Misunderstandings, Lies, and Truths (1)

Immediately after the declaration of war disguised as a visit, Ezet slapped Edmond on the arm.

“Edmond, what are you doing?”

“What are you talking about? I’ve worked it out in an elegant way as a nobleman.”

“What do you mean…”

“I’m tired of hearing that it’s not noble.”

A commoner mercenary and a mistress of a humble family, the aristocrats, gathered at the palace always mentioned the origin of the Duke of Jaxen couple, saying, ‘It is not noble.’

Edmond didn’t listen to the accusations against him, but he was old enough to know how others thought of him without overhearing him.

Edmond had no intention of avenging them.
But he didn’t mean to persuade them either.
He just ignored it.
So far, it’s okay to live like that.

But it’s different now because he has Ezet.

“No one is going to mistreat you now.”


“Your hair is a little loose.”

When he touched the hair under her ears with his fingertips, Ezet crumpled her neck and stepped back.
She frowned angrily and soon turned into a crying face.

“How would they see us if you took away all the donations and specialties in that way?”

“Countess Devon has put you in trouble, and the rest stayed on the sidelines.”

“So you’re going to retaliate?”

“The Countess of Devon does not fall to the point where the property is taken away.
The rest of the aristocratic family is not poor enough to sink in for a large donation.
I think I’ve been properly rewarded.”

Edmond originally intended to get revenge on the Countess of Devon, the main tormentor of Ezet, and the rest of the nobles involved in this.

After the royal palace banquet, he thought of confiscating all the railway tickets and the Magical tool license when he returned to the estate.
It had nothing to do with Edmond, whether or not all the businesses of the high-ranking royal court had collapsed overnight and become chaotic.
But Ezet wanted to get along with them.
She said she wanted to make friends.

So, instead of choosing his own way, he made Ezet responsible for his wrongdoings by protecting the dignity of the nobility.

“A reward; I never asked for that.”

“No, you have to take it.”

“You said you wanted to get along with other ladies.”

“So you’ll have to get more.
Do you think you will build a healthy relationship with someone who has made a mistake and is sneaking away without apology or reflection?”

At that point, Ezet had nothing to say.

It is possible to move on without listening to an apology when the other person has made a mistake.

If one wants to maintain a proper relationship, they should be angry, apologetic, and adequately rewarded.
That way, there will be no hostility left, and the relationship can be maintained again.

“Later, when we get close… If we can talk to each other openly, we can tell each other what we were upset about.”

“No, that’s when it gets harder to say.


“It was me, not you, who was tyrannical.”

Edmond’s reward to the ladies who left his wife behind was not to break up but to maintain a lasting relationship.

As a reason for inviting them to a charity bazaar where he collects donations, Edmond bet ‘the face and dignity of aristocrats.’ It was also a pressure to refrain from discussing the origins of the Duke and Duchess of Jaxen unless they wanted to be robbed through considerable donations in the future.

It’s impossible to maintain a sound and amicable relationship with someone who belittles her.

“But it was too much.
It’s also my fault that I was wearing an indoor dress….”

“I can point out the inappropriate attire.
However, it is rude to humiliate others by mocking and gossiping.”


“It is over there that we have lost face due to the ungodly conduct, so shouldn’t we thank ourselves for saving face in the direction of paying specialties and donations?”

She thought that the audit went too far, but on reflection, Ezet nodded, not wrong.

“There are times when Edmond speaks common sense, too.”

“I would have said I was a principled person.”

Responding calmly, Edmond reached out to Ezet.

“Let’s go, Milady.
Now it is time to strike the Marquis of Bath.”

“What are you hitting! I’m going to visit her myself.”

Ezet slaps Edmond on the back of his hand and escapes in a coy manner.
Edmond smirked at Ezet’s back up the hall and the stairs.

‘I thought you might be intimidated, but you must have regained your energy.’

Edmond followed his wife with a calm walk.


The fourth floor of the eastern outer castle was tranquil.
A large window in the hallway was shining with warm sunshine, and the air was strangely tense rather than mild.
Is it because there is no one to watch the hallway?

Ezet glanced at Edmond and knocked in front of the large gate where Marchioness Bath was staying in the center.

“Marchioness Bath, are you feeling well? I’m here to say hello.”

It was a familiar face that greeted her as the door opened.
Seeing the beautiful young man’s face through the door, Ezet blinked wonderfully.

“Oh… Count Spencer?”

Edmond’s steps accelerated at the end.
Walking with strides, he grabbed Ezet’s shoulder and led her behind him as if he had put a fierce predator in front of him.

“Why are you here?”

“Please lower your voice.
The Marchioness is sleeping.”

Despite facing Edmond, who was openly in check and growling, Daniel stepped back, speaking calmly, as if he were not nervous at all.

“The Duchess of Jaxen, Duke of Jaxen.”

“Was the Empress here, too?”

Countess Devon’s room was crowded with ladies, while Empress and Daniel accompanied the Marchioness of Bath’s room.

Ezet looked at the three teacups on the table, the Empress and a man sitting on the sofa looking this way.

Gray hair and brown eyes.
He was a middle-aged man who was not tall but had a reliable physique and a big face.
It’s a warm impression similar to the Emperor.
Perhaps the man was Marquis of Bath.

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