Is it difficult to be a husband like this? (5)

Ezet glanced at Edmond with resentful eyes.
There is no demon wearing an animal mask during sex, but it is beautiful enough to sigh under such bright sunlight.
It must be true that the Bible says that the devil seduces a man with its beauty.

Ezet breathed out as if he had reached a convincing conclusion.

“I’m sorry, you’re the only one who’s had a hard time…”

“Don’t think like that, Ezet.
For me, to look at your face is enough.”

Soothing with a friendly voice that didn’t go with the monstrosity of the lower body, Edmond even dressed Ezet in her underwear.

“Edmond, the dress is for the maid…”

“It’s uncomfortable to stand.
Leave it to me.”

If they leave the bedroom, they can’t stick together like they are now.
Edmond, who wanted to stay close to his wife for another minute or second, insisted on persuading Ezet, who was quick to give up and made Edmond serve her well.

The interior dress of Damask fabric, embroidered with silver and black threads and small petals with white threads, looked elegant and not dull at all, even though it was achromatic.

Even though it was tightly wrapped around the body, it did not look stuffy thanks to the wide sleeves that stretched out coolly under the round puff on both shoulders.

He wore a lighter silver overskirt and the same color bolero on top of it.
The tiny beads on the end of the overskirt were transparent, invisible, but each step reflected light to create a bright feeling.

Ezet, wearing white lace gloves on her hands and a silver-gray hat tailored to Bolero’s color, looked like a thorough lady.

Edmond liked the elegant yet bright impression that although it was a decent-colored and well-behaved design, it didn’t look dull or gloomy at all.

Just because it’s achromatic doesn’t have to be solemn.
Edmond put his hands on her waist, thinking that Ezet also looked good in subtle and bright colors.

“Shall we go, Milady?”

“Yes, I’m all set… Oh my!”

She tried to grab Edmund’s hand around her waist to put her arms around him, but now he’s holding her in his arms.

“Your back must be hurting, so I’ll take you to the Eastern Outer Palace.”

“Edmond, what if someone sees…”

“Just tell them you’re not feeling well, and you need my help.”

What kind of excuse does this man have to come out breathing like this?

Ezet was terrified, but she didn’t hate her husband’s rigid arm supporting her, so she decided to let her body be.

Edmond, dressed in a gray suit to match the color of Ezet’s dress, was solemn, unlike his bright and shiny wife, so he felt pressured.
Of course, it was meant to be.
He had to block the hard guys from looking at his lovely wife.

Ignorant of Edmond’s innermost thoughts, Ezet wore the same achromatic costume and leaned her head against Edmond’s chest, thinking that she looked so different.

“Okay, let’s go.”


Four outer castles are located beyond the Inner Palace’s high walls, where the Emperor and Empress stay.

Among them were high-ranking aristocrats from the empire invited to the banquet stay in the Eastern Outer Palace.

On the fifth floor, which is the top, people from the northern Marquis Spencer’s family are staying, and the 4th floor houses the Marquis of Bath, the most influential couple in the capital.

And while staying on the third floor, he gave a room to Count Harrington and his wife, Count Devon, the great family in the west.

Ezet visited the Palace to inquire after the two wives who were unconscious in an accident in the basement of the Empress’s palace the previous day.

“Edmond, which side should I visit first?”

“The elder is Marquis of Bath, but the big shot is on the side of Count Devon.
If you go up and overpower Countess Devon first, you can easily defeat the other one.”

“No, I’m not going to fight.”

Ezet patted Edmond on the shoulder, denying in a whisper.

“Edmond, don’t be rude to other ladies.”

“If they’re polite to you, I will.”

“That’s what you’re saying….”

Ezet murmured embarrassingly.

“I don’t think it’s because men are weak to beauty.”


“Countess Devon, she’s a charming woman.”

“Is that so?”

Edmond’s words were a mild question, not a rebuttal.
As if he had learned something he didn’t know.

“Don’t you think Edmond is? Countess Devon is tall and has gorgeous platinum hair.”

“I didn’t know that.
You’re very observant, Milady.”

“Are you kidding me? You can see the height and the color of my hair.”

“I’m not interested in girls other than you.”

He didn’t remember the appearance.

Edmond calmly added that…

It was.
Edmond was not interested in the appearance of a woman.
No, it wasn’t a woman; it was for everyone.

The only person that Edmond, a mercenary, needs to remember is the face of the client who will visit after the mission and receive the money.
Even that was forgotten when the deal was over.

There are only two types of people in the world who are approaching them, those who should be wary of them and those who pass by them.
There was no reason to remember a person’s face one by one, whether they were wary or ignored anyway.

The habit became somewhat worse after becoming Duke of Jaxen.
Even if they stay still, he has no reason to remember their face and name because the other side introduces themselves.

“Edmond, the Countess of Devon, is a western man.
You have to be polite.”

“There’s always the courtesy of dealing with nobles.
I won’t make a mistake, so don’t worry.”

Edmond, who kissed Ezet tenderly in the eye, dropped her off in front of Countess Devon’s door.

Her back was a little sore, but she could walk.
Ezet fixed her clothes and stood upright.

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