Is it difficult to be a husband like this? (4)

Ezet, who could not even imagine conflict, compromise, resignation, and anguish rushing through her husband’s head looking at her with a languid expression, asked with an innocent face.

“Edmond, can I go to the East Palace?”

“Eastern Palace?”

“Countess Devon and Marchioness Bath collapsed yesterday.”

Ignoring Ezet’s advice, she climbed high and endured without wetting her handkerchief, so she inhaled the smoke and lost consciousness.
They said she would be okay after calling the Empress’s doctor and a treatment wizard, but Ezet was still worried.

It seemed polite for people who hated to ask after them.

And she needs to look at Countess Harrington’s status.

“All right, let’s go together.”

“Are you going to come too, Edmond?”

“I can’t let you go alone.
It’s also in the Eastern Palace.”

The ladies of Marquis Spencer are also staying in the Eastern outer palace.
That means that there is also a blind blonde noble boy whom Edmond considers a thorn in the eye.

Daniel Spencer.
Edmond is the opposite type.
Soft and gentle, young face and voice were as resonant as singing.

Even after the coming of age ceremony, the eyes of the ladies who still looked at the innocent blonde noble as a boy were filled with dark hearts.

Instead, Edmond has nothing to be wary of if his eyes are on one of them, but the ferocious young man kept trying to approach the woman he shouldn’t have crossed the line with.

We stay on different floors, but we come and go.
It’s something you might encounter.
Ezet said she wouldn’t take a glance, but Edmond, who didn’t like Daniel’s approach to Ezet, worked hard.

“You’d better choose a decent outfit because you’re visiting.
I’ll pick clothes that cover your neck.
Why don’t you wear a hat and gloves, too?”

“What? When I visited Marquis Spencer, she told me to dress like I was going to a tea party.”

“It’s time to visit the old woman, and the two ladies are still young.”

It doesn’t matter what the two ladies are doing, but the husbands will be there too, and she might run into another dark-hearted guy.

Edmond said so with solemn eyes, and now she nodded, mistaking it for advice.
Edmond breathed a sigh of relief inside.

“Then I’ll call the maid, and the clothes…”

“No, I’ll put it on for you since it’s hard to move.”

Ezet, who was about to get up, lay on the bed again, and Edmond opened the drawer on the side table and pulled out the black star king.


“Ezet, put your feet here.”

Edmond put stockings on Ezet’s toes and pulled gently around her feet.
After slowly putting stockings on her thighs past her slender ankles and smooth curves, Ezet buried her face on the pillow to hide her red cheeks.
She had not yet worn her underwear.

The man’s absurdity is that he carefully dresses her stockings, saying he will dress his naked wife.
Ezet muttered like a sigh because she could feel her husband’s eyes on the vag*na even though she was covering her face.

“Edmond, low…”

“Didn’t I tell you that panties are worn over garter belts?”

“I don’t know.
You look like a perv.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

How can that be a compliment?

Suffering from her husband’s inability to communicate, Ezet covered her vag*na with both hands and closed her thighs.

“Are you going to do it alone?”

“It’s not that, don’t look!”

“Well, it’s against manners to look around without a ticket.
Shall I suck it up?”

“Are you crazy?”

When her husband, who had no conscience, came up with an obscene alternative, Ezet quickly turned to her side and wrapped herself tightly underneath.
Edmond chuckled and kissed Ezet on the side.

“What are you ashamed of? There’s nothing in your body that I can’t suck.”

“Oh, my God.
What a pervert!”

“It’s not just words.
I’ll show you in action.”

“No! No!”

A large hand grabbed her hip and opened it, and a moist tongue crawled down through it.
Ezet shook her head as she got goosebumps along her spine.

“Oh, yeah, Ed! That’s enough…!”

“After today, I can’t do it in this bed anymore, so let’s do it again since it’s a shame.”

“When did you ask me to go home quickly?”

When he left the duke, he said that and drove Ezet to the point where she fainted.
If she doesn’t defend quickly, she’ll be dragged into this man’s pace.

Ezet clapped her husband’s big hand, shamelessly touching her butt.

“Stop! I really can’t.
I’m having a hard time.”

“We still have a lot of stamina rejuvenates left.”

“No drug abuse!”

Screaming with an almost crying face, Edmond then raised his upper body regrettably.

The husband’s sturdy body without a gown was revealed under the sun.
Broad shoulders on a manly neck, thick arms that won’t budge even if she hang on them.
Unlike his tendon-like forearms, his hands looked big but smooth.

Ezet was caught off guard and quickly turned her head when Edmond made eye contact with her.

“Did you see that?”

“Oh, I didn’t see it.”

“You’re welcome to look at it.
It’s just for you.”

The tone is sweet, but the meaning behind the words is obscene.
Ezet glanced slightly at Edmond and soon relaxed when he smiled as sweetly as she melted.

‘That’s great… ‘

He was not bluffing when he said that he was confident enough not to cover up.
The bright sun shines from the big window, and there is no shame in Edmond’s face, which shows his naked body in front of his wife.

Ezet couldn’t express her dissatisfaction, even though she stuck her tongue out at my husband’s impudence.
Her husband’s body, which was tightly knit with perfect muscles, was impeccable no matter how hard she washed her eyes and searched.

“Edmond, can I touch it?”

“No, I can’t stand it.”

Unconsciously, her hand towards his chest stopped in the air.
He may touch her body as he please, but if she does, she won’t get out of this bed today.
Ezet turned her hand back with her lips squinting.
Then she lowered her gaze and quickly raised it again.

Standing up to the point of sticking to the lower abdomen, it showed its existence beyond excuse as a morning erection.

“It’s been up all night.
How… ”

“Is there any way it can go down with a little bit of that?”

“How long do I have to do this to make you feel better?”

“Well, at least ten nights and nights…”

“Are you going to kill me?”

She knew this man’s energy was significant enough to make her want to cry, but she didn’t think it was counted in days, not the number of times.

‘Isn’t this man actually a dragon?’

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