The Couple’s Dream of a Couple (2)

Returning to the northern outer castle, Ezet found Edmond.
Edmond heard her voice and opened the door.
Now she wondered a little about the fact that he had always been around Ezet’s side, but she was relieved to see that Edmond’s expression had not changed much.

“Edmond, you didn’t say anything weird to Count Spencer, did you?”

He heard something weird.

He wanted to say that… but he didn’t even want to tell it to Ezet, so Edmond nodded quietly.

“You know I listen to you very well.
I can’t waste my time dealing with what’s not good enough for you even if I spend my whole day on you.”

“You didn’t cut him off in the middle, did you? That’s rude!”

He was the first one to do that.
He wanted to twist his neck if he could.

Unable to say that… Edmond gently blinked his eyes again, gently pressing the tips of his trembling lips.

“There was nothing to worry about.”


“Do I have that little credibility?”

Asked again, Ezet was a little embarrassed.
Edmond and credit, isn’t it a word that can exist in a sentence? He used to mislead her with strange words.

However, he changed his words cleverly and drove them to the desired results, and he said something because the words themselves were not lies.
Ezet steered around embarrassingly, muttering quietly.

“Edmond doesn’t have empathy, so I’m nervous…”

“You’re saying something new.”

“Can’t you see where someone else is standing? You’re too self-righteous.”

“Well, you can’t create what you don’t have.
You just learn how to live like this.”

Edmond’s words offended Ezet a little.

Just because Edmond is self-righteous, of course, doesn’t mean he’s taking control of everything.
He always first asked Ezet’s opinion, and he was polite in public.
He only attacked the Emperor and the Empress in private, even if he spoke blasphemous words, but at least in the position where he treated the Emperor and the Empress, he treated them with respect and respect.

So there may not be such a big problem with continuing external activities.

‘I want to be close to other ladies….’

Tea parties and horse-riding competitions are for ladies only, but sometimes couples get together or invite them to their families’ birthdays.
In that case, not only the ladies talk but also the husbands.

But is this man going to have a private conversation with another man? No, it’s a relief if he even listens to what the other person says.

“I’d also like to go to a couples’ meeting with Edmond.”

“If you go, of course, you should.
I won’t cause any trouble.”

“But then you’ll be bored while I’m talking… You too have to learn to listen and have fun.”

“So even though I told you, I don’t have that empathy.”

Ezet, who was still slightly distressed at Edmond’s stubborn attitude, pouted her lips and rubbed her forehead with her hands.
Edmond is self-righteous and self-indulgent, but he’s not a tight man.

Edmond doesn’t listen to anyone, but he only listens to Ezet.

And Ezet now knows how to coax a man named Edmond.

“Edmond, empathy isn’t about putting yourself in a situation; it’s about getting into someone’s feelings.”


“I mean… You don’t get mad if someone ignores Edmond.”

“Yes, let’s just say there’s a big guy like that.”

“So it’s wrong to put yourself in a situation where someone ignores me.
Because Edmond doesn’t get mad at the same thing.”

“So, what am I supposed to do?”

“Get into the emotion, not the situation.
When you hear that they’re angry because they’re ignored, you can relate to it if you’re immersed in ‘I’m ignored.’”

It turned out to be so.
Edmond has lived in a world where there is no expectation of others, and the common sense of the world does not work, so he could not relate to ordinary people’s joy, sorrow, and anger.
He did not feel angry at breaking promises, betraying, deceiving, ignoring, or swearing.

But that’s not to say that Edmond is a man who doesn’t feel angry.

If a tough guy gets on his wife’s nerves, he’ll be angry and twist their neck right away.

“I can sympathize with you when you’re immersed in emotions, not situations… That’s for sure.”

“Do you understand now?”


This means that when a couples’ party is held, the ladies who talk to her and those who listen carefully to the husbands’ stories and then say something that bothers Ezet’s ear can be handled without knowing it.

If so, Ezet is happy because she doesn’t listen to annoying sounds and is delighted to see her happy face, so she is the best.

This is the best empathy because couples can share their joy.
Edmond was so convinced.

“I’ll do as you please, Ezet.”

“Thank you, Edmond, for trying.”

Not knowing what Edmond was thinking, Ezet kissed him on the cheek and grinned.

“By the way, Milady.
What did you bring in your hand?”

“Oh, this?”

Ezet put the basket she brought on the table and approached Edmond closely.

“Edmond, did you know about the founding myth of our empire?”

Ezet told Edmond the story of the first Emperor she heard from the Empress.
Ezet liked to read novels, but she also wanted to tell stories she had learned to someone.

Edmond listened to Ezet’s story with a soft smile.
Edmond had no interest in the founding myth of the First Emperor, but it was good to see Ezet talking with clear amber eyes.

“It’s interesting.”

“Right? To overcome the trials of the devil with wisdom, the first emperor is a great man.”

What he found interesting was her expression.

Edmond bent his eyes gracefully, swallowing the words…

“It’s amazing.
This continent was originally the land of the devil.”

“The founding myth is usually an exaggeration.”

“But it’s still great.
Ordinary people can’t go to the devil and ask him to give up the land.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, if it were Edmond, would you have been able to negotiate with the Devil?”

“No, I would kill the devil as soon as I met him.”

“What? Why are you killing him?”

“What bothers you for seven days and nights? Things are simple if we just kill them.”

“Hey, you kept your promise! And the devil had initially been the owner of the land…!

“There’s no such thing as a master on the ground.
It’s the man who owns it.”

The devil in the founding myth was merciful enough to offer conditions to the human proposal to give up his home, but her husband in front of her seemed to be more merciless than the devil.

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