was thick and smooth when she touched it.

“Edmond, huh, you can’t be late…”

I will finish it soon.”

It would be fun to push her to the edge of her crazy pleasures here, but this evening’s banquet is also an important occasion for Edmond.
Wouldn’t it be more exciting to postpone the good time with his wife a little bit?

“Because you have to eat what you like later.”

In saying so, Edmond buried his face in Ezet’s chest and rubbed her n*pples with his thumb’s tip.
Due to her husband’s hot breath, a sense of relief covered by his big hand, and a persistent rubbing of sensitive areas, Ezet trembled with her head tilted back and drooped.

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