Misunderstandings, Lies, and Truths (5)

“The next time I met her was when she came to look for Philip.
Until she came out of the pond, she treated me normally, but as soon as she came out of the back garden and faced you, she turned pale.”

Daniel, unaware that she broke her promise not to talk to another man, judged Edmond was threatening Ezet and blocking all of her relationships.

“And at the lake party…”

He can’t tell Ezet because she’s been silenced, but Daniel remembers the result of the mirror of truth floating.

‘The Duke and Duchess of Jaxen are not meant to be married.’

Then Ezet got a promise from Daniel not to spread the truth out.

Her husband doesn’t love her, and she doesn’t want it to be known?

It was beyond Daniel’s understanding.
What is the psychology of not being surprised, sad, or angry, not denying the consequences of the mirror of truth, but just trying to cover it up as a secret?

Doesn’t it mean that she already knows that the Duke of Jaxen does not love her and that she is so distressed that she is not even shocked by it?

Daniel could not assume any other circumstances.

“The Duchess of Jaxen can’t make the right decision right now.
You’re wrapping up the love of the century when the devastated woman only rationalizes the illusion to be real to defend herself.”

“You’re writing a novel, aren’t you?”

“The Duke of Jaxen, do not abuse the Duchess any more.”

Now in Daniel’s head, a man named Edmond Jaxen would appear to be a man who would not be able to humiliate his wife by taking her into custody and mentally abusing her.

Edmond became resentful.
Of course, it’s never that he’s wrong to be misunderstood as a rogue.
It was unfair to think that Ezet hated Edmond and was forced to follow him.

It’s true Edmond is a control freak, but who is Ezet? Isn’t she the woman who shows the best match with Edmond like that?

No matter how much Edmond was a man who didn’t care about the eyes of others, it was hard to let Daniel, who called it abuse, point to the close pleasure of the couple.

“You just tried to contact the Duchess of Jaxen in front of the Marquis of Barth, hugging her and kissing her like that, right?”

“Hey, Daniel Spencer.”

“Don’t you see how difficult it is for a woman to have a man come into physical contact in front of another?”

Edmond was a bit dumbfounded by unexpected criticism.

He indeed made physical contact in front of others, and it is true that Ezet was in trouble, but that was what Ezet wanted.
Ezet liked when Edmond got her in trouble.

Ezet’s wall feels both shame and liberation while doing shameful things in front of others.
Edmond would never have touched her if she really hated it.

But he had no intention of telling that to the blind man before him.
It is not yet time to reveal that the current Duchess of Saxony is Ezet, not Erit.
In addition, he had no intention of revealing Ezet’s secret pleasures in the future.
He’d rather be misunderstood as a money-lender than tell his wife’s secret.

Edmond shut his mouth.

‘You’re fearless.
Is it because you believe in something?’

He’s had enough misunderstanding anyway.
Edmond just decided to ignore it.

“If you’re done talking, I’ll go.”

“Please answer correctly.”

“Why are you so clingy when you said it wouldn’t take too long?”

“If you refuse, I’ll expose your brutality at the banquet this evening.”

Edmond’s brows narrowed unpleasantly at the mention of disclosure.
He sighed softly and looked down at the blind prince in front of me.

“Okay, since it’s a revelation, I’ll reveal it at the banquet this evening.”


“You think you’ll have a chance if you turn me into a villain, Daniel Spencer.
My wife is beyond you.”

She’s a miracle woman.

With the end of the saying that… Edmond turned his back out of the hallway.


After passing the corridor where Edmond and Daniel were, Ezet asked the Empress as she tried to walk down the stairs.

“Your Majesty the Empress.”

“What’s going on? Duchess of Jaxen.”

As she was going down the stairs, the Empress stopped and looked back at Ezet.

“Yesterday’s accident in the basement…”

As Ezet spoke in a trembling voice, the Empress quietly opened the fan.
It is polite to talk with one’s mouth covered with fans in social meetings, but in a friendly relationship, it is an expression of intimacy to omit it.

Covering her mouth with a fan means that the Empress, who had been affectionate to Ezet until now, has begun to hit the wall in her mind.

From now on, the conversation between the two becomes a ‘noble conversation,’ not a sincere conversation between friends.

“You’re surprised, shocked, aren’t you? I was also impressed by the performance of the Duchess of Jaxen.
I’m glad no one got hurt thanks to you.”

“No one’s hurt? Countess Devon and Marchioness Barth have fallen.”

They say there is no risk to life, but the experience of fainting after drinking smoke is nothing.
If one is deeply shocked, they may remain traumatized, and if they get another disease when they are weak, they may get a prolonged illness that will heal lightly.

“…I did.
So I sent an imperial doctor and a healing wizard to treat both ladies.
So the Duchess of Jaxen doesn’t have to worry.
You did your best.”

“Yes, I put off the fire, and Her Majesty did work after the incident.
But aren’t you forgetting the most important thing?”

“The most important thing?”

“Why did the fire start?”

It was not normal for no one to investigate the cause of the fire at the tea party, even though the great noble Countess Devon or Marchioness of Barth had lost consciousness.

“Shouldn’t we investigate the cause? Why don’t you order an investigation?”

The Empress’s eyes narrowed.
She covered her mouth with a fan, but just her eyes felt overwhelmed.
The Empress was an elegant woman but a middle-aged woman old enough to be Ezet’s mother.
She’s a woman Ezet wouldn’t usually be able to take on.

But Ezet did not back down.
More people might have been hurt if she hadn’t put out the fire in time.
The Empress may have thought of a countermeasure, but the two ladies were already in critical condition when Ezet turned off the lights.
There is no guarantee that everyone would have been safe just because of the Empress’s precaution.

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