Is it difficult to be a husband like this? (3)

Ezet slowly shook his waist back and forth.
The irritation on the inner walls caused the mouth to twitch and spewed out liquid.
As the lubrication softened the movement of the interlocking flesh, Ezet tried to remove Edmond’s pen*s by opening her legs wider.

At that moment, however, a thick pillar, which seemed to escape, hit the inside at once.

“Oh! Oh, yeah.”

“You’ve been very bold since morning.
I didn’t think you’d be satisfied that you fainted like that last night.”

“No! That’s not it, hah! ah!”

It took so long to get it out, but it’s quick to insert it back inside.
When the thick column rubbed the wrinkles on the skin and stimulated the nerve-gathering point, Ezet gasped and groaned sweetly.

“Oh, yeah, Ed! No…! Stop it!”

“I see.
It’s morning, so should we wrap it up here?”

Contrary to his kind reply, his big hands clinging to her waist showed no sign of falling off.
Edmund thrust his waist forward and powerfully rubbed his wife’s erogenous zones with a thick pillar.

“Ha! Ha-ha!”

A thin body twitched, and the sorrow between the thighs dripped down.
At her blushing face, slowly sweeping the panting his wife’s breast to her belly, Edmond pulled the pen*s out of Ezet.

“Who, who, who did this…”

“I was just helping you because you were enjoying yourself waving your back after putting mine in?”

“I was trying to get it out!”

“Yes, that’s why I pulled it out.”

Ezet, who had been humiliated since morning, looked at Edmond with tears in her eyes, but the vicious husband only stroked her wife’s back with a sweet, honey-dropping smile.
Ezet was upset by the act as if giving her a bottle and medicine.

“I couldn’t get it out because you fainted like that.”


“If I try to force it out, I think it will hurt the inside.”

Edmond was the same as she was stunned by the tightness inside of her, who had passed out.
It was to be considerate of her body that she fell asleep inserted.

Ezet’s anger eased a little when Edmond told her about the time she fainted.

Edmond, who had been trapped in Ezet all night, must have been uncomfortable, even though her lower stomach was numb and her legs were sour.

‘Edmond must have been sick…? If I couldn’t take it out, it must have been very tight.’

She felt a little sorry for Edmond, who had to endure the stimulus all night because of herself.
Edmond was the main culprit that knocked Ezet out, but Ezet, weak-minded, was genuinely sorry when Edmund looked troubled.

“I’m sorry, Edmond.
I’m not very weak… Strangely, when I’m with you, I fall asleep quickly.”

“It’s okay.
I know you can’t handle me.”

“Hi, it’s hard, but… It’s not that I don’t like it.”

In case he took it as a sign that she didn’t want to have sex, Ezet made a quick excuse.

“Is there a problem with me, too?’

Even if it was because she wasn’t used to it the first few times, she had a relationship that was meaningless to count, but there was a problem that she fainted every time they did it.
Sex with Edmond is fun.
It is also suitable for him to do his best for her pleasure.
So Ezet’s complaints naturally headed inside.

If it’s not dark at the peak, they’ll have a sweet conversation while hugging each other after sex, as she’s read in romance novels.

Then, instead of blushing from the morning, she will be able to greet a more natural and marital morning.

Friendly conversation after sex and a happy morning.
It was Ezet’s little dream.

‘If I don’t want to pass out after having sex… I have to train myself, right?’

Ezet wasn’t as weak, but she wasn’t as energetic as Erit.
She has always read books at home, so she’s sure she doesn’t have enough stamina.

If she exercises and trains her physical strength, she may not keep up with her husband’s energy, but she may faint while having sex.

Judging from that, Ezet set a goal.

She wants to talk to her husband without fainting after sex.

Unfortunately, Ezet didn’t know Edmond was very restrained from caring about her body.
Ezet, who did not realize that increasing stamina would only extend the time to faint a little longer, began to dream in vain.

‘If you want to exercise… Would horseback riding be good?’

Horseback riding.
The essential cultural virtues of a lady.

Sharing the same hobby would be the fastest way to narrow the distance and make friends with other ladies.
Ezet didn’t dwell on aristocratic tastes, but she liked to explore new things.

“Edmond, I want to learn horseback riding.”

“Wouldn’t it be more pleasant to ride on my body than a horse?”

“Ah! Don’t say weird things!”

Edmond chuckled and brushed her brown hair with his fingers as Ezet shouted with a red face.

“A horse is determined by bloodline.
All the horses are in the stable, but if you’re learning horseback riding for the first time, it’s better to have a horse that can’t run fast.
I’ll get you a docile one.”


Ezet smiled and held Edmond’s hand tightly.
There’s no reason to shrink because you don’t know what everyone else can do.
You can learn the culture of aristocrats and new hobbies one by one.
There is nothing to fret about slower learning than others.

Because she’s the Duchess of Jaxen.

“Come to think of it, I got an invitation to the Opera House from Countess Ritten.”

“Let’s go see it next time, too.”

There’s a lot to do in the future.”

Unlike Ezet, who was happy with expectations, Edmond became a little bitter.
His wife’s learning new things and meeting other people to expand the relationship was like saying less time alone.

But if Ezet wants it, it can’t be helped.
He was desperate to keep her in his arms all day and bite and suck, but if he ignored her will and forced her, Ezet would not be happy.

It is unacceptable that Ezet is not happy when he is around.
So Edmond’s desire had to be suppressed for Ezet’s happiness.

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