Misunderstandings, Lies, and Truths (3)

He didn’t benefit from trade, he didn’t buy in his wife’s energy, he couldn’t do it, and he only lost a lot of money.
The Marquis nagged his wife a few words and got beaten on the back, and chose to stay still.

Suppose the relationship with the Duchess of Jaxen falls apart.
In that case, the business will become problematic in the future, so he wants to improve the relationship, but it was challenging to find the Duchess of Jaxen in person because of that.

He wanted to apologize to the Duchess of Jaxen, but he didn’t dare talk to his wife, and if he sent a gift to the Duke of Jaxen without his wife’s permission, the fire would have been fire ignited.

The Marquis groaned.

All that remains is to ask for advice from the Empress and Count Spencer, who are close to the Duchess of Jaxen.
While inviting two people for advice, the Duke of Jaxen and his wife came to visit him.

He thought it was a great opportunity.
So he welcomed the Duke and Duchess of Jaxen and served them tea.

However, unlike the Duchess of Jaxen, who smiled at him from the front, the Duke of Jaxen did not hide his displeasure.

‘You’re very angry about your wife.
What am I supposed to do with this?’

Marquis Bath had no guts to confront the Duchess of Jaxen as his wife did.
Even if he wanted to avoid his seat, he had no choice but to avoid it because it was the home of Marquis of Barth.
If it is impossible to face or avoid, all that remains is to lie flat.
The nervous Marquis of Bath apologized quickly.

“I’m sorry.
I should have come to see you first, but I was late to greet you.”

“Marquis of Barth?”

“The Duchess of Jaxen came here to visit us, and you were unhappy because there were no greetings or apologies.
I understand, I understand.”

“Oh, no, Marquis Barth.
I wasn’t offended.”

Ezet shook her head quickly and comforted Marquis, but the shadow on Marquis’ face remained.

Edmond still did not listen to Marquis of Barth with his earlobe but only looked at the opposite.

Her baby hairs are falling down again.
Was it better to tie it up loosely? No, if he moves the pin to the left a little more than five millimeters…

Edmond, who was watching his wife’s flowing hair under her ears, narrowed his eyes on how to fix her hair up to look more neat and pretty.

Marquis Barth, who misunderstood it as a frown because he was offended by his opponent’s excuse, gulped and put his fist on his lap as if determined to swallow.

“I’m not stupid enough to give a belated apology and a verbal excuse.
Over the next five years, we’ll give the Jaxen duke exclusive distribution rights of tea leaves grown in our estate.”

“What? Exclusive distribution rights?”

“The Duke of Jaxen entirely owns the railways on the continent, so you won’t have a problem distributing them.
Please accept my sincerity.”

“No, Marquis Barth.
How can you get such a big thing all of a sudden…!


Ezet was embarrassed and tried to stop the Marquis, but when Edmond on the other side reached out and touched the back of her ear, she shrank.

Edmond moved slightly to the left with a pin with Ezet’s head turned up.
Then the awkwardly fixed hair found its position and became more natural.

“Eh, Edmond.”

“That’s enough.”

Edmond said it to mean that Ezet’s head was beautifully fixed, but he understood it to mean that Marquis Bath had received sincerity.

Edmond meant that Ezet’s hair was neatly fixed, but the Marquis of Bath understood that he had received his sincerity.

“Thank you, Duke of Jaxen.”

“I don’t want to be thanked for this.”

His wife is pretty, so why is he thankful?

It was meant to mean… but the Marquis of Bath sighed with relief, misunderstanding that Edmond was generous.

‘I was nervous because he was a mercenary from the common people, but fortunately, he’s falling for a big deal.’

Exclusive distribution rights of tea leaves, a property specialty.
It’s been five years.
The bleeding was massive, but it is not a bad deal if it avoids the danger of falling out with the Jaxen family.

Marquis Bath said hello to Ezet, sweeping his heart.

“Thank you for your sincerity, Duchess of Jaxen.”

“Marquis of Bath.
I’m… ”

Ezet winked at Edmond to try to stop him.
Edmond, however, was too busy to listen to the Marquis of Barth’s elegant appearance.

“It’s all right, Milady.
It’s perfect.”

It’s lovely.

….The Marquis of Barth, who was still unconscious of the situation, was pleased to see that Edmond had relieved entirely of his anger with his words and a softer expression.

“As expected, the Duke of Jaxen is generous.”

“I’m not a very generous man.
I’m just following my wife’s will.”

“Ha ha.
That’s what generosity is about.”

The two men talked utterly different things, but no one noticed the incompatibility because the conversation continued without difficulty.


Marchioness Barth was fast asleep and did not wake up until she had finished drinking tea.
Inevitably, Ezet got up after greeting Marquis Bath.

At that time, Daniel called Ezet.

“Can I speak to you for a moment, Duchess of Jaxen?”

“Count Spencer? Right now, I’m a little… ”

“Are you in trouble? I won’t take up too much time.”

Daniel’s face, which gently lowered his eyes and politely asked, was so pitiful that Ezet almost said yes.

“Long or short, not even a minute is wasted.”

Edmond’s response was faster than Ezet’s.
Just a step in between Ezet and Daniel widened the distance.
Ezet’s figure was obscured entirely by Edmond’s power.

“If you have something to say, I’ll listen.”

“I will.”

He was trying to block the conversation with Ezet, but unexpectedly Daniel accepted.
A hazy smile appeared on the face of a man who looked innocent like the main character of an illustration in a fairy tale.

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