The Couple’s Dream of a Couple (3)

“So those are the herbs that milady brought for her to endure the ordeal?”

“Yes, they are originally ingredients that suppress sexual desire, but the priest said that they are more effective because they are blessed.”

Ezet brought back the basket of the table and showed him the vegetables and beans inside, and Edmond stared at it and ate a handful.

“Oh, my God! Edmond.”

“The conservation magic works well.
It’s as fresh as if it’s just picked.”

“Edmond, it’s toxic, and if you eat it raw, you’ll get a stomachache! I was going to boil it and cook it.

“What do you have to do? It’s all the same when it goes into the stomach.”

What fallen dragons and magicians use to threaten humans is poison fog or poisonous spitting.

Beginner mercenaries were comfortably armed with armor, but their skin was rotting, and their bones melted.
Edmond always used Dragon’s blood when dealing with demonic beasts.

Cleansing anything at a stroke, the dragon’s blood that does not listen to any poison.
With those two things, it’s okay to struggle with demonic beasts in the swamps of purple bubbles.

Edmond drank dragon blood like water when the nobles gracefully savored tea, coffee, or wine.
Thanks to this, his body remains resistant to poison even now, when he quit his mercenary job.

It’s like poisonous grass that doesn’t have any effect on his body.

“Well, Edmond… Are you all right?”

“It’s okay.
I’m resistant to poison.”

“Oh, yeah? Still… ”

Not knowing Edmond wouldn’t die even if he drank a poisonous pear, Ezet looked up, worried that he might have an upset stomach.

It was a useless worry about a polar bear catching a cold and worrying about an elephant stepping on a roadside pebble and hurting, but he didn’t hate being worried about by Ezet.

Edmond chewed and swallowed the brown shoots with a happy expression on his face, then gulped the fruit and beans and passed them over his throat.

“It’s working well.”

“What? Really?”

As Edmond nodded, Ezet, who had blinked in surprise, brightened up.
Edmond’s heart tickled again when he saw his lovely wife’s face.

In the past, whenever Ezet spoke to him with a lovely smile, his back became stiff, and blood was rushing between his legs.

The mere sight of his wife sitting defenselessly beside him caused the urge to tear and commit those irascible clothes.

His reason was the limit when he saw her crying and disorganized in his arms.
Edmond has spent most of his mental strength trying desperately to contain his desire not to hurt his poor wife.
Even when having sex, he had to bear it desperately so that his instincts wouldn’t run.

Although Edmond didn’t show signs of weakness to Ezet, he also feels tired as a human being.

It was quite harsh for Edmond to stay in bed for a month and ten days, suppressing his desire not to go away even if he was obsessed with sex.
So she was always in a state of discomfort, but now it’s not that painful to endure.

‘It’s okay.’

Edmond, who could control his needs, was invincible.
Now that he had taken a powerful sex inhibitor, he could maintain his reason without going crazy about his desire even if he hugged her.

His maintenance of reason means that he can only focus on making his wife faint until she dies.

‘Tonight, I’ll be able to take it easy.’

What if they pour out their excitement and repeat, stopping at a near-peak point? He’ll see the face of his wife crying and begging him to let her go.
Then, under the pretext of her permission, he can make her feel the climax continuously until she faints.

He was told that he was wrong, asked for forgiveness, and said he would do anything.

‘This time, let’s hear someone ask me to save him.’

With no idea what Edmond was planning, Ezet was delighted to be able to spend the night comfortably finally.

“What… did you talking about?”

Edmond was very displeased that Daniel had observed Ezet so hard and angry that he had misunderstood Ezet’s relationship with Edmond.
But he can’t reveal the truth.
He didn’t mean to admit it.
Edmond was angry.
He misunderstood that he loved her and that she enjoyed being bound by him.

He was originally a man who did not make excuses or clarifications.

Whether others treat Edmond as an ignorant commoner mercenary or a vicious dictator, he doesn’t even want to explain it without thinking about it.
He said, Think as you please, and he let it go.
But Daniel’s words got on Edmond’s nerves.

“Sensitive people are cautious, to changes around them, and wary of risks.
Strangely, however, the Duchess of Jaxen was quite defenseless.”

It was especially memorable that the blue-green eyes, which she thought were innocent, shone sharply.

“If a sensitive person does not defend themselves, they are exposed to constant stress.
If that condition persists, we move on to the final stage of anxiety: resignation.”

“Resignation? My wife?”

“It seems to me that the Duchess of Jaxen is never in an emotionally healthy situation.
And it’s the Duke of Jaxen, you who made her do that.”

Suppressed, restrained, atrophied, but in fact, dreaming of deviance is not Ezet’s inclination?

What if she’s not enjoying Edmond’s compulsory behavior but getting sick inside? Never thought of such a case, Edmond felt uncomfortable, like a heavy stone on his heart.

“Edmond, I’m not afraid of you.”

She was scared of him at first, but now she’s not scared at all.
There are times when he’s mean, but she doesn’t hate him.

“How do you feel when I get you in trouble this way?”


It was a serious question, not a usual verbal insult.
Ezet was speechless.
She never thought she’d be asked this question all of a sudden.

“Well, of course, it’s… it’s”

“You don’t like it, but you were taking it.”

“No, it’s a little different…”

Ezet turned slightly and faced Edmond.
The dress had been half peeled, but the Ezet did not cover itself.
She was ashamed to show her disheveled appearance in front of him, but it felt good to be caught embarrassed.

“I like it because it’s Edmond, who’s putting me in trouble.”

Ezet always dreamed of breaking away.
When she was young, she made mistakes and imagined being scolded by someone just like he did.

But she was scared when someone got mad at her.
Her heart ached when they pointed out her mistake.

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