The Couple’s Dream of a Couple (1)

The heavy door opened, and bright light poured out.
Watching the sunlight passing through the stained glass on the ceiling crumble into rainbow colors, Ezet felt like she was in a dream space.

“Oh, my God, Your Majesty.
This is rare……”

“Whoa, do you like it? If you want anything, you can take one.”

“Oh, my God, really?”

The place where the Empress guided the ladies, including Ezet, was the treasure trove of the Palace.

The Palace’s treasure trove is never opened.
Without the permission of the Emperor and Empress, no one is allowed to enter, so there is no custodian who cleans.
Temperature, humidity, and air purification are all controlled by mana stone.

“It will be the first time since the history of the Empire that anyone other than me and His Majesty has stepped in here.”

“Oh, my God…”

It is typical for VIPs worldwide to select and display some treasures from warehouses separately, and there has never been an opening of the entire warehouse.

The ladies looked around with sparkling eyes as if the Empress’ unprecedented kindness moved them.

Revealing the treasure house was the most sincere apology the empress could have made for the accident in the tea room the day before.

“Wow, it’s incredible.
The color is like this…

“Whoa, do you like it? This is the pottery that the queen of the former generation cherished as a treasure.
It came from across the ocean from the continent.”

“What’s that golden chalice over there?”

“Oh, that’s the treasure left by the first emperor who founded this empire.”

“Treasure? The Holy Grail?”

“No, the Holy Grail is just a vessel for treasure.”

When the Empress pressed the mana stone button, a light green stem from the ceiling wrapped around the golden chalice, carefully lifting it.

“Oh, my God!”

“I came up in the air.
If you fall down like that……!”

“Magical tools are more accurate than a man.”

As the Empress said, a light green light lowered the golden Holy Grail and placed it on the display table.
The ladies gathered around the exhibition table to see what was inside the Holy Grail.

“Oh… what’s this?”

It was not a jewel or an adult, nor was it a blade of a broken master sword, but it was full of twisted brown sprouts, ears, and white beans.

“Is it an old crop?”

It is a precious treasure that allowed the first emperor to endure the trials of the devil.”

The treasure of the first emperor must have been a relic from hundreds of years ago, but it had a powerful preservation spell on it, keeping it intact when it was collected.

However, no matter how hard they looked at it, it was just dried sprouts with rice and beans.
What’s the point of preserving such a thing by walking to magic?

“Do you know the founding myth of the Empire?”

It is said that the first Emperor of the Empire was originally a priest in a small village.
One day hundreds of years ago, when the village was flooded, and a typhoon hit and became a land no longer inhabited, the priest led the villagers to find a new place to live.

But losing their home, they never settled on any land.
They were framed as thieves and attacked by bandits, and they crossed a sheer mountain and crossed an ice lake to reach a new land where no one lived.
But there lived a demon in the land.
The priest visited the devil, gave up the land to the humans, and asked them to live underground.
The devil, who was interested in the request of a blind human being, offered conditions.

“All right, if any of you are not tempted, I will give you this land.”

When the priest accepted, the devil’s test began.
Those who had to live a wandering life without a place for a long time began to eat it because of the generous meal set in front of them.

The floor was covered with soft wool blankets and beautiful music.
The wind was fresh, and the shade of the leafy tree was cool.

Humans who ate the meal that the devil had prepared and rested in the shade slowly began to look at other things.

They tried to own gold and silver beaux that were randomly scattered across the field.
They wore silk clothes, wore a high hat, and started dancing to beautiful music, drinking, and getting drunk on pleasure.

There was only one priest who did not fall under the temptation of the devil.

Finally, the devil sent beautiful women to the priest to seduce them.
The beautiful women, made by the magic of the devil, danced naked and seduced the priest.
Fascinated by the soft skin and the fragrant smile of a year old, the men lost their reason and began to covet women.

The devil’s ordeal lasted seven days and seven nights.

But the priest did not covet a single woman until the end.
The devil admitted defeat.
He kept his promise and decided to give up his land to the priest and return to the basement.

All the rare treasures and silk created by the devil were left on earth, but the beautiful women he had made returned, and the devil’s women turned the men who had been frightening them into pigs and disappeared underground along with the devil.

So there were only priests, women, and children on the earth.

The rest took root there and made a kingdom with the priest as king.
Sowing seeds, cultivating land, and raising livestock.
It is now the empire that the children of the land grew up to be adults and flourished.

“They are treasures of extraordinary energy that allowed us to endure the trials of the devil.”

“Oh, these?”

“Yes, they say it has the effect of curbing sexual desire and weakening energy.
Maybe that’s why no one has ever used it since I put a preservation spell on it.”

It suppresses sexual desire and weakens the energy.
Ezet’s eyes turned at the words.

“Your Majesty!”

“The Duchess of Jaxen?”

Ezet’s enthusiastic call prompted the Empress to stare.
When looking at the treasure, Ezet’s face, just like a curious girl, was full of spirit like a warrior who went to the battlefield.

“Well, can I get this sex inhibitor?”

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