not step back.
The ladies are not fools.
They immediately knew that Ezet was reluctant to Countess Devon.
They’re trying to make a scapegoat at this time, and they’re trying to score Ezet.

But Ezet couldn’t let multiple people attack one person.
No matter how much she hates them.


Edmond’s right eyebrow moved as Ezet asked for help with his eyes.

‘Countess Devon.’

She is the main culprit behind the harassment that led to the insult to Ezet.
He wanted to make Countess Devon into a beggar on the street without giving himself a hard time.
But Ezet wouldn’t want it that way.

‘Ezet doesn’t want Count Devon to go bankrupt and become an idiot.’

Edmond knew it, too.
If he retaliates that way, she will not enjoy it but only give the impression that the grudges are messy.

Unlike Edmond, who doesn’t care about his reputation, Ezet, who has many worries, will blame herself if Edmond’s reputation falls.

And if Count Devon fails or is ostracized in society, she will feel sorry.

She had no intention of making it so.

‘They want to make my wife feel guilty? Who dares?’

Edmond gritted his teeth inside.

Although it is not easy to chew on, Ezet does not want the current situation in which Countess Devon dies to the ladies.
What should he do?

“There’s one thing you ladies are overlooking.”

“The Duke of Jaxen?”

“The Count of Devon is the lord of the west, where my wife’s family is.”

“We know that.
But Countess Devon is out-casting the Duchess of Jaxen and insults… ”

“You may think so, but it’s not true.”

Edmond’s expression was gentle and smooth.
His red eyes curved gracefully, scouring the ladies and heading to Countess Devon.

“I’ve heard a lot from my wife.
Countess Devon made a lot of donations to the city library every year, which allowed her to read books from childhood to her heart’s content.”

“Yes, well… It, it was.”

Countess Devon, who thought she could barely breathe, was not relieved by the fact that it was the Duke of Jaxen who gave her a breath, replied shakily.

“The Count of Devon is a master of the west, and the countess is the one who helped my wife’s life.
It’s ridiculous to be bullied and out-casted.”

“What? But I’m sure the banquet hall…”

“It’s just that you’re taking the initiative as an elder member of a social gathering.
Countess Devon is a model of many aristocrats, and she is clearly constructed.”

Edmond’s lips went up.
Ezet felt chills, and her neck was shaking.
It wasn’t a smiley face in a good mood; it was a look of a nasty bust.

“As proof, Countess Devon considered my wife a real sister and offered here a 70 percent discount on the Count’s specialty, the red fox fur.”


“Wait, that’s…!”

Didn’t Ezet tell this lie before the Emperor that she would reject later?

Frustrated, Ezet and Countess Devon reached out to Edmond simultaneously, checked their opponents, and turned their hands back in surprise.

The other ladies watched Countess Devon and Edmond alternately, with their eyes wide open as if they had heard an incredible story.

“The precious red fox fur? Are you sure?”

“That’s right, Countess Devon has done me this favor and asked me to keep it secret.
I heard it might be seen as saving face by being kind to her little sister.”

Ezet’s excuse was ‘not fair to benefit only one person,’ but Edmond naturally changed the false reason.

“I can’t believe you don’t show your kindness to others…”

“That’s great.
Countess Devon had such a side.”

The ladies’ sharp attitude has changed.
This time, the eyes of Countess Devon turned to the eyes of the favor, raising doubts and vigilance.

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