First the gaze, then the sigh, and then.

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The tongue that reached the cleavage was lightly licked at the entrance and swallowed into the mouth.
It was regrettable that Ezet moaned.

“…Oh, ahh…”

“Now that I know my wife’s taste, I should tell you my taste.”

“Wh, what…”

Edmond tilted his upper body while holding onto Ezet’s ankle.
When her body folded in half to the point where both her knees touched her chest, something long and hard touched between her butt.


A hard thing rubbed on her red hole.
Now that she saw a man’s penis for the first time, she was stunned by the shock.

‘Oh, my God…!’

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As if he knew that Ezet was shocked, Edmond did not insert it immediately but repeated the move of just putting and removing his member at Ezet’s entrance by adjusting the waist strength.
Every time the rigid member dug tightly into the narrow opening and escaped, sticky liquid fell from the red hole.

“Ah, ah…”

“Actually, I don’t like teasing very much.”

Contrary to what he said, his penis kept on poking her in, even though it was terrifyingly engorged.
He was relaxed when he saw Ezet’s entrance twitch so much that he thought it would be food if he put it in quickly.

He looked relaxed.

In fact, Ezet didn’t know that it was Edmond’s face, which was no more relaxed than ever.

“I just know that to get what I want, I just need to be patient.”

“Haah, haa…”

When a man who came a little deeper than before, Ezet gasped and swallowed, Edmond pulled himself out again.
Then he took advantage of Ezet’s relaxation and came back inside.

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“Lose your strength.”

“Sigh, this, how…”

She’s not giving strength because she wants to, but she can’t because she is nervous.
What is she supposed to do when her breath stops and her walls tighten.

Ezet was struggling, unable to resist and accept it skillfully.
She was already hot all over her body, making it impossible to make a rational judgment.

Even if she forced herself to do so, it wouldn’t end her agony.


“Uh, aah… Edmond…”

The moment she called his name, the man’s penis came in.


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The body seemed to split from the bottom.
Even though she knew it couldn’t be, she felt like his member was scraping and making a way inside her body.

Even though she was suffocating under pressure, Edmond did not stop and pushed his back forward to insert it deeper.
The woman’s wrinkled flesh clung to his hard member.

“Oh, oh…!”

“Strength, please.”

It was tighter than he thought, so Edmond also frowned slightly on his forehead and rode the Ezet.
It was too cramped inside Ezet to take big his penis.
Edmond let Ezet’s ankle go and spread her legs wide.

When he kissed her upper body, her waist moved from side to side, and the inner wall, which was tight as if not to come in anymore, began to mingle and swallow him again.


Her inside was too tight even though the tightness melted away.
Nevertheless, the movement to continue sucking Edmond’s inside without letting go did not stop.

She was naïve, obscene, greedy, and innocent.

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Edmond lowered his lips on the forehead and moved his waist slowly.
The inner wall, which had been tight inside, tightened and sucked as if not to miss, trembled and vibrated when he dug in again.
The pleasure was dizzying as it melted and seemed to stick.

“Haa, Milady…”

The sound of a man touching the ear of Ezet was also scattered.
But there was no reason for Ezet to grasp it.

There was no way to escape the devilish man who was persistent in his quest for her.
Maybe it’s something she doesn’t want to get out of.

Her body moved at will.
The body wanted to follow its will—the pleasure of this man.

Her waist, swaying down to the man, flapped like a fish out of the water.
Sweat flowed over the white skin and gave a smooth glow.
The man’s gaze on the skin was appallingly sensual.

“Oh, aah… haa haa!”

The red eyes were like a flame swallowing her.
The heart-warming excitement felt below, and Ezet floundered on both legs.
The stockings wrapped around the slippery legs were torn in places and showed white skin.

The two strands of sensuality seemed to weave together in a twisted way.

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