Is it difficult to be a husband like this? (7)

The Countess of Devon was really in a position to plunder her red fox fur from the Duke and Duchess of Jaxen, so there was no time for her to be relieved at the sight.

Edmond greeted the Countess of Devon, who was shivering white and shivering.

“Noblesse oblige.
It’s a model for the aristocracy.
I didn’t think this great act should be hidden under the name of humility.
Please forgive me for revealing the secret.” {TN- Noblesse oblige was in English}

“Oh, uh… I……”

“In respect of the great will of Countess Devon, I will donate all the proceeds of the red fox fur that the Jaxen collect for the children of the poor.”

Edmond wedged Countess Devon not to change her words.
By announcing his intention to donate all his profits, the County of Devon gained the image of a generous nobleman who generously gave for the poor children.

And this year’s estate revenue will be halved in exchange for the image.
Countess Devon’s face turned muddy after opening her eyes and losing all the fabric underneath her house.

“Thank you, Countess Devon.”

The face of the man politely greeted was like a demon who threw humans into a boiling swamp.

Ezet was surprised that my husband could be so wicked in front of others.

Leaving Countess Devon, whose eyes were wide open and trembling, Edmond turned again towards the other women.

“I’m sure you’ll understand now that the noble ladies have told you what’s going on, right?”

“Oh, of course.”

“You should.
I didn’t know that would happen.”

“Ho-ho, we misunderstood Countess Devon.”

Breaking down the awkward situation with laughter, the ladies gently fanned.

It failed to cover up Countess Devon, but now that the two families have cleared up the misunderstanding, it is easy to pass by saying that good things are good things.
As a result, there was no damage to them, so the ladies exchanged glances to get out of here.

And Edmond didn’t miss the gap.

“I am very grateful to the noble ladies.”

“Yes, yes?”

“Didn’t you come here to protest out of concern for my wife? I can’t hide my shame and emotion for pointing out what a husband couldn’t do.”

The ladies, nervous about what to say this time, looked bright when Edmond thanked them.

‘You’re thanking us, right?’

‘Good thing I took the side of the Duchess of Saxony.’

‘Then there must have been something… falling for us, right?’

It never ends with ‘thank you to the nobles.’ Whether it’s a matter of honor, something that expresses one’s mind must follow.

Countess Ritten won the right to negotiate alone just by saying that the Duchess of Jaxen had been ‘kind.’ What kind of gift will they give to Countess Devon for the Duchess of Jaxen? The eyes of the ladies with high expectations shone brightly.

‘There’s nothing to like.
You’re all human beings.’

Edmond remembered the taunting words and eyes poured on Ezet, who had entered the banquet hall in an indoor dress.
Now he has no intention of forgiving her for taking her side in a shallow scheme.

‘You shame my wife? Don’t you dare…’

Edmond smiled significantly at the ladies, letting go of the fact that he brought Ezet the most shame.

“In the middle of next month, we have a bid to split the Jaxen’s stake in the railway.
Of course, wise wives know that.”

“Of course.
I know.”

“You’ve sent an agent every time, but you’re coming in person this time?”

“Oh, my God.
Then we should go there ourselves instead of sending an assistant.”

Without knowing what Edmond was thinking, the ladies dreamed in vain that they could get a stake in the railway at a lower price.

“It’s an honor to know.
Then the story is fast.
May I invite noble wives to the charity bazaar before bidding?”


“The Jaxen charity bazaar is only open to VIP customers.
Will you accept the invitation?”

Inviting them to a bazaar, which can only be attended with invitations, meant treating them as VIP customers.

If you say ‘VIP,’ you may think that treatment is good, but the problem was that the event invited was a charity bazaar.

A charity bazaar is a kind of donation competition for the face-saving aristocrats.
It was close to a condescending betting contest that boasted the fact that ‘our family has enough money to donate this amount and is fulfilling its duty to give back to society as a dignified aristocrat.’

What does it mean to be invited to such events as VIP customers?

He’s asking them to donate.
That’s a lot, too.

“At first, I thought I’d express my gratitude to the Jaxen family for their share of the railways or for benefiting trade.”

“Oh, my God, Duke of Jaxen.
That’s exactly what we wanted… ”

“But soon, I realized that this was my limitation of being born and raised as a commoner.
I accepted the favor of such noble ladies, and I tried to repay them with vulgar materiality.
I didn’t think much.”

“What? No way!”

“No, I couldn’t help but be moved by the warm and benevolent hearts of the ladies who came running for my wife at once.
I felt that there was still a lot to be lacking in the spirit of the aristocracy.”

Edmond uttered devilish words that pushed humans down the pit of hell with the face of an elegant gentleman.

“So I would like to make this charity bazaar hosted by the Jaxen’s a place where ladies teach what the nobility is.”

“Ah, no.

“Would you please accept the invitation?”

It’s not coercion.
This was, after all, an invitation.
If they do not want to make a large donation, they can decline the invitation.

However, the women who valued face as aristocrats could not refuse Edmond’s offer.
Rejecting the invitation to the charity bazaar means ‘The money I have in my hands is more important than the duty of a noble to give back to society.’

‘Let’s see how far you guys can keep the face of the nobility to my Ezet.’

He’ll make them bankrupt to keep their face.

Swallowing the words inside, Edmond gently lowered his eyes.

Seeing the side view of her husband, who greeted them with impeccable and neat manners, she muttered with a puzzled face.

“Without a knife… a blade robber…”

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